Seymour Structron Round Point Shovel S600 Reviews

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4.9 out of 5 stars based on 14 customer reviews

Product Description

S600 Features: -Product Type:Round Point Spade -Handle Material:Fiberglass. Dimensions: -Overall Height – Top to Bottom:5.75 -Overall Width – Side to Side:9 -Overall Depth – Front to Back:58.5 -Overall Product Weight:5.08

Built for durability and strength, the Seymour Structron round point shovel features a tempered, heavy-duty, 14-gauge blade, as well as an extra-strong Structron yellow fiberglass handle. The blade, finished with a protective coating, is of spring steel construction, allowing it to flex without breaking as easily as other shovel heads.

Customer Reviews

A shovel with a guarantee! ~ reviewed by Hilbern M. Rawlings

I bought one of these about 10 or 11 years ago. I have used it constantly it light to medium yard work. The handle is exceptionally strong and flexible. The rubber grip on the end did start cracking. I ended up breaking the shovel because of metal fatigue. The shovel face broke in two crosswise after so many years. I went to Lowe’s and bought a Kobalt fiberglass handle shovel, took it home, and broke it the same exact way in three, YES THREE, hours. I took it back to Lowe’s and started searching online for this shovel. I bought it the same afternoon!! Had it in my hands inside of a week. I would recommend this to anybody and everybody!!!!!!!!!!

Great Shovel ~ reviewed by Woodworker401

I typically don’t spend much more then 10 bucks on a shovel and I have to buy 2 because when I break one, I have the second to finish the day and buy another one when I’m out. The expensive ones at the big box stores don’t look any better then the cheap ones. Well I finally got tired of those cheap shovels and bought this one. It is great. It has good balance and handle strength. I would recommend this to anyone that wants a good tool.

great handling shovel ~ reviewed by G. Griffith

I go to the trouble to order Seymour shovels and wait for them to arrive because they are so good. Consistent quality and easier on your instep as there is more surface area to push on with you foot. I use them as a pry bar more than I should and they hold up for years. The handle is indestructible and can be reused if you crack the head by using them as a pry bar which I know I shouldn’t do.

Tired Of Cheap Big-Box Store Tools That Break Every Year? ~ reviewed by Steven D. Johnson

I was. And after looking at shovels at all the usual retail stores, I was beginning to think that no one actually manufacturers a decent shovel anymore. Then I started doing some research. The Structron shovel (available in a variety of head styles) is made to last. This is a professional’s tool. It is well balanced, heavy enough to know it is the “real deal” but light enough to use all day, and the handle is comfortable in use. Buy this as a tool investment and don’t loan it to a neighbor… you may never get it back!

Extreme useage ~ reviewed by Steve M.

I would recommend this shovel to anyone for any digging. This is the absolute best shovel I have ever purchased. I do landscaping, and have never broken the blade or the handle. the solid fiberglass handle goes all the way thru the shovel head and is super strong. I buy new ones approx. every 3 years, only because we round the point after this long.
I save all of the handles to use with other tools. I have used these shovels for over 25 years and they are well worth the higher price.

Good shovel under tough circumstances ~ reviewed by Langhorne Bachmann

This is a good shovel, I’m not a frequent digger so I’ve only had two opportunities to use it, both times to bury beloved dogs that passed away. The first one was a little chihuahua that was taken away too soon and when it came time to lay her to rest the dirt was no match at all for the Seymour Structron Round Point Shovel. It took no more than about 10 digs (is that the term?) to generate a nice hole adequately deep with all the circumference required to accomodate a 4 pound dog.

The next project was much more complex but the Seymour Structron Round Point Shovel was equal to the task. This time I had to bury a 40 pound dog and it was raining like all get out. The point of the shovel was excellent for severing a few tree roots that were lying across the much bigger hole I had to dig, plus I had to contend with the hole constantly refilling with the rain water and my tears. Also making the project difficult was the quantity of whisky in my system at this point. But after just about 30 minutes of solid digging, the Seymour Structron Round Point Shovel had produced a hole 5 feet deep and a good 7 feet around in a slightly oval shape, so I could bury her stretched out and not curled up into the fetal position.

My remaining pet is 7 so (knock on wood) I hope to not have to use the Seymour Structron Round Point Shovel for several more years.

I Have Three of these ~ reviewed by Terry T. Brown

I own a set of three of these Seymour Structron shovels: a round head, a flat head, and a trenching shovel. All of these, which I use frequently in my work, have been found to be nearly indestructable when testing their overall durability. These are truely reliable tools that will last through many years of useage; and to further illustrate my point, let me just say that if NASA had to buy shovels for whatever they may need them for, it would no doubt be of this make. Who knows? They may eventually need to dig a septic system on Mars.

My last shovel purchase ~ reviewed by bikade

It’s nice to have something that doesn’t need to be babied and will still outlast me. OKay, I’m 70, so that likely will only be 15-25 years. Still, I’ll provide for it in my will.
I used it in the winter to pry some frozen firewood out of the pile without fear of breaking it. That it is made in USA is a bonus.

Strong and sharp. Love it for heavy gardening. ~ reviewed by Angela A Stanton, PhD

Still holding strong! I thought many times “surely this will break now” but it did not. I have been digging up very deep rooted bushes and this is wonderful. I am using it every day. If it ever breaks–not likely–I will buy it again!

that i would like it, But i must admit ~ reviewed by Jeffrey Labruzzo

At first i thought because it was much heavier than a big box store premium shovel,,that i would like it, But i must admit…it’s the best shovel i’ve ever used. Well balanced.Buy it at Amazon

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