Seymour 2E-AE2 8-1/2-Inch by 7-3/4-Inch American Pattern Eye Hoe Reviews

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4.6 out of 5 stars based on 29 customer reviews

Product Description

Seymour 2e-ae2 8-1/2-inch by 7-3/4-inch american pattern eye hoe

Customer Reviews

Doesn’t appear to be tempered. Chinese crap! ~ reviewed by Nicholas Cordeiro

Sticker says quality tools since the 1800s but honestly, it’s stamped CHINA and looks like it’s not even tempered. It will work but it’s obviously just another piece of Chinese crap! I’m fairly disappointed.

Very disappointed, this hoe is a (reject) ~ reviewed by Millennia Tracks

Very disappointed, this hoe is a (reject) blemish spoiled by a noticeable flaw, some thing that had to failed inspection, if their ever was one- but pushed out to the customers for profit. Cutting edge has center dip and thin steel casting at dip, will be hard to keep sharp. Nothing but Chinese crap!

This is the tools everyone who gardens ~ reviewed by Linda W….Utah

I finally had the opportunity to use this tool! It’s the best tool to use for getting under roots of weeds and grass. I had weeds and grass I had to remove from my long dog run. It was taken over with weeds and grass, it looked terrible. With this tool it made short work, effortlessly and was surprised at how fast it got finished. Now I’m lending it to neighbors so they can see how amazing it works. Very pleased with this purchase. It’ll sure help taking care of my weed problems.
Thank you

the only thing better would have to have a motor ~ reviewed by pasqual

absolutely the way to hoe.twice the speed and effectiveness of conventional hoes.pretty sure i could chop down a tree with fact if you hoe around your trees be gentle with it or you just might .been using one for two years now and i have only had to clean up the edge one time.i wish i had known about this hoe fifty years the 54 inch long handle made by seymour with it and stop killing your back .
Seymour DG-AEH 54″ Eye & Grub Hoe Handle with Hardwood Construction,

For the serious gardener ~ reviewed by Miss Vicky

Works great in hard, clay soils. This isn’t for the average backyard–but for serious hoeing in a big garden. It has to be used with the specific Seymour handle made for it, not just any Seymour handle will work. Seymour has a website that tells the right handle number, but you can’t buy only one from them, and you’ll have to search the internet for someplace you can purchase just one handle. If you have a large area with tough soil, it’s worth it, however.

Seymour 2E-AE2 8-1/2-Inch by 7-3/4-Inch American Pattern Eye Hoe ~ reviewed by Manuel

i love this product, I remember seeing my grandfather in Puerto Rico use one like this one when he worked on the yard and it worked great, so after the years of of using thos little flat one’s that take forever to clean up a yard i decided to search around to see if i could find a better one and finally I found the the Seymour Hoe, very satisfied. Thank you.

The Real Thing ~ reviewed by SATISFIED Customer

After searching the local hardware store market for this item, I realized that no one had it for sale, even when they advertised it online. This made the job possible to complete in going in deep enough to eradicate the weed in my yard, from the roots up.

Wooked better than the little hoes you buy at the big … ~ reviewed by EC Dave

Wooked better than the little hoes you buy at the big box stores for stripping grass so I could lay sod, but it’s still slow going. The weight is probably why it’s more effective. Good luck finding a handle any where other than Amazon. Price was good as well and seller was great shipping it fast.

weeds ~ reviewed by joseph

It has been quite some time that i searched for a heavy hoe the same as seymour,so for the lost time i decided to go with amazon and that is where you come’s a little expensive but well worth it and thanks.

it simply not one of those useless cheaply constructed tool sold by some of the larger … ~ reviewed by Chris

This tool is worth it! For anyone serious about gardening/landscaping would appreciate its value that it brings, it simply not one of those useless cheaply constructed tool sold by some of the larger retailers.Buy it at Amazon

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