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Sandflex Sanding Block – 3 Pack

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Great blocks, but high price here ~ reviewed by C. Aumack

These sanding blocks are great. The remove rust and corrosion from older or neglected tools with ease. I use them to remove rust and then coat with a rust inhibitor (I use Camellia oil or paste wax). The only down side to these blocks is that they are made of an abrasive bound in a rubber matrix. As you sand little rubber/abrasive dust comes off leaving little black sands particles all over the floor/bench/table. Not a big deal, I just use them outside or over the floor.
Also, the price here is pretty high. They can be had for much cheaper elsewhere. Enter the manufacturer name in a search engine to find their retail website to get them for half the price here.

Sandflex ~ reviewed by Lee Zindell

This is one of the best products to use for getting your tools and other metals back to their original finish. It takes off the rust and corrosion without harming the surface or dimensions. I love it!

Excellent product ~ reviewed by Edmund G. Costello

I restore old woodworking equipment. I use them on the tabletop surfaces on a variety of machines. They are just aggressive enough to bring a shine to the tables but not so aggressive that you start to remove measurable amounts of metal.

Great product! ~ reviewed by Ronald

Best stuff a woodworker could find! Plus it’s great for taking surface rust off of metal. If any shows up on any of my tools, I can quickly remove the rust and restore the tool.

Excellent ~ reviewed by Kiki

Wow, what a product. It quickly removes surface rust from cast iron machine surfaces such as table saws and planers with ease. Wish I had known about this product years ago.

amazing little block ~ reviewed by T. Tom

These are the most amazing little sanding blocks. I use them for cleaning all my garden tools – pruners, lopers, shovels – anything made of metal comes out shiny and new. Especially great for gluey, sticky, plant residue that seems to never come off your fine hand pruners. Would recommend to every gardener.

These sanding blocks work great! I use them on my table saw ~ reviewed by Noel Coleman

These sanding blocks work great! I use them on my table saw, band saw, drill press, and anything I want to remove rust on. It does a really good job removing rust.

Sandflex works great for cleaning rusty tools! ~ reviewed by Stephen M. Pollard

I was afraid I’d never find ‘em again. So glad they were still available! Give ‘em a try if you have some rusty tools laying around…

How did I go this long without this? ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

This stuff is AWESOME! I used the medium and fine abrasive to remove staining/tarnish on an old brass tool. Had to be careful to go with the grain and all, but I am thrilled with the results. So excited, in fact, that I decided my table saw needed a little love as well. I can’t wait to see what other neglected jobs this will help me tackle.

Not quite sure what I will use the course bar on, but it’s good to be prepared.

Excellent Product ~ reviewed by Eclectic Amazonian

I purchased the Sandflex blocks to remove rust from some garden tools – they worked great. Removing light rust is a breeze – a few strokes and the tool is shiny and clean like new. Moderate rust takes a little more elbow grease, but the block does work well on it. Be aware that if a tool is rusted to the point of pitting, the block may not reach into the pits. Using a corner of the block will help sand tight places, but you may need to dismantle what you are cleaning to get into all the crevices. I did not try using oil or water with the block so I can’t speak to that helping, but will update the review if I do.

Other uses listed on the package include cleaning stainless steel sinks and pans, restoring nap to suede, removing mineral deposits from ceramic tile and toilets (the medium block quickly removed the ring from my toilet and worked better than a pumice stone), cleaning tires and rubber products, and cleaning electrical contacts. The blocks are not recommended for use on plated or painted surfaces.

I was pleasantly surprised by how long the blocks will last – I was able to clean 2 hedge clippers and a shovel with moderate rust, and used less than 1 cm of the course block. I expect each block will last more than a year with just occasional use. I was also surprised at the lack of mess the blocks leave – there was very little dust from the sanding. The package makes a nice holder – you can push the block out to extend enough to do the cleaning without removing the block from the package, making it handy to store. For the price this is a very effective means of removing light to moderate rust – I can’t speak to its effect on heavy rust.Buy it at Amazon

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