Rothco Plus Tri-Fold Shovel with Canvas Cover Reviews

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Rothco makes quality outdoor and sports gear for all types of situation. Whether you are in a combat intensive environment, or if you are a recreational user, rothco will fit the lifestyle of many. Quality tested and performance driven, use rothco.

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Army Tri-Fold Shovel and Cove

Customer Reviews

A Tale of Two Shovels! ~ reviewed by Larry K

829 Tri-fold Shovel W/cover I purchased two of these a while back at just over $11 each (With shipping). The quality does not approach that of my issue shovel. The serrated edge could not cut butter and is there for appearance only (I used my grinder to address this issue.). The cover is flimsy to say the least. The case has a single snap. It does have an ALICE Pistol belt fastener. The current price with shipping is just over $10. I was disappointed with 629’s I purchased. For a a little over a buck more, I purchased the SE 8791FSP Emergency Disaster Folding Survival Shovel Serrated with Free Carrying Case. This folding shove is of the same basic design. It is the same size. But, it is of much better quality with a sharp Serrated side. It also has a more durable carrying case with a belt loop for use with MOLLE or ALICE gear. It also has a Velcro fastener. While still not quite on par with the mil-spec issue shovel, it is much better tool than the 629 shovel. I suppose the 829 will dig holes and fill sandbags. But, why not spend just a little more and be much more satisfied with your purchase!

Shovel is great! ~ reviewed by Paul Sanderson

The shovel is sturdy when folded out and locked. The pouch it comes in is also sufficient, but I have a hard time attaching it to my rucksack, so I’ll have to MacGuyver it on. But It’s perfect for small digging jobs or even cutting branches when necessary.

A little cheap ~ reviewed by CocoaMO

I ordered 2 of these from 2 different company’s since there was only one left. This one came from lizards for peace wholesale. the so called 829 shovel has the pick on the back side but the shovel is more flat and if you were to try and pry a rock it would easily bend. The cover that came with it was extremely cheap plastic like you would get with a child’s toy. they sent it in a pre paid envelop that barely fit and had torn open then taped a few times. the other shovel from SiteLead, Inc. did not have the pick on it but was built better (both from China of course)and it had a canvas cover with it not very heavy duty but a lot better than the cheap plastic one. It came in a real box and packed well. I only bought this for an emergency shovel in my back pack and hope I never need to rely on it. If you need to rely on it I would spend a little more.

Great product :D ~ reviewed by skyedreamer420

I’ve used this little shovel very little this summer, but when I have used it, it’s come in handy. It fits pretty well in my pack, relatively light weight, and easy to use. It can dig a pretty decent hole when ya need it too. I added some tape on the handle to make it easier on my hands while I dig. I look forward to using it more and would recommend this product to others. I just wouldn’t use it in digging into ground where you have large rocks because you may damage it.

Don’t buy. ~ reviewed by Buyer

Don’t waste your money. This Shovel will not come through when you need it most. I used it once on loose sand and the screw down portion to lock in place stripped the threads causing it to get stuck. Also the teeth on this shovel don’t look like they would be very useful in cutting wood. spend the $50 and get the real thing. I am also skeptical that this is a official Rothco shovel. I’ll be looking into that as well.

Not good for serious use ~ reviewed by Jared

Would make a good toy for a kid’s sand box or fun at the beach but not effective for actual use as a camping tool. Threads will slip if you try to apply any actual force making it near impossible to actually dig a hole with it. The serrations on the blade are just for show, I sharpened the edges of mine to make it somewhat useful in a pinch.

Exactly what I needed ~ reviewed by BRAD

Had a similar shovel years ago. Lost as result of several moves. Now living on central west coast of Florida, use the shovel on the beach and camping/hiking excursions. Is sturdy, easy carried, easy to care for and vrsatile. I especially like that the spade can be locked and used at a 90 degree angle. Finally, a GREAT value! I ordered a second exact unit as a backup.

Came as advertised ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

Ordered as an extra tool for my Bug out bag as a CERT member just wanted something in my pack I could bring along in case of emergency.

Did come dull but thats ok I can always sharpen it.

Sounds bizarre, but I purchased these for my kids … ~ reviewed by Raydeane Bouchard

Sounds bizarre, but I purchased these for my kids at Christmas to keep in the trunk of their car. It’s small, compact and a handy item to have when you need it. My daughter already used hers.

Practial item ~ reviewed by G1

I bought this shovel in case I go for camping or long travel. The price was affordable and it works fine. The condition of the item when received was excellent. Delivery was fast.Buy it at Amazon

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