Rubbermaid Structural Foam Tractor Cart Reviews

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Product Description

This Rubbermaid structural foam tractor cart is towable and is used for transporting supplies, equipment and materials. Its body is made of structural foam thermoplastic, which has higher strength and lower weight compared to traditional plastics. The cart’s carbon steel axle is 3/4″ in diameter and attaches with a hitch pin to ATVs and small off-road vehicles for towing supplies or farm and garden materials. Its oversized, pneumatic, rubber tires allow maneuvering through rough terrain. The tractor cart has a seamless interior to facilitate dumping and cleaning. This utility cart requires assembly (tools sold separately, instructions included) and is suitable for material handling applications in many environments. Service carts are used for securely storing, organizing, and transporting equipment, supplies, refuse, and materials. They are suitable for use in industrial, manufacturing, and maintenance applications, as well as in the home. Rubbermaid manufactures cleaning, organizing, and material handling products for commercial, medical, and industrial applications. The company, founded in 1933, is headquartered in Huntersville, NC.

Customer Reviews

Perfect cart for me ~ reviewed by darkstar

I bought one of these the first year they marketed them, which is a long time ago. We lived on a working farm then and it did yoeman’s work hauling plants and materials in and out of the 26’X44′ greenhouse. It is light enough for me to hitch up, use all day, and take apart at the end of the day. Its very easy to maneuver and while it has faded a bit from years in the sun and the heat of the greenhouse I don’t have a single complaint about it. I was surprised to see the load weight its rated for, but that explains the sturdy construction. Over the years we had a series of tow behind carts, but this is always the one I turned to.

Now that we’ve moved to a smaller property I’m still hauling top soil and plant material, lumber, rock and pavers all over the place. This weekend I built and planted a 16’LX2’WX1.5’D raised herb bed and everything that went into the construction, filling, and planting got to it’s location in my little Rubbermaid cart. I came to see if amazon offered it, because one of my neighbors wanted to know where he could get one. I thought I’d write a review while I was here. While they can’t type on the keyboard my dobes give it a rating of all paws up, because they think its huge fun to ride in behind mom’s tractor. If the cart ever gives up the ghost, which I don’t expect it will, I’ll be back for another.

A Versitile Garden Cart/Trailer ~ reviewed by Sheldon Aubut

I’ve had one of these for about six years now. I pull it behind my Craftsman 24hp Lawn Mower/Tractor and it has served me well. The fact that the trailer dumps and all four sides can come off to make it a flat-bed trailer make it the most versatile trailer one can imagine. After about four years the handle on the dump lever broke off. I was able to wrap a rubber trailer strap around it so the trailer still works but to dump it now I have to unwrap the strap so I seldom do that. One of the tires developed a very slow leak after about four years which is when I discovered just how expensive these little cart tires are. The ones it comes with a pneumatic 2-ply 4.80 – 8 NHS (Not for highway service) which range in price from about $20 – $60 so I just put a bit of air in the tire each time before I use it although now, after 6 years, it is time to replace the tires as they are weathered and cracked. Mine has to sit outside in harsh Wisconsin winters so considering these are 2-ply tires I’m actually amazed they lasted this long. I suspect if I had called Rubbermaid when the handle first broke off I may have gotten a replacement but after 6 years I’ve not yet called them. All in all I think this the the best cart available at this price point and I’m very glad that I bought it.

The cart is a good size for what I want ~ reviewed by Ray Killen

The cart is a good size for what I want. The sides are removable which is a good feature. It hooked up to my lawn tractor easily, and the tires are big enough so that it doesn’t tear into the lawn. The reason I give it 4 stars is the problem I had when it arrived.
There was 1.5″ hole in one corner of the cardboard box and when I opened it, I saw that only a couple of hardware pieces were on the bottom of the box instead of secured in the plastic bag with the instructions. I was missing quite a few pieces so I emailed Rubbermaid to get them. I had to search the web to find a telephone number or email address for this cart (it was in the commercial section). Rubbermaid does not have a phone number to call in their instructions like many other manufacturers do to solve problems or order parts. I sent an email and while waiting for a reply (2 days) I decided to go to Home Depot to buy all the missing parts so I could use it right away. Rubbermaid got back to me by email and said that they don’t have any parts for it and I should send it back to Amazon. I told them I thought it was silly to send the large package back for only a small bag of hardware plus the trash truck just took the box away. Once I mentioned the review I was going to leave about this I got a personal call from a woman explaining that they don’t carry the parts. I told her she should contact the people who actually make the carts for them and they will have the parts. She said that she may possibly be able to get them by having someone check in whatever department she said. She got back to me again saying they found a bag of parts and would send them to me (which by now I didn’t need except for one part I couldn’t find).

So if you decide to get the cart which is a fine cart, just be aware that you may have a hard time with any problems. I think that if a manufacturer puts out a product, they should have an easy way to get parts for it and a phone number to resolve any issues.

Great ~ reviewed by Crystal S

Great product and a Great Price. Exactly as described. We use it to attach behind the lawnmower to pick up branches on our property.The greatest thing about this is that it was a Prime product so we got free shipping and the huge thing was shipped right to our front door! Love it!

GREAT CART ~ reviewed by Jean-Pierre

Have owned this CART for 20 years. Recently looked for a replacement because the tires are leaking air and tires are expensive. Well the solution was to install inner tubes, now I’m good to go for another 20 years, or until the rubber disintegrates! I use it to carry bags of dirt, limbs, stones and grandkids around the yard. I love my CART.

good value - ~ reviewed by robin

I was worried about plastic but its tough and does the job. Price right and I put it together in less than 20 minutes.

Great trailer, works fine except…. ~ reviewed by M. Sue Smith

This is a fine trailer for my ATV that I use heavily on our farm. However, they could have done a better job of forming the holes for the screws that secure the wheel assembly to the body. After a few loads, one of the screws dropped out and I noticed when I assembled it that some of the screws didn’t bite into the intended pre-formed holes with a secure feeling. Still, this is a great trailer, you just have to check those screws as they are on the bottom of the bed and they can rattle out. As a follow-up, after three trips hauling hay bales, nearly all of the screws dropped out, my only recourse was to drill out the screw holes and bolt the bed to the axle frame. This is a major engineering flaw that mars an otherwise perfect ATV trailer.

Sturdy cart ~ reviewed by Carol

This seems like it will be a sturdy little cart and will last a long time. It was a little smaller than I was expecting, so someday I may get one of the larger Rubbermaid carts. It was easy to put together (we did have to inflate one of the tires, which was almost flat when it was delivered, but that’s a minor thing), and the material that the cart is made of should be a huge improvement over other carts we’ve had, because they sit outside all the time and rust eventually gets them. It’s very well-made.

Purchase of Rubbermaid tractor cart ~ reviewed by Donna Grayhem

The size is perfect for what I need and the construction of the wagon is what I was looking for. I thought the original price was to high but the final cost I payed for it was right in line for what I was willing to pay.

Just what we needed ~ reviewed by Kim Wise

I was surprised when it arrived in an 18-wheeler since it really isn’t that big. It was easy to put together and is just the right size for what we need. We are very pleased.Buy it at Amazon

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