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Product Description

The RPM ez Hand Rake is a "Made in America" product. The patent-pending design is constructed of heavy-duty tempered steel spring tines. Ash handle measures 60" long. The rake head is 28" wide. Some assembly required upon receipt. The best Pine needle rake you will find. The more people buy them the more we are finding other uses for it. Construction clean up, mucking out stalls, use it after trimming tall grass, fire clearing, emptying trucks or trailers of debris, cleaning pruning in vineyards. The RPM HAND RAKE can be used to rake, push large piles, or used like a pitchfork to pick up large amounts without bending over and using both hands. See our videos on youtube. Search for RPM Hand Rake.

Customer Reviews

For Northeasters with white pine needles… ~ reviewed by KonKal

In the Northeast, White Pine is referred to by landscapers as nature’s litterbug; they are always dropping something down onto your lawn. In the fall, they shed their thin, 3-4 inch long needles and will carpet your lawn with such density that you can’t see the grass. Leave them there and you’ll have no lawn next season, so, how best to pick them up?

Options for picking up pine needles are hiring someone else to do it, raking, leaf blower, push mower with collection bag and a ride-on mower with a leaf vac attached. I can’t comment on the ride-on mower with a leaf vac option as my terrain is too sloped (I’ve been curious if they are effective). Raking with a normal rake is slow going and tedious. The problem is that the needles sift down through the grass into the thatch layer requiring several passes to get a section cleaned up. Leaf blowing is slow for the same reason (plus the needles are heavy). Raking also means picking up the needles by hand (often true with the leaf blower as well). The push mower with collection bag has been my best option as it requires the least time. That said, it still is a tedious process with frequent emptying of the bag and multiple passes to get all the needles. It’s better than a traditional rake, but not by much.

Along comes the RPM EZ Hand Rake – – – phew!

Is it more efficient than my traditional rake, leaf blower or push mower? Yes. It took less time, it provided a pleasant cardio workout and it made enjoying the outdoors much better as I didn’t have the noise and stink of a mower. Was it perfect? Not quite, but it will be my go-to tool for picking up needles off my lawn in the fall. Here is my list of pro’s and con’s:

- Using the rake is easy, just drag it (let its own weight do the work). It’s nice exercise too.
- Rake doesn’t clog – ever; no stopping to clean out tines.
- Works just as efficiently with either dry or wet needles; yes, you can be just as effective working in the rain.
- Picks up leaves along with the needles.
- Quiet – you can hear birds while you work (neighbors will be happier too).
- Stink-free – no gasoline exhaust.
- Picking up needles is done with the rake by flipping it and using it like a pitch fork, easy and faster – no bending over.
- It gets what it gets in one pass; no hitting the same spot with multiple passes.
- It reaches right down into the thatch layer getting the needles that have settled down deep into the lawn and which are so hard to get with a traditional rake or leaf blower. It also plucks up a bit of the lawn thatch which is healthy for your lawn.
- One go per season. In the past, I would practically pick up the needles as they fell because it was much easier than if they sat on the lawn and worked their way down into it. The EZ rake reaches deep, if fact it works better when there are more needles. From now on, my fall lawn cleanup will be a one time job.
- Long handle, especially good for tall people.
- The more needles, the better the rake works.
- Great customer support – personal attention.
- Online video tutorial.
- American made.
- Great entrepreneurial enterprise … and I like supporting small USA businesses.

- Nope, it doesn’t get every needle; my experience was that it picked up about 80-90% depending on the type of lawn and needle density (more needles is better).
- If you are real picky and want to get those remaining needles off your lawn, you’ll come back using another means of needle removal. In my case, I do a final pass with the leaf blower late in the fall after everything, even oak leaves, are down.
- If your lawn is thin (a poor root system) the rake might be too much and tear up some of the lawn itself. This was my experience, but, these same thin areas were also vulnerable to the traditional rake and leaf blower. No problems where the lawn was healthy and robust (alas, my weaker areas were under the pines).
- You do have to assemble the rake when it arrives, not an issue even if all you have are a few basic tools.

Conclusion: Overall a better experience at all levels: less work, easier work, quieter work and stink-free work. My lawn is happy too.

Pine needles begone! ~ reviewed by T. Rupp

With Colorado’s Black Forest fire burning close enough to see flames, I was alarmed to think of all the pine needles that have been collecting around my house. We’ve tried to keep up with them, but lawn rakes don’t cut it, and garden rakes clog up *every* stroke. So it’s a tedious prospect. But I wanted to get it done, thoroughly and quickly. So after watching this rake on youtube, I took a gamble. At 3x the price of a good garden rake, I was a little leery.

But I got my rake last night, put it together, and put it to work this morning. I spent a good hour raking like mad and got nearly 1/2 the house perimeter raked into a monumental windrow! With two people and a garden rake and a lawn rake we wouldn’t have gotten 1/4 of the area done, and it wouldn’t have been as thorough.

As far as construction goes, the rake uses industrial tines that will last forever, mounted to a plain rake handle with sturdy enough support structure that I don’t foresee it failing unless I run it over with something.

So if you’ve got bales and bales of pine needles to move, this rake is the one for you.

