Seymour 2E-AE1 Eye Hoe Head 7-1/2″ Reviews

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3.6 out of 5 stars based on 13 customer reviews

Product Description

Heavy duty forged hoe. Excellent balance. Use repair handle No. 811.

Customer Reviews

seymour hoe head ~ reviewed by tavo

I ordered this to replace my regular hoe with hope that I do not break it . It worked perfect. I use it to remove several mesquite brush. I definitely recommend it.

Thistle buster ~ reviewed by Captain Packrat

Thistles are rather nasty weeds. Not only do they have very sharp spines that make pulling them by hand impossible, but they also have woody roots as thick as a silver dollar. After destroying 3 other gardening implements trying to eliminate an infestation in our goat pasture, the guy at the local hardware store suggested one of these hoes. I paid $21, plus tax. This is only the head, you’ll also have to buy a handle (it cost me about $18 + tax at the local hardware store).

The head slides over the upper end of the handle, then you bang the working end on the ground to tighten it a bit. If you wish to remove the head, just turn the handle upside-down and bang it on the ground again to loosen it. There is a small hole in the eye so you can secure it with a screw, but I think this is totally unnecessary; the head naturally tightens as you use it.

I took one swing with this hoe, and it chopped clean through the root. I pulled the handle, and the whole clump of thistle came up easy as pie. I cleared half an acre with 30 or 40 large weeds in less than an hour, including disposal.

The hoe tends up pull up a clump of dirt in addition to the weeds, leaving a large hole in the ground, but you can knock the dirt off the roots and push it back into the hole.

You need to be careful with this tool; it is rather sharp and heavy and would probably chop through your toes just as easily as it can through thick, woody roots. Steel-toed work boots are highly recommended.

Heavy Duty ~ reviewed by Nina Beno

watch your toes.
the eye is a little larger than most handles you’ll buy at an outdoor store. luckily the ACE hardware store in my area had one. The hoe is heavy duty and has no problems chopping through shrubs and small trees.

Excellent Product. ~ reviewed by J Griffin

You just lift the hoe handle and let it fall. These things are so heavy that gravity alone will chop most weeds. I am impressed. These will definately last a lifetime.

heavy duty hoe ~ reviewed by Ozenith

the heavy blade works much better than a light stamped hoe, especially in hard dirt where the hoe must have some backbone to get the job done.

excellent ~ reviewed by K. M. Bourgea

this is an excellent cutting tool. Removing sod or weeds, it cuts the roots off.

Best Garden Hoe ~ reviewed by Joseph N.

Great tool, very hard to find the right wooden handle though.

7-1/2″ Planters Eye Hoe ~ reviewed by Wilfred N Gahr

good quality
need to order the handle that is made for it
we use it to cut blackberries and heavy garden work

Made in China! ~ reviewed by Steven Harrison

I would have kept the item had it not been made in China. No where in the listing did it name the place of origin. I know that Seymour makes products in the U.S. so I was under the impression that it was made here. It’s bad enough that most of what consumers buy is made in China but when your counting on an American made product and you get “made in China” it’s quite a disappointment. Quality seemed ok but no thanks….Buy American!!

Five Stars ~ reviewed by lila

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