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Sandflex Tool Cleaning Block – Fine

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sandflex cleans tools ~ reviewed by James A. Kephart

these sandflex blocks will clean any of your metal tools. cast iron tables look like new when you rub it with one of these. screwdrivers, chisels, miter bars,they all come clean with little effort. If you pay over $5 you’re paying to much. Woodcraft and amazon have them under $5 all the time.

Amazing product! ~ reviewed by Mr. Fowler

I use this for cleaning tools and pretty much everything thing else. Works for removing rust and polishing metal. Buy one, or the whole set (which is what I am going to do). You won’t be disappointed.

works like a charm ~ reviewed by Ceeya

I have used on bonsai tools, old weights, garden tools. All cleaned up quickly and beautiful. I will order the pack of three next time.

LOVE! I got the FINE but I think I will get the medium as well. ~ reviewed by Patty

My Dad had a hammer, 2 kinds of screw drivers and maybe a saw. I did not grow up knowing about tools or fixing things.

I am, however, an avid and lifelong gardener and usually treat my tools like night soil. They are a mess. I will go buy new Felcos instead of fixing the ones I have.

I saw this mentioned on Cool Tools and being as I am in the middle of putting the garden to sleep for the winter I thought, damn, ought to at least give it a try, see if I can clean the rust off all my myriad gardening implements.

I got the FINE but I think I will get the medium as well. This stuff is GREAT! I have already cleaned one pair of shears and I can see myself watching whatever shows Prime throws at me this winter and polishing up my neglected tools as I watch.

Disappointed as a tool for maintaining a fencing foil ~ reviewed by Wilma Jackson

There is probably nothing wrong with this sanding block. But I bought it to remove rough edges from my fencing foil. And I don’t think it is quite heavy enough to do that. I think it would be fine for removing rust. It is advertised on several fencing web sites for maintaining a weapon. I think I’m going to have to try the Schleiffix/Uhlmann Polishing Stone instead.

Great for removing scratches on the brushed portion of a watch band. ~ reviewed by LeRoy

I purchased this to remove surface scratches from the brushed portions of my stainless steel watch bands and it works great. Take your time, go slow and you’ll be pleased with the results.

For polished sections of watch bands, you’ll want to use a Cape Cod cloth.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Doug Hicks

Great for clearing rust off of weapons and anything else.

Great Deal ~ reviewed by Graeme Hearn

Arrived safe and sound. Good dealer. I will use again.

Four Stars ~ reviewed by michael ju

It keeps on break. I expected little harder

One Star ~ reviewed by william h. hill jr.

wouldn’t buy again cheapBuy it at Amazon

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