RTS Home Accents 5-Gallon Kitchen Compost Kit (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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Product Description

Putting a spin on traditional home composting. The 5-Gallon Kitchen Composter is an air tight container which allows you to transform all food waste, including bread, meat, fish and cheese into nutrient rich compost. Bokashi Bran is added as a compost activator. The food waste then ferments, allowing it to then be safely composted. Kit includes: 600-gram bag of Bokashi Bran (2 month supply of compost starter), 1 compost bucket, 1 scoop, 1 drain tray, 1 compressor, 1 spigot. Silver.

Customer Reviews

Cheap convenience ~ reviewed by ChAndy H.

By cheap I don’t mean the price. It is a great little system. The bag of bokashi was severed by the scoop that comes with it so I have to salvage what I could and tape the hole in the bag shut. The little tamper is VERY cheap so don’t recommend pushing too hard. I just there a spade in there and have been using that. Over all it is a good product, convenient to not have a HUGE composter like I used to have and this saves the ‘juices’ so you can actually recycle as much as possible with this! Will probably convince by husband to maybe purchase a second one so we can fill one while the other is processing.

The thing has started smelling horrible, which compost is not supposed to really smell at all, a slight sweet if anything not like fermented ass. I have been composting for a few years now, but moved out of my house into an apt so need something small. The directions say that you need to bury the heap in the ground…which would be nice if I had a ground so now I have done three attempts. One with the bokashi and it smelled HORRIBLE, one with compost starter from low’s which smelled slightly similar so I washed it out and soaked it to hopefully get rid of the smell. The faucet piece is very poorly designed, have tried one gasket on the outside like it suggests and it leaks, tried to place it on the inside and it still leaks, tried to gaskets and it leaks; if you tighten the nut too much it skips threads and you basically are starting all over again so it’s a game of ‘get it juuuuuust right’. I took it off to soak all the smell out of the pieces and now can’t get it to work again. And when it leaks it’s the brown plant liquid and attracts fruit flies like CRAZY (and smells just as bad as the compost heap).
Overall I wish I could throw my $50 bucket away, however it was $50 so I am bound and determined to make this work!

Finally decided to toss it. It is constantly leaking and not working. Still continues to smell and somehow got a maggot infestation :-/ GROSS! Talked to the people at the gardening center about home composting and they had never heard of this concept working….glad I could add to the statistic. Now to figure out a new way to compost in an apartment city environment

Very poor design of drain washer and nut. ~ reviewed by Earl Altwater

When I tried to turn on the drain, the nut holding the mechanism in place came loose and the liquid started running all over the counter top. I then had to dump the decomposing contents and fish out the pieces. After the third try, I sent it back. Great idea, poor design.

Love it! ~ reviewed by Meredith Rice

So far, it’s been working great. I’m on week 2 of using the bin and it’s almost full already. I wish I had bought 2! Most of my scraps go into my worm bin, but anything the worms can’t handle goes into this bin. I have toddlers so everything they throw on the floor gets added to the bin. There is no smell when the bin is closed and I’ve been pouring the liquid that comes out of the spigot down the drain as a natural clog remover. Everything shipped well and looked just like it did online. I highly recommend it.

It really works & doesn’t smell! ~ reviewed by Mindy

I bought this to try composting. I really didn’t want to have a big, smelly outdoor bin so this seemed like a good option. I was skeptical about the smell and figured I would end up with it in my basement. It REALLY does not stink. We keep it in our kitchen. Even my children get a kick out of putting all of our food waste in it.
After about 2 weeks it started to produce the liquid fertilizer. It is amazing.
I am so happy with the quick results too!

Too gross to get a refund ~ reviewed by Post Cancer Hippie

The spigot is crap. Crap.Crap.Crap. I bought this in hopes that if would be as good as the SCD Probiotics K100 All Seasons Indoor Composter but be a little smaller and fit under my kitchen sink a little better. (The SCD one tilts a little because of the sliding rack and the garbage disposal in the way – it works, but it’s just a tiny bit too big) We wanted 2 buckets so that we could rotate.

This one Did not come with the spigot assembled. I followed the instructions exactly and it worked for about a week. Then I had bokashi gook dripping all over my floor. We put it out back and eventually just had to throw the whole thing away because of the gunk it was leaking. We didn’t even want to think about packaging it up to send it back.

Stick with the reputable brand – it’s worth it!

Not practical for household use. Bigger will be better. ~ reviewed by Cliqueyi

I am quite disappointed at the size. 5 Gallon won’t hold up long for a household of four who cooking at least six days of a week. If you like to eat watermelons, one water melon peels will fill up the can even if you chop it finely. Although it is the largest one for family use, I will not get another one like this. When I assembled the drain nob on (the turn knob to drain out the liquid from compost inside the bucket), right away the seal was broken. I needed to use gorilla glue to seal it . I got round coolers with a press down knob from Homedepot and put cut chicken wires as filters inside. They worked better than this compost kit.
But this compost kit also deliver what if promised. The cover is easy to put on and sealed well. I don’t smell anything when the lid was on. It is small and lightweight, If you want to put on your counter, it is compact enough.

Tried this for months – could not get it to work – smells horrible ~ reviewed by Moonlight AC

I gave this a solid 6 month effort of composting only fruits and vegetable leftovers – to no avail. White mold was a constant problem which would require regular and smelly dumps into the garbage. Gasket leaks. Bokashi is also very expensive unless you make your own. You may have the best of intentions, but are very unlikely to succeed in the longer term with this product.

Would suggest going for the larger outside composter. If you live in an apt, contact a local composting center that you can contribute to.

Worst $50 I EVER spent! ~ reviewed by Jenga

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! I was so excited to get this product and start composting. Feeling good about what I was doing for the environment. First use – spigot (which was installed correctly as per “instructions”) leaked all over my counter! I then removed the compost (fun!), cleaned it and tightened the spigot. As a precaution I decided it had better live outside where a mess isn’t as bad. A few days later as the bucket is nearing COMPLETELY full, I went to drain the tea, the cup was full so i went to close the spigot, I guess I turned a little too hard (ridiculous) because it came loose, now tea is just constantly draining out onto the ground as I can do NOTHING about the spigot coming loose without again removing the compost and dealing with it! NO THANKS! This product is total junk- so not worth the cost. I was trying to save a few bucks by buying a cheaper kit, bad idea. I think I am now just going to make my own bin- more work but much more reliable. It’s scams like this that make people say “screw it, it’s not worth it!”

Okay for a knock-off ~ reviewed by Billy Pilgrim

I have two of the “Bokashi Buckets.” I bought this one for my mother as a gift. We were both a bit disappointed by the quality of the plastic. It just kind of felt cheap and flimsy. I’d look elsewhere if I had to do it again.

it’s been great! ~ reviewed by jer

the plastic on plastic doesn’t seal perfectly at the spigot – other than that, it’s been great!Buy it at Amazon

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