Rubbermaid Big Wheel HDPE Dump Truck, Black Reviews

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Product Description

This Rubbermaid big wheel dump truck is made of HDPE and is used for transporting, dumping, and storing supplies, equipment and materials. Its HDPE (high-density polyethylene) body has better chemical resistance than LDPE (low-density polyethylene) and does not absorb moisture. It provides an integrated handle for push-pull maneuverability and load control and has a five-spoke, 20″ diameter rubber wheel on each side of the cart for balance and maneuverability. It has a 7-1/2 cubic foot hauling capacity for fewer overall trips and a seamless interior that resists leaking and cracking. This utility cart is suitable for material handling applications in many environments. Service carts are used for securely storing, organizing, and transporting equipment, supplies, refuse, and materials. They are suitable for use in industrial, manufacturing, and maintenance applications, as well as in the home. Rubbermaid manufactures cleaning, organizing, and material handling products for commercial, medical, and industrial applications. The company, founded in 1933, is headquartered in Huntersville, NC.

Customer Reviews

Best in class! ~ reviewed by Gordo

There are some things that should be bought in person and this is one. I’d go to home depot where you can check it out yourself, price is currently one fifty five. Yes, its expensive for a cart, but this is the ultimate cart as far as I’m concerned. I previously owned the “gorilla” cart (Tractor Supply sells it, also on Amazon) and I liked it at first, but its really not great – it easily tips over when loaded, and its thin metal parts rusted out and broke over time. I knew I had to replace it, and in the back of my mind I knew I wanted something plastic that would not rust. This rubermaid cart is made from a composite type high density poly ethelyne, it seems indestructible (its thick). Here’s the part that is almost hard to describe, you just have to try it yourself – this thing has freakishly perfect balance and ergonomics – you can tell the Rubermaid engineers really put some work into this design. Load it up overflowing with heavy splits of wood or dirt and you will be surprised the first time you use it, it moves almost effortlessly – it’s magnitudes better than any wheel barrow I have ever used, and much better than the gorilla cart. This thing can dump if you want, but because of the low center of gravity and wide wheel base, it is never going to accidentally tip over on you like other carts do. There was one significant complaint I read about in reviews of this cart, which was related to tires going flat – I was ecstatic to discover that Rubbermaid actually listens and improves their products – they changed the tires over (starting August 2011) to SOLID (foam core I beleive) design instead of tubes – you do NOT put air in them at all. These tires are fantastic and look like they will last forever, they are huge (maybe 2 feet?) and narrow making it perfect for effortlessly rolling across any terrain. I really believe this is a high quality product that is going to last me a very long time (more than 10 years, possibly much more). If you decide to buy one, definitely check out the tires first – some stores are STILL SELLING the old version with tube tires (you can easily tell the difference, there is no valve stem on the new ones). Don’t buy the version with tube tires.

Ideal Yard Cart ~ reviewed by C. G. King

Life on the farm is much easier with this cart. Its really big capacity accommodates a great variety of loads, the large wheels allow it to be rolled over very unfriendly terrain and its ability to tip up and dump is the icing on the cake. The cart is tough as nails and can be left out in the weather without worry. The only maintenance mine has ever required is adding air to the tires occasionally, like once a year.

Because the cart is narrower than other high-capacity carts, it rolls easily through gates and into stalls with loads of shavings, as well as out with loads of manure, both of which need to be dumped, as do generous loads of mulch and dirt for the gardens and gravel for garden pathways. When in its dump position, remaining contents can be raked out from the front, or the cart can be tipped up on its lip and pulled back by the wheel supports to dump every last bit–and if you let it fall back onto the wheels or even all the way over, no problem. No gentle handling is necessary. The cart is lighter weight than you’d think and well balanced, which adds to ease of handling. It can carry a lot of weight (I’ve had it loaded with logs bound for the splitter) and awkward loads such as fallen branches that smaller carts can’t manage effectively.

This is my one piece of equipment that gets no special treatment at all and more than its share of rough handling. It’s a great cart that `lives to serve':). Highly recommended.

Best cart ever!! ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I have owned this cart for years and would be really surprised if there is one better. Not only is is rugged but ergonomic as well. It is perfectly balanced so that when tipped to the ground can be loaded directly from the ground with less lifting. Also, it can be pulled behind you like a horse and cart, far easier than pushing. Highly reccommended.

Big Deal on a Big Wheel ~ reviewed by Spudman

After considering a large wagon weighing a hundred pounds and requiring assembly, I came across this rugged beauty at the Home Depot for considerably less than listed here. The cart weighs about 45 pounds and surprisingly fit neatly in the back of my Subaru SUV. It’s made of a substantial plastic material similar to that found in benches made of recycled plastics.

