S.A. Wetterling Axe 16H S.A. Wetterlings Axes – Small Hunters Axe Reviews

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Product Description

S.A. Wetterlings Axes – Small Hunters Axe: Model SAW-16H. 15″ overall. 6″ axe head with 3 1/4″ cutting edge. American hickory handle with lanyard hole. Weighs 1.5 pounds. Leather blade cover with belt loop included. Made in Sweden.

Customer Reviews

Great product ~ reviewed by Traveler1226

Not everyone can afford a Wetterling axe.
BUT if you can it is worth the money.
I used an Eastwing camp axe for years and it
did the job. But after using the Wetterling
I have found there is a difference in how well
it does the job.
I chose this model that is a mid size axe for
my camping tool.
I carried a machete type blade then a tomahawk
and with time found that the axe has much more versatility.
Chopping wood, hammer nails, or processing meat.
These things will split a hog or deer down the spine
faster and easier than a bone saw. Just take your
time and chip your way down. Try it, it works very well.
Anyway, if you get one you’ll like it.

Great axe ~ reviewed by R. Dale

Just received small hunting axe and it looks great. Unfinished look to it, but I planned on oiling the handle and blade. Leather blade cover has been conditioned and looks very nice. Handle butt does not have a hole drilled for cord or strap to secure to, but I think I can handle that task. Very happy with purchase

Just plain awesome ~ reviewed by yummybeans

Just recieved it. Its sharp. Looks perfect for what I’m going to use it for. Glad I choose the 16″ over the 13″ because even the the 16″ is smaller than I expected. It is still a good size for backpacking,… perfectly sized,you might say. Well worth what I paid for it.

Product Quality Control Has Really Slipped ~ reviewed by Kirk R.

This is the second Wetterlings axe I have purchased. The first axe’s quality has been great for the four years I have owned it. This axe came with an improperly attached head (there is a significant gap between the wood and the axe head eye) which is a safety issue. The retailer offered to replace the axe, but won’t get a new shipment in for 3-4 months. So I offered to re-haft it myself if they just sent me a new haft. Since the retailer doesn’t carry hafts they couldn’t send me one and the retailer indicates they cannot contact the manufacturer. The retailer said they would buy me a new haft and send me one – but that they could not find the right one online.

I contacted the manufacturer directly, but have not heard back as of yet. After a few minutes of online searching I found the right replacement haft, unfortunately the original retailer is only willing to credit my original purchase up to about half the cost of the replacement haft. Not big dollars for me so this is more of an annoyance for me than a critical issue.

My advice to anyone purchasing a Wetterlings axe is to work with the larger firms and contact them by phone and request a visual inspection prior to shipment. Unfortunately this great old firm is currently going through some QC issues so quality can be hit or miss. Hopefully the quality of the axe head steel is up to spec. Given the haft issues I have not used it yet since it is unsafe to use in its current condition.

Fine Axe ~ reviewed by Joe G. in Alaska

This is a product where you really do get what you pay for. Sure, this bench crafted axe is more expensive than some mass produced axe but for those who really want to have a really good tool to make splitting wood enjoyable, consider procuring a Wetterling Axe. The axe feels right in the hand, looks just like an axe should and works perfectly. The balance is just right and the axe is a pleasure to own.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy one sweet axe! ~ reviewed by John Runion

I recently took this little beauty on a 5 mile hike deep in the backwoods of WV….the site I chose had a nice block already there for splitting.

Let me just say that what usually would take me about 2 hours to do with a large survival knife batoning, this little champ got done in half that. The head is just the right weight to split up to 8inch logs and if you split from the side as apposed to the top, you can get such great control of the cut. The handle is not as polished as a Gransford, but with a little linseed oil it is good to go.

A little on the heavy side at 2.5 pounds, it is worth it, if I had to pick one tool to take in the backcountry this would be it. A+++

Great Little Axe ~ reviewed by Bill

This is actually the small hunters axe (not the large as listed). You can verify this by the model 16H. The axe is great quality, very handy size, and amazon had the best price that i found.

The description is wrong! ~ reviewed by Papa Bear

This is not the Wetterlings “Large” Hunters Axe. It is the Small Hunters Axe. The Large Hunters Axe has a 20″ handle not a 16″ handle as described. Still an awesome axe just not what is described.

Nice tool ~ reviewed by mikescooling

I’ve used this on a few camping trips and it worked for making a fire and pounding in tent steaks. I also butchered a chicken with this and it worked great. The head is made to go on a bigger ax but I like the extra weight, I am a big boy and this is like the hammer of thor but one side is an ax.

Top of the line quality ~ reviewed by Sojourner

I’ve owned many varied hatchets and axes. This is by far the finest quality. Holds an edge, solid, and just plain worth every penny it costs.Buy it at Amazon

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