Great Invention ~ reviewed by WGS

The USPS delivered our two (2) rakes, Saturday, Nov 1 as predicted. We immediately
assembled them and despite the rain went out and gave them a shot. Today in the sunshine we
finished the job in less than half the time it typically has taken. The
experience was vastly improved compared to years of past with our
conventional rakes.

They not only do an outstanding job but the experience is easier on the back
and arms. Just place it on the ground and drag it wherever. We used it on
both our gravel drive and our Bermuda lawn. I can see where they’ll be a
value plus for the lawn as they catch some of the Bermuda runners and break
them into smaller pieces. This provides a similar benefit to vertical mowing
allowing for the lawn to thicken and grow stronger.

I’m surprised in the eight years I’ve lived here in North Carolina where
they gather and sell baled Pine Needles commercially that I’ve never seen
nor heard of these rakes or anything close. We went to several hardware
stores, Tru Value, Sears, Home Depot, Lowes as well as a couple Mom & Pop
hardwares but nothing was available and they had never heard of Pine needle
hand rakes. Some did have huge drag behind the tractor or riding mower but
they are pricey and cumbersome for a residential lawn. Some tried to
convince me that their landscaping rakes (which I have) worked well. NOT!

Great invention fellow! If you had a contract with one of the home
improvement chain stores in the Sandhills area of NC you could probably make
a fortune. We are grateful for your invention and Thank You very much. Now
mowing the lawn won’t be such a drudgery, just EZ Rake jump on the rider and
mow. Every few days.

For myself I wouldn’t mind having them a foot or two wider but I can
understand your compromise.

Hat’s Off,

Great for rough terrain! ~ reviewed by CK

I live in the foothills of Colorado very close to the Waldo fire burn scar. The wildfires that have occurred over the past year have seriously motivated my husband and I to do some mitigation to protect our home. After a 1/2 day of fighting with a leaf rake, I spent some time searching for a better tool for this type of work. I found the RPM ez Hand Rake, watched the video, read the reviews and decided to take a chance. Wow! It was totally worth it! This rake pulls up inches of pine needles without clogging and doesn’t get bogged down with the pinecones. It’s sturdy enough to handle the rock and vegetation obstacles that litter the land. On its first day of use, I was twice as effective (if not more) in my efforts and my complaining was reduced to zero.

RPM Easy ~ reviewed by Scott Atchley

The best rake or should I say 3 tools in one cuts the raking time in half does not clog and works great around gravel driveways I would definitely recommend. to see it work go to youtube & look for RPM Rake.

Now what do I do with all the pine needles?! – ~ reviewed by craigery

I have a dense carpet of pine needles that has built up over decades on a couple acres of undeveloped land I own. I needed to remove them. This tool is absolutely perfect for raking pine needles! It might also work well if one was cleaning up a lot of straw/hay in a barn — anything that is fairly long. The rake wasn’t ideal for raking up redwood tree duff, which is shorter and not as dense as pine needles. I didn’t try this on leaves, but more than likely if one has very small, loose leaves the rake probably doesn’t work well; but if you have a dense mat of leaves, even wet leaves, it would probably work well.

The best way of describing this tool is it is a functional cross of a hay baler and a rake!

The thatch rake described by another reviewer is really a different type of tool; the thatch rakes I saw really weren’t designed to do the heavy pine straw removal that this tool is designed for.

The tool is well made. I did have to purchase a slightly shorter lag bolt at a hardware store because the handle was just too strong.

Recommended! —

Best rake for pine needles and forest debris ~ reviewed by Ronald Kaufman

I started out skeptical about an $80 rake until I borrowed my neighbors’ RPM rake. We had to do a lot of land clearing for homeowners insurance requirements on pine needle covered uneven rocky soil. That rake is nothing short of fantastic. It doesn’t hang up on anything and rolls the needles up with ease. I now own this tool myself and don’t know how I ever got along without it.

I love this rake ~ reviewed by R. Mesenbrink

I love this rake. It’s big and heavy, but that’s so it does the work. Just pull the rake over the ground, no need to hold it down, and then just lift it off the pile of needles. The needles don’t stick in the rake. Awesome!

Awesome ~ reviewed by Pat Lytle

Awesome rake; was able to clean up our 1.5 acre property in less than a day. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a better alternative to a leaf rake.

This rake really works on pine straw! ~ reviewed by L.A.

My house sits on a large lot and I have numerous long leaf pines. Raking pine straw from the lawn is a twice a year task that I used to dread. I’ve tried plastic rakes, metal rakes; neither worked well and the tines would clog up with pine straw. It would usually take me a full day and half to rake using conventional rakes and it was an awful and exhausting task (and I always got blisters even though using good leather work gloves). The RPM ez Hand Rake is simply amazing. I raked all the pine straw on my lot in about four hours, and, no blisters! This rake really works and was well worth the money spent. By dragging the rake over the lawn, I quickly created rows that I pushed into piles by turning the rake over and using it to push the pine straw. The rake also clears all pine straw with one pass. It’s well built and stout and I have no doubt it will last for years and years. The hardwood handle is robust and the tines and hardware are quality.Buy it at Amazon

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