SE 8794SP Stainless Steel Folding Trowel Reviews

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Product Description

SE is proud to present our Stainless Steel Folding Trowel. This is a premium-grade folding trowel for gardening, camping, and other outdoor activities—A must have for every outdoor enthusiast, gardener, camper, and everyday user.

Features of SE’s Stainless Steel Folding Towel:
(1) Folded Length (approximately): 5”
(2) Extended Length (approximately): 9”
(3) Shovel Head Size: 5” X 2-1/2”
(4) Shovel Head Thickness: 1/16”
(5) Stainless Steel Material
(6) Includes Nylon-Canvas Carrying Case with a Belt Loop

SE is committed to providing the customer with the best source for value possible on the market. You will enjoy the quality, function and usefulness this Stainless Steel Folding Trowel has to offer.

SE is a registered trademark protected by US Trademark Law.

Customer Reviews

Small, Rugged and Worth the price ~ reviewed by J. Cornell

The stainless steel trowel is rugged enough to handle moderately heavy use in terrain free of roots and rocks. I bought it for backpacking and I recommend it.

I’ve seen some references for a cheaper version at Walmart, but haven’t had any success on their site or in their stores to locate such an item.

For the light camper/hiker that doesn’t want to haul around a camp shovel, this will do the trick. Happy Adventures! If this review helps at all, please recommend it. Thanks!

Use at your own risk ~ reviewed by Michael A. Parker

I took this out on our last backpacking trip to use in our toiletry kit and was severely disappointed. Yes, the trowel is small and lightweight (ideal for backpacking) but the handle is too small and when combined with the fact that the trowel doesn’t lock open, it is a recipe for pinched, cut and torn fingers. No kidding, each time I used it I ended up biting a chunk of skin out of a different finger when it collapsed on itself while I was digging.

Now, I haven’t used other trowels so I cannot make any recommendations as to which one to use, but I can tell you I threw this one away and will be looking for a replacement before our next trip.

Not good but fixable ~ reviewed by Amazon fan

These are knocked off Chinese versions of the original. Apparently the factory missed that the top of the shovel is shaped the way it is so that the handle can lock in. They only made a similar shape, not exactly right. These handles do not lock. This can be remedied by taking a round file and filing the notch the handle is supposed to lock into so that it has more of an undercut. Our handle was also bent so we had to straighten that as well.

Great ~ reviewed by Z

A good shovel. Strongly built. Handle very securely locks in place when opened. Holds a good edge if you sharpen it for gardening – easily deals with roots in rocky ground. Sheath is decent and should last a long time. Definitely worth keeping one around if you have a use for it.

Useful tool that’s well designed and strong ~ reviewed by Ellie

Unless you have really strong fingernails, having a device like this will enable you to dig, dig, dig (just like your terrier does) whenever necessary. It doesn’t take much space in your bugout bag or weigh too much but it is made of a common grade of stainless steel which should be durable enough.

They get dirty in use and you don’t want this item abrading your other gear so the sturdy case is a bonus. We are the tool-using animal and this is one tool you need, when you need it bad.

Nice and small but should it be a bit bigger? ~ reviewed by Longhand

The fact that this trowel will fold up and fit in your back pocket is just perfect. The thing is, when you go to use it, like I say, it could be a little bit bigger. Now that I think on it, I think it all balances out. The small footprint in the pack is more important than the need for a bit more size. It is better that you bring it because it is small, than to leave it behind because it is too big.

Sharp, strong, solidly built. Highly recommended. ( I bought two.)

I’m Diggin’ It !! ~ reviewed by Cyclist01222

Under 4 bucks at Walmart by “Outdoor Products”. Packaged in a box in the camp gear section. Can’t beat it. It digs. It’s compact. It folds. It has a nifty nylon case. It’s tough. It’s not as light as some of the plastic models but worth the weight while clearing your tent spot of rocks and roots. Comfortably rides in your back pocket. Definitely a tool to have in your inventory. Get yourself one!

Strong, lightweight and compact ~ reviewed by AMerint

If your backpacking, this is the way to go. Durable, light, compact, no plastic to break. Clip it onto your bag so its there when you need it.

Folding Trowel. ~ reviewed by Robert A. Schena

How did I live this long and not have one of these…??? I have always used military-type entrenching tools before wise-ing up!
The entrenching tools are bullet proof and you can probably dig to China, cut down small trees, etc etc etc but to dig a one man woods potty or trench around a tent and other various light duty functions, these can’t be beat!!! Weighs ounces, stores in its owm little sack…Hey, what’s not to like…???

Gashed my finger ~ reviewed by nkacree

I bought this for a backpacking trip and was very disappointed in the quality. The little hooks that are supposed to keep the handle in place weren’t positioned correctly and as a result the shovel failed to stay open when I was trying to dig a cat hole and resulted in the pinching and cutting of my fingers three times.

Funny thing was, my brother bought an identical shovel from Walmart – except his had “Made in China” stamped on it and mine didn’t – and his shovel worked properly and did not collapse during use. Its amazing that they are totally identical and mine was poorly made but his was not.

This shovel is a POS. Buy one from Walmart and save yourself the pain and suffering.

NBuy it at Amazon

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