Seymour 369-19 16-Inch Boy Scout Axe Handle Reviews

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3.4 out of 5 stars based on 14 customer reviews

Product Description

Seymour link handles 369-19 16-inch boy scout axe handle

Customer Reviews

A decent halft in a difficult to find size ~ reviewed by retro.joe

I purchased this for a very old Swedish 0.6 KG head (I believe it’s an old Gransfors). I needed a a 16″ halft to get the correct balance but these can be difficult to find. I ordered one piece, which is a crap shoot for handles. However, I was happy with what I received.

The grain is good, not great. It runs probably 33 degrees off of parallel but, with no run out (which is more important anyway). There was a mix of heart and sap wood. It’s flamed and the wood is quite hard. I had to do quite a bit of fitting to the head, so I can attest to that. It comes dipped in some type of clear finish with lots of rough spots where there were bubbles. They could save themselves some money and leave it unfinished. If you’re serious about axe use you’ll use an oil finish anyway. I stripped off the old finish and am using boiled linseed oil. A wash and rinse then re-coat every season will protect the wood better than any varnish or poly. My haft did NOT come with a steel retaining wedge, so you’ll have to supply your own.

Good handle. ~ reviewed by Henry

I found an old Lakeside ax head in my brothers tool box. Installed it on this handle. Handle came with wood wedge and nail wedge. Good quality, varnished handle.

Good price, good product. ~ reviewed by DLT of Michigan

Grain orientation for both handles was good. Both are finished in a clear polyurethane type finish. One of the handles had a long section of heartwood in it. The handles were shipped in a gray plastic envelope with a rubber band around them and no other protection. I would have liked to have seen a page of newspaper or bubble wrap around them and then the rubber band. Shipping costs were very reasonable. I would but these again.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Fred R

Exactly as represented and what I expected. :)

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

Just what I needed for an axe I am restoring.

Good enough handle for the price ~ reviewed by bubbacrabb

Good enough handle for the price. Required lots of material to be removed to properly fit the hatchet head I was hanging. Would of been more desirable without the finish they used. Mine did not come with a metal wedge which was disappointing. Any good hardware store does carry them though. Overall for the price it was worth it, but plan on using a rasp to fit, and purchasing some metal wedges.

still i had to settle with poor grain orientation ~ reviewed by Janjan55

I ordered 1 and returned ordered another and returned…
so then i ordered 4 hoping that after a while with sheer luck i would run into a decently made axe… still i had to settle with poor grain orientation.
if you want an axe to last. it needs proper grain orientation. well the LINK company or the Seymour company will only get complaints from me.

Broke as soon as I used it ~ reviewed by Crandall

After a lot of shaping to get the handle to fit the hatchet I needed it for, the handle broke length ways down the entire shaft. Piece of crap.

So so handle ~ reviewed by Mark Zbilski

Handle had a knot or a repair by the neck. Grain was ok. Needs a metal wedge.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Jimmy D. Banks

Works as expectedBuy it at Amazon

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