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Wetterlings Scandinavian Forest Axe (2.2 lbs) with 26″ Handle #121

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old time quality. Wetterlings SAW 26H ~ reviewed by dct

I needed an axe that I could take camping besides using around the yard. It should not be too heavy or too long. I did some research and for the money I came to the conclusion Wetterlings was the best buy. On their website they have a video of the making of one of their axes. It is a great video to watch if you are considering plunking down your hard earned cash for an expensive axe.

I must confess I did not buy it through Amazon but through Smoky Mountain Knife Works. The regular price is $64.99 and they had a $2 shipping special for a grand total of $66.99. The axe is beautiful. The hickory handle, sheath, and head had good heft and balance that spoke quality. I carried it out into the woods for a short hike to test the weight and length while hiking. It passed. There were a few trees that came down during the hurricane that I was going to test the axe on for cutting ability. I was somewhat hesitant to use the axe at first for I did not want to lose the pristine condition it was in but that was being silly for this is a tool to be used. The axe cut through different types of wood cleanly with no damage to the axe. The largest diameter I tried the axe on was a 12″ diameter maple.

Overall, it a great axe. Not sure if there is any such thing as an axe collector but if there is, this would be nice to have in your collection. I used inexpensive axes all my life and thought they were all the same but this axe change that belief. There is a big difference from your local hardware or department store axes compared to the Wetterlings but also remember it costs twice as much.. The Wetterlings axe has the look and feel of another time when things were made to last a lifetime. To sum it up, the Wetterlings SAW 26H is a great all around axe with the feel and quality of days past.

Amazing! ~ reviewed by ScottyJames

If you’re looking for a quality piece of history that will serve you well today, look no further. Hand forged with the same methods this company used 150 years ago, you feel like a real mountain man when this axe is in your hands. Made of very high carbon steel, you can put a shaving sharp edge on this tool. It’s lighter than what we Yanks are used to, but the design allows the head to sink deep into the wood that you chop. That makes for a perfect camp axe because it’s both very effective/efficient but light to carry. I am bewildered that there are some people who complain that forge marks remain in the head. If you want a modern, pretty, shiny axe, buy one from Harbor Freight, and paint it up with a $1.99 can of Krylon. Then, hang it on the wall and/or pose with it. But if you want the real deal, the Wetterlings is the ticket. I’ve also read some complaints about the fit of the handle and the grain direction of the wood. Either Wetterlings got the message, and ramped up their quality control, or I got really lucky. Mine is PERFECT. When I come up for air after working so hard over the holidays, I’ll do a YouTube review of this axe. When I do, I’ll edit this write-up and I’ll include the URL to the video. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! -Scott

The KING of Forest Axes! ~ reviewed by Kerry Hegarty

I blaze boundary lines for a living.This axe is the greatest by far. It is hand forged-very hard quality steel.It is ground to perfection and retains sharpness. Wetterlings saws their own handles from American hickory.This handle is thick. It strikes solid with no bounce. I like this better than my Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian Forest Axe because the bit is longer and the handle is longer. I started with Snow and Neally China junk.This is an incredible improvement.

Great axe! But spring for the Gransfors Bruks :) ~ reviewed by bmrider71

This Wetterlings axe is a nice, handy tool. The handle is comfortable and smooth (though unfinished) and well-centered in the eye, and the steel takes and holds whatever edge you can give it. The axe head is fairly heavy for the handle length (heavier than the Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian Forest Axe) and will knock limbs off and fell small trees easily, and will also do rough carving, modest splitting etc. So this is a fine tool, and I’m very satisfied with its performance.

I did, however purchase this at the same time I bought a Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian Forest Axe for my father, so had a chance to compare these two tools side by side, and I have to say, I think the improved fit and finish of the Gransfors is worth the extra $20-$30. For example, the Gransfors arrived with its edge beveled consistently, polished and razor sharp (literally able to shave hairs… not that you should be shaving with an axe, but it’s impressive nonetheless). In contrast, the Wetterlings arrived with a slightly uneven bevel (fatter and duller at the toe) and with a bit of a dent or roll in part of the edge in the middle of the bit (don’t know if this was from the factory or retailer). Fifteen minutes with some diamond files, a ceramic hone, and a strop got the Wetterlings edge to the consistency and sharpness the Gransfors came with out of the box (as I said above, the Wetterlings steel is great). Another thing to note is that the handle is unfinished, so you’ll need to factor in your time to finish it (in my case a simple linseed oil rub every few days for the first few weeks). The extra care that went into finishing the Gransfors is worth $20-$30 to me, especially if you’re giving an axe as a gift, but it might not be to you.

