S.A. Wetterling Axe 10H Small Axe with Hickory Handle Reviews

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Product Description

S.A. Wetterling Axes – Small Axe with Hickory Handle: Model SAW-10H. 10 1/4″ overall. 2 3/4″ cutting edge. Hickory handle. Brown leather blade cover included. Made in Sweden.

Customer Reviews

A Great Axe ~ reviewed by Cavedwe11er

This axe is small and light weight easily carried on a belt or even in a pocket. It still has enough weight for working around the camp. The handle has good angles and is comfortable to grip. It is a great high quality handmade axe. Here are some links for comparison with competitors.S.A. Wetterling Axe 10H Small Axe with Hickory Handle Gransfors Bruks Mini Belt Hatchet Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet

Sweet axe. ~ reviewed by kraut

Great balanced axe…..perfect for a backpack! Wetterlings makes quality tools and this one is no exception. Ive split 5″ diameter trees in a few minutes with this one and is handy for limbing larger trees quickly.

Very solid kindling hatchet. ~ reviewed by Epicologist

It’s a short handle but the weight of the head is perfect. Came plenty sharp out of the box. Perfect for backpacking. I would not use this for felling or significant processing but for kindling it’s great. Not meant for large logs by any means but if used for the task it is designed for it is perfect. Just like any Wetterlings a axe.

Great axe! ~ reviewed by Axeman

This little axe splits wood like it’s its job. However, I underestimated how short the 10″ handle would be and if I would buy a new one for whatever reason, I would purchase the same axe with a longer handle. Great product though, didn’t even sharpen it after it came out of the package and it was slicing through would like nothing else!

Great craftsmanship in a well balanced small axe. ~ reviewed by Alessa Arman

Excellent craftsmanship is displayed with these axes. The blade is sharp at manufacture but can be made even sharper in the hands of a devoted owner through his favorite sharpening method as the steel used is top notch. The hickory handle is beautifully shaped and I recommend using some flax oil (or an oil of your choice) to rub on it for protection and shine. This is a compact axe that has great balance and is easily transportable on your hikes and camping trips. More importantly, it can do the jobs many other axes in this size cannot do. The only axes that I can compare to this in quality and feel are also from Sweden – Granfors Bruks. I recommend this axe as it is likely to be a treasured keepsake.

Pretty Cool ~ reviewed by scoremaster

I like well made stuff, so I don’t mind paying $88 dollars on here, was
a little bummed when a few days after I bought mine it sold for $73 dollars oh well.

The marking on mine (date bought 4-1-14) weren’t exactly like the photo mine said Witterlings Sweden written
in a circle the size of a dime.

I would recommend any Witterling axe, just pick the right size for your job

Good Luck

Wetterlings 10H, The quintessential backpackers hatchet! ~ reviewed by Scott Heiser

Wonderful small axe! Razor sharp right out of the box. Does a fantastic job on kindling right up to small logs for the fire. This is the quintessential backpacker hatchet. It is a powerhouse of a hatchet in a most convenient portable size. It could also take the place of your camp knife in the hands of the skilled outdoorsman. Well worth the money!

Good looking and funtional ~ reviewed by Michael Q.

What can I say, it’s a Wetterlings. You just can’t beat that Swedish craftsmanship. Just look at the picture, it looks better in person, buy it, you won’t be disappointed.

Quality ~ reviewed by Robert Johnson

I own several axes and hatchets of high quality and I’m very happy with this new addition. It’s small but still has some weight to it and will be useful.

Nice chopper ~ reviewed by mattman

Cool little camp and carving axe. Well made, sharp as can be, and classic in design. Handy and very portable.Buy it at Amazon

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