SE SC126 Thread Nipper with Stopper, Size 4 1/4-Inch Reviews

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4.3 out of 5 stars based on 16 customer reviews

Product Description

These multi-purpose scissors are perfect for cutting thick thread Para cord down to fine fishing line, and trimming buds or small foliage. Or if you are into something more Zen, they make great Bonsai tree trimmers.

Customer Reviews

Sharp lil things ~ reviewed by Garet Jax

These are perfect for my tiny trimming needs. They are quite sharp, and come a little to oiled, but a paper towel takes care of that.

good ~ reviewed by nj momma

Got these for my husband for his small bonsi tree. They are sharp and cut great and are small and perfect for our needs.

Great product. ~ reviewed by Just Some Dude

What the heck is a “thread nipper”? I use it for marijuana. It’s legal, don’t act stupid. When you have to cut for hours with regular sissors, you get blisters. These snips are great. So much cleaner. You can scrape the resin off easily. Works very well. Super cheap price. 5 star for sure. I need this tool to work.

Works just fine ~ reviewed by Lladnar

The spring keeps the blades opened. Comes with a cheap plastic sheath. Blades are a little rough but it works just fine on small items like string from clothes or cutting out tags from shirts. 1″ wide and 3/8″ thick.

Sweet little trimmers ~ reviewed by JaredK

I got these to trim the leaves on my house plants. It works great, the blades are nice and sharp. It’s not by any means a high end gardening tool but it does what I need it to do. I wouldn’t try cutting anything significant in size but for the small dead/dying leaves and stems it has no trouble. I definitely like these trimmers and will buy them again if I needed to. Solid 4 star product

Cheap and good! ~ reviewed by D. N. DUTT

Great for those small trimming on your Bonzai. Just dont cut yourself. The plastic cover that comes along it good for storage to keep the edges sharp and prevent you from accidentally slicing your fingers.

great nippers ~ reviewed by junkster

I love these little nippers, have been using them for years. they are way better than some I bought for $10/pr. so got some for myself amd daughter-in-law

Thread Nipper is ok for the price ~ reviewed by Roger Shattuck

When I first got the nippers they would not snip at all. After I bent a prong on them they snip well. Worth the small amount of money for sure.

Cheap ~ reviewed by Janet King

Not happy with this product. Picture was deceiving and thought it is cheap looking and kind of hard to squeeze. But it didn’t cost that much.

A good nipper to keep in your tackle box ~ reviewed by Fish30114

A good nipper to keep in your tackle box, even cuts MOST braided line I use–up to and including 85 lb stuff.Buy it at Amazon

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