Rothco 18” Molle Compatible Machete Sheath, Olive Drab Reviews

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Rothco makes quality outdoor and sports gear for all types of situation. Whether you are in a combat intensive environment, or if you are a recreational user, rothco will fit the lifestyle of many. Quality tested and performance driven, use rothco.

Customer Reviews

Absolute trash. Doesn’t fit the OKC 6145 Machete either. ~ reviewed by The Maestro

I honestly cannot express my disappointment in the product enough. If I could give a review of zero stars I would, as this sheath is so worthless, and almost down right dangerous, that it probably shouldn’t be sold with a good conscience. Basically, right out of the box, this sheath does not fit the Ontario 18″ Military Machete, Model 6145. While the blade fits in the sheath, the retention strap is too large for the handle and does not secure the knife into the sheath. For this alone, I would not recommend the sheath. There are, however, more reasons than that for not recommending this junk.

Before I tear this thing a new asterisk, the sheath does have a nice layout and design: 2 exterior pockets, MOLLE straps, D-rings to add a should strap. My positivity about this sheath ends there, however, so let’s begin on all the reasons you shouldn’t buy this trash.

1. It’s cheaply made. Cheap materials, cheap stitching. There isn’t a single double-stitched point in the entire sheath. The quality of the material is cheap as well, MAYBE 200D polyester. Not even nylon, and not even close to the quality of Condor or other low quality manufacturer products. The interior plastic piece that gives the sheath rigidity is just a square piece (not even shaped to the sheath) of cheap plastic (think notebook cover plastic). The edges of it split immediately. Because the plastic is square and not tapered to the sheath at the end, the plastic stops 4 inches from the bottom, so after a few uses, you will have cut a hole in the bottom of the sheath. Not only that, but there is nothing to prevent the blade from going entirely through the sheath, and should you trip and fall while carrying it, you could seriously injure yourself.

2. The pockets are poorly made. The covering flaps have small, cheap pieces of velcro to secure them. I put the Lansky dual grit sharpening puck in one pocket, and a Chain-mate 36″ hand saw in the other. While the items fit in the pockets, the COVER FLAPS ARE TOO SMALL TO COVER THE POCKETS. It’s ridiculous. So if it rains, good luck keeping anything dry if you put them in the pockets.

3. The MOLLE straps are basically useless, as it doesn’t have the lateral pieces to weave the MOLLE through so the sheath stays tight to the ruck and doesn’t swing around.

4. Lastly, IT DOESN’T FIT THE OKC 6145 ISSUE MACHETE, though it is marketed and sold to do so. The sheath is too big, and the handle retention strap is gigantic and way too big to fit the handle of the 6145, even though the handle on that machete is huge.

There is absolutely no good reason to buy this sheath other than it looks cool. Honestly, it says “Rothco” and that alone should be enough to scare you away. Take it from me. Read my other reviews. I’m no dummy when it comes to this stuff. Don’t waste your time with this piece of junk. Anyone who gives this worthless crap more than 1 star is putting it on their shelf to look at and isn’t taking it into the bush. Please, for your own safety, DO NOT BUY THIS SHEATH.

Does not fit mil-spec machetes without modification. ~ reviewed by Jimmy P

I have a mil-spec machete and the retention strap on this sheath dosn’t secure tightly enough to prevent the machete from sliding out. I was able to modify it so that it fit, but I was not expecting to have to do that, so “It’s Okay” is the rating this little guy gets.

Poor Quality: Details about Interior Sheath. ~ reviewed by Julia W.

The sheath itself seems nice and certainly its great to find a Molle compatible sheath. However quality is lacking. Mine arrived with its interior sheath in pieces, and a couple spots of loose stitching. My main complaint off the bat is that the interior sheath is not even the same size as the outer sheath OR EVEN THE SAME SHAPE! The interior sheath is basically a folded over piece of heavy duty board that is simply stuffed down inside and ONLY covers the top 2 thirds of the inside (since its rectangular and does not drop below where the sheath starts curving). Count me disappointed.

I’ve been buying from them for decades and have yet to be disappointed. This sheath is heavy ~ reviewed by Richard H. Nolan

Another well made product from Rothco. I’ve been buying from them for decades and have yet to be disappointed. This sheath is heavy, duty double sewn, and rugged. The two sewn on pouches are perfect for storing things like matches, or a compass, or other small survival items. My 18 inch machete fit perfectly to within a quarter inch of the top.

I can make this serviceable but it would be great if they made it such that it actually held … ~ reviewed by Patrick J. Shrier

I got this to replace the leather sheath on my current 18″ machete because this is MOLLE compatible and I wanted to be able to attach my machete to my ruck instead of carry it on my belt. It is MOLLE compatible but neither of 18″ blade machetes quite fit inside of it. The sheath is 1/2″ short of actually being 18″ on the inside. I can improvise and make this work because I could find another MOLLE compatible machete sheath anywhere. I can make this serviceable but it would be great if they made it such that it actually held an 18″ machete.

I am still mulling whether I want to get a sheath custom made or not. If I do I may just offer it for sale as I am sure I am not the only person in the world that wants a MOLLE compatible machete sheath.

Good overall ~ reviewed by Gamegrunt

I only required a sheath for storing a Tramontina machete that I inherited. I doubt if I’ll ever wear it in the field, so it is adequate for my purposes. It looks good, has double stitching, fits my machete perfectly, but the snap at the top is too loose and will not hold the tool in the sheath if it’s turned upside down.


Good solid construction, as expected from Rothco…. BUT on the side with the molle straps there is an oversight. They did not sew in any molle loops to weave the molle straps threw. It makes it fit loosely and not tight to my pack like it should. I will mount some loops on myself to fix this oversight!

Good outside, weak inside ~ reviewed by William

This is a mixed review. The sheath is nice, but the plastic piece inside that allows quick access to the machete broke very easily. I suspect it broke because it was sent in a pretty flimsy bag. If not for the plastic piece being dysfunctional I would rate it higher.

perfect companion for the the ontario machete and Alice pack ~ reviewed by jake lanier

perfect companion for the the ontario machete and Alice pack. It fits perfect between the frame and pack right in the middle of the shoulder straps. Great buy for sure

fits nicely on back panel but the plastic core is not … ~ reviewed by Daniel

fits nicely on back panel but the plastic core is not attached to the material so it might fall out if not snapped in place. over all nice product and well made.Buy it at Amazon

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