Seymour SV-LR90 42-Inch Wood Handle Professional Round Point Shovel Reviews

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3.9 out of 5 stars based on 16 customer reviews

Product Description

Seymour sv-lr90 42-inch wood handle professional round point shovel

Customer Reviews

Wood handle broke on first use ~ reviewed by mauve

I was excited about this product because it looks well made and the price point was great. Needless to say I was very surprised when it broke upon my first use. Perhaps it is better for light yard work and not for digging up a stubborn root–which is what I was using it for when the wood handle split at the base where it connects to the metal. Next time, I’m going with fiberglass.

***1/19/2013: As a follow up to this initial review, I just wanted to say that they shovel company had great customer service. After I mentioned this, they sent me another shovel free of charge and so far it seems to be working really well with no problems. So I bumped the rating up to a 3 from a 1 star.

The shovel broke ~ reviewed by jamie bodde

It broke the first time i tried to dig with it. It broke down where the wood handle meets the steel.

Does its job ~ reviewed by LW

I’ve used this shovel for one season to dig up dead plants in the garden, and it’s held up ok so far. It does a decent job of getting through tough dirt and roots, but the stomp edge is a bit small and I sometimes have difficulty being able to step on it with enough force. The wood handle is comfortable enough (I always wear gardening gloves with it though), but I do worry about the handle breaking where it’s connected to the metal shovel part – when I put a lot of torque on the shovel I do see it bend a bit at that junction.

poor quality shovel ~ reviewed by Barbara J. Nihart

This is so light weight that I doubt it will last six months,I was hoping for a good wood handle but this handle has been hollowed out.

Product as described and fast shipping ~ reviewed by Chet

This is a high quality product that appears like it will be very durable. Given the price, I was concerned that the durability would be lacking, however I felt it was worth the risk. I am glad I took the risk and I would recommend this product to others.

48″ rock/root bars do the job! ~ reviewed by Cloe

For the price it’s the best! But if you need some serious digging Amazon has great inexpensive steel rock/root bars! Use them in place of the wood/fiberglass handle shovel, they won’t break!!

and the hardwood handle is long and substantial- strongly recommend this tool ~ reviewed by joey b. hall

If you just must use a shovel, you cannot go wrong with this tool. Blade is thick and heavy, and the hardwood handle is long and substantial- strongly recommend this tool.

Good price on a necessary tool ~ reviewed by Chevy Man

It is a shovel. It works like it is supposed to. I have not had any problems with it. You cannot beat the price on this product around here where I live.

Does the job ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

Hey! It is a shovel! My wife says it is is too heavy and that the handle is too bit for her. I think that it is a good strong shovel.

this was a great buy ~ reviewed by nita

thanks this is just what i needed to complete my project in my yard i really enjoyed receiving it in a timely matter…Buy it at Amazon

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