The last mark in the Gransfors’ favor for me is the fact that the Scandinavian Forest Axe’s slightly lighter head feels more balanced for the handle length than the Wetterlings’ 26H and is noticeably lighter in the hands and in the pack (the Wetterlings feels more “top heavy” in use). So while the Wetterlings hits harder and works faster in heavy work and hard wood, the Gransfors feels more controlled and balanced for delicate/one-handed work. This is a personal preference obviously, so consider your uses and priorities (or handle both models) if deciding between these two models.

In all, I am very satisfied with my Wetterlings axe and have no complaints as to its overall quality or performance. The Wetterlings and Gransfors I’ve used are all great working axes that require much less frequent sharpening and retouching than most in normal use. I do feel, however, that in this premium/boutique Swedish axe price range, the extra money spent on the Gransfors is worth it for the higher level of finish, especially for an axe that is to be a gift.

blade chipped after first use and the awful customer service of “Thomspon Tools” on amazon ~ reviewed by Jessica Skyrm

The new Wetterlings axes are said to have a tempering problem that may cause the edge to chip off with large chunks. The first time I used my 26 inch Wetterling the bottom portion of the blade chipped severely. I contacted the amazon seller that I bought it from on amazon named “Thompson Tools” and they basically told me that it’s not there problem, you have to take it up with wetterlings and we will not give you a replacement or refund. Just plain awful customer service from Thompson Tools and the awful lowered standards from Wetterlings since being bought out by gransfors bruks recently.

I seriously recommend a different brand of axe and more seriously recommend a better amazon seller.


The Axe is beautiful and incredible service from Thompson ~ reviewed by Someguy

First, the axes. Oh my, what a perfect tool. Well balanced, good feel, sharp as all heck. Worth every single penny. Can’t wait to use them!

Second, Thompson Tools and the shipping. Initially there was a major, major issue with the shipping. I posted negative, but truthful, info about my shipment. Matthew from Thompson was on it like white on rice. He rectified the situation beyond what I would have ever expected; even went so far as to personally call me to make sure I was happy/satisfied. I am now. Kudo’s to Thompson for incredible customer service.

Wetterlings 26H is garbage ~ reviewed by Dogwood

I’m not exaggerating; this axe is garbage. I am shocked at the poor quality of this axe. I have seen $20 Chinese axes with a better fit and finish. There is a 1/8 gap where the handle fits into the eye of the axe head. I can easily slide a toothpick in this gap! This gap is present on both the bit end and the butt end, where the shoulder of the axe handle fits into the eye of the axe head. When the axe is turned upside down, these gaps are clearly visible.

As if that is not bad enough, the handle is also slightly off centered – a common problem with cheap, low quality axes.
There is also a strange anomaly in the axe head. It looks like 2 pieces of metal were merged together to make the head. Along the eye, visible from the top of the axe, is 1/2 to 3/4 inch “split” in the axe head. It’s not a crack. It looks to me like the head was simply not made properly.

I should point out that I burn a lot of firewood and own several other axes, to include a Council Velvicut, a Granfors, a Cold Steel Trail Boss, Estwing, and several no-name axes from Lowes/Home Depot. I know a good axe when I see it. Looks like Wetterlings has SEVERE quality control issues. No wonder they offer NO warranty. NONE. $130 for a limbing axe and NO WARRANTY. This thing is going back and I want my money refunded. Stay away from Wetterlings. Stick with Council Velvicut for a high-end American product or Granfors if you want high-end Swedish steel. Do yourself a favor and stay clear of Wetterlings!

If this is an example of old world, Swedish craftsmanship, maybe American manufacturing does have a chance!

great axe ~ reviewed by Shawn

Got this as late Christmas gift and its definitely my favorite present. Great axe, perfect weight. Have been chopping wood since I got it and have not been disappointed yet. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a nice smaller ax

AWSOME AXE ~ reviewed by rickey lee

This axe is almost too good to be true and they are worth every penny.. I used this axe splitting 22 inch oak blocks with no problem and was still sharp enough to skin an animal with it… take it with me everywhere and has not let me down yet, and probably wont let my son down either..lol

Great Axe! ~ reviewed by S. Lee

Just the right size for hunting or hiking treks. Great for retrieving dead squirrels from hollow logs. So sharp out of the box that I sliced my thumb. Ideal for any hard working, outdoor loving, 100% all American man.Buy it at Amazon

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