With the large wheels the cart pushes smoothly and can hold three large leaf bags at one time. I like that the wheels aren’t the inflated type, a nice convenience. If you plan to push this cart through gate openings, make sure the gate is wide enough for this big boy cart. I’ve pushed this new toy all over our two acre spread and already find it invaluable.

Bottom line – I am well satisfied with this durable cart that should last me many years.

Fantastic! ~ reviewed by R. Engdahl

We saw these at a State Park where they were used for hauling everything. We were looking for a more stable two wheel wheel barrow and investigated this cart. I was concerned about the narrow wheels but other reviews said it was easy to move. I don’t think we will ever put 300 lbs in it but we have had way more than 100 lbs and it is easy to push or pull. It holds a lot. A 55 gal barrel of wood chips from my shop just fills it. The large diameter wheels roll over uneven ground easily. The big handles are easy to hang on to. When you tip it forward it is easy to empty.

If you want a very sturdy, heavy duty cart for everything you can think of that is not going to tip over like a wheel barrow and is easy to push and pull around then consider this one. We are glad we did.

Almost Perfect ~ reviewed by GloverEggs

I almost love this cart. It has two issues that if changed would make it perfect. The cart is 30 inches wide on the outside of the tub. However, the wheel stick out about an inch on each side. This becomes a hindrance when you are trying to get through a gate quickly without letting out you animals. Most yard carts have a rim that stick out over the wheel so that the cart can slide against a fence and not get hung up.

The other issue that I have with the cart is that there is nothing to grab, except to the wheels, to get the cart tipped. Say you dump the cart forward and want to spill out everything in the cart. The front rim of the cart is on the ground. Now how do you dump it? There is no handle that you can grab. The rear legs of the cart are very large plastic blocks that you cannot wrap your hands around. So to get any leverage to tip, the only thing that you can grab is the wheels. Needless to say, they don’t work that well since they turn.

If these two items were changed, the cart would deserve 10 stars out of 5. I still really like the cart. Unfortunately, I notice these hang ups almost every time I use it.

Love this thing ~ reviewed by Tan

For my purposes, which is hauling a lot of soil, this is nearly the perfect cart. It is solidly built and can take some abuse. I’ve used it to haul literally tons of dirt, 2-3 hundred pounds at a time. Even when overloaded occasionally, it hasn’t shown any signs of stress or fatigue.

One thing to note about this cart is that due to the low front angle you have to tip it over past 90 degrees to empty it completely. It’s kind of a pain when you’re tired, but there is a definite advantage to this low angle. With it tipped over vertically, you can actually load it that way. This will allow you to load it up with a pawing action or a rowing action with your shovel. This is a lot more efficient than scooping, lifting, and dumping. I can load up this cart using a rowing action in a matter of seconds with four or five rowing actions. Huge time saver! Of course, you’re not going to completely fill up the cart that way but with soil, I can fill it up 3/4 full while vertical and that’s plenty heavy.

One thing I don’t like about this cart is that the handle is too short. When loads are too heavy, I have to pull the cart behind me and if my strides are too long, I’ll end up jamming the cart into my heels.

Overall though, this product is a great investment. You should be able to find it for under $175.

hold alot ,but 2X the work ~ reviewed by Bex

It certainly can hold a lot. I use it mostly for mulch. 30 yards since I got it. The “bike” wheel are great, I can wheel it right over the curb without stopping or setting up ramps ,like I did with my old wheel barrow. Only thing that is a problem is that it doesn’t dump. When you upend it about 10% comes out and the rest has to be raked out which is twice the work….right?

Expensive, but awesome. ~ reviewed by RF

We use this to put out hay for our animals. It’s excellent. Stable, solid. My only complaint is the price. Why does this cost so much?

Flat tires on wheel easily repaired ~ reviewed by bob in miami

I love my cart! But, I suffered a blow out overinflating a tire. When I saw the ridiculous costs of wheel replacement (no one offered an inner tube), I noted that the tire was 20″ X 2.125 (check your own tires if they are the same), and found replacement inner tubes cheap on Amazon, or even better at the local bicycle store. Replacing the inner tube is easy, and shown on you tube if you have never done it before. I suspect that you can find replacement bearings, or even wheels, etc. at the same stores (check the bearing size so it fits or get a bushing that works). Don’t forget the tire valve nut to hold the tire valve in place while you refill it with air. They recommend 35lbs, but I think they hold easily 50lbs. I think I blew mine out with 100lbs!! OK Grainger, foiled again!!Buy it at Amazon

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