SEYMOUR 2E-IG7 Italian Grape Hoe Head Reviews

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Product Description

An ideal gardening tool that is easy to use. Italian Grape Hoe Head. Comes with a 7″ inch blade, with a 10″ inch overall height. Blade is slightly curved, allowing for easy access when weeding and cultivating around grape vines. This tool can be used for digging in all soil types. Includes head only. Head can pair with Seymour Handle #Dg-High, or True Value # 473-036.

Customer Reviews

cast iron italian grape hoe head ~ reviewed by IKZ

Excellent quality and durability; old fashion cast iron style. Heavy, so you don’t need hurt your back and arms for cultivating soil. Just drop it in the ground. Some sharpening required. This hoe does it all. From weeding to cultivating. I also purchased from another supplier at Amazon “Seymour Mfg. DG-AEH Eye and Grub Hoe Replacement Handle” but it doesn’t fit it at all. The handle is roundish, while eye on hoe is oval and longer. I also have “Seymour Grub Hoe blade” in which this replacement handle slips PERFECT. You need “Seymour DG-IGH replacement handle” for Italian grape hoe. When received, the screw hole was not cleaned properly (still had piece of steal partially attached which I needed to chisel out and sand slightly); but that was easily done. Bad thing is that like so many tools today is made in China and not United States. I would recommend this product.

Great tool for serious gardeners ~ reviewed by G. R. Jones

For something as tough as gardening, you need tools that stand up to difficult tasks and have staying power. The Seymour Italian Grape Hoe is forged steel with a good, sharp edge for a variety of garden tasks.
This durable eye hoe makes it easy to chop weeds and roots, and form up garden beds (up to two-feet high and two- to four-feet wide) in open soil.
It’s a heavy-weight tool that requires learning good technique to use its weight to your advantage — it’s best to lift and drop, instead of furiously chopping as with a lighter tool. It’s especially apt for working in Georgia’s heavy clay soil.
I purchased a 65-inch eye hoe handle separately, but suggest the longer handle for less bending and to reach over wide planting beds.
Overall, I’m quite pleased with this product.

This is a serious hoe for serious hoein’ ~ reviewed by D. Woloz

This is a serious hoe for serious hoein’. We have very tough clay soil and before this I either had to kick at a spade or swing a mattock. This works just like a mattock but is much wider. Has good weight to it; not too much to make cumbersome but enough to sink in. My main complaint is that it’s made in China. Be aware that this takes a specific type of handle to fit the oval eye. I got a 40″ one at Ace that was marked for a grub hoe (same thing as this really). I wish the handle was a bit longer but thats apparently just the length these typically come in.

Good Product, but….. ~ reviewed by Tche_leao

Good product (tough)
Easy to sharp
Good to work with (when you get the proper handle)

Original handle too short
Hard to find one OEM that can fit

Nice grapehoe ~ reviewed by kevin

Great tool for turning dirt very heavy duty it definitely gets the job done firemen keep on trucks to make firebreaks it will chew through roots

Gardening Essential ~ reviewed by acharya

Very useful tool for grading, chopping out roots. Very durable. This was a replacement for one that I had used heavily for more than ten years.

Wish I’d gotten one of these years ago. ~ reviewed by Paqrat

It is heavy, and that is what makes it work so well. I don’t have to wear my self out slamming a lightweight hoe against hard ground.

Perfect ~ reviewed by Brian L

So my old school italian father in law said this was the best one he has ever seen, made his day

Accurate description — good value. ~ reviewed by Rick

It is well made, just as advertised. And, the price was good.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Sue

Just what I wanted and had been looking for for a whileBuy it at Amazon

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