Rolling Garden Seat with Turnbar Reviews

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Product Description

This comfortable rolling seat helps make your gardening easy, eliminating the back pressure, pain and stress caused by continuous squatting, stooping, kneeling and other repetitive movements. You sit on an old-fashioned tractor-style seat that is adjustable up to 18in.H and swivels in any direction. Great for gardening, painting, yard clean up and more. Wheel Size in. 10, Load Capacity lbs. 300, Wheel Type Pneumatic, Dimensions L x W x H in. 22 13/16 x 10 5/8 x 15 3/4. Adjustable seat height and swivel for a comfortable working position Easy-to-reach under seat storage area Rear basket for additional storage Helps to reduce knee and back strain Front wheel steering with the easy-to-reach turnbar Easy rolling 10in. pneumatic tires for rough terrain

Customer Reviews

My new Best Friend! ~ reviewed by MacEgel

I’m getting old, and it’s gotten nearly impossible for me to get down close to the soil in the lawn and garden. Tried a step stool the other day- it was great to sit and work on, but a little low to sit down on and a pain to haul around. What to do? Then I thought of the rolling seats I had seen in the catalogs, and my investigation resulted in the purchase of this garden seat. It’s terrific! Sturdy construction, rolls easy, and has the all-important comfy ADJUSTABLE seat. I found my perfect seat height, and it’s easy to sit down on and get up from. It has cargo bins underneath and behind and the seat spins easily- what’s not to like?

Now to address some concerns seen in the reviews:
1. Difficult assembly: The only concern is not the quality of the instructions but the existence of same. The only instructions are step by step photos in the tiny instruction booklet- a little sparse. There is, however, an excellent parts list and diagram of the unit- but it probably needs to be read with an electron microscope. Not to worry- the drawing is excellent- just blow it up in a copier along with the parts list, and you’re good to go. The bolts are all metric, but they’re easy to identify by grouping like parts, and then use the old dodge of looking on the parts list for an item of that quantity. They have helped things a bit by starting most of the nuts on the bolts. There were two metal sleeves I didn’t see on the parts list- they’re spacers for the rear axle. Assembly is easier if you have access to metric wrenches or sockets, but an adjustable wrench and screwdrivers will work fine. Hey- it’s not rocket science!
2. The paint job looked great to me- I’ll make sure to keep it in the garage to stave off rust, etc.
3. Flat tires? I have a couple of carts with similar wheels- they seem to need air once a year or so. My garden seat wheels were fully inflated and ready to go.

I would suggest that you make up a little cord or cable to tow the seat out to the job.

I’ve got my garden tools in the lower bin and my drink cup in the back bin, the sun is shining, and I’m having a blast working in the garden again. This seat is my new best friend!
Why wait? You can treat yourself to one too.

A bizarre bit of gear ~ reviewed by A Digital Artist

The thing stinks to high heaven. As in odor, I don’t know if it’s the rubber in the tires or what, but before you do anything, take it outside, grab soap and water, and wash the thing down. I made the mistake of opening it and assembling it on the carpeting in the living room, and it stunk for days. Seriously, it’s nasty.

The directions are laughable. It’s got a small exploded drawing of the parts, but it’s so small it’s not useful at all. There’s an odd mix of nuts and bolts, and it takes some experimentation to figure out which nuts and bolts go where. Thankfully I’m mechanically inclined and sorted it out, but I think others will struggle with the thing.

The steering mechanism is stiff, sitting on the seat, it really doesn’t turn very easily at all with the knob built into the steering mechanism. It was a selling point for me, but in actual use, doesn’t really do much that’s helpful.

I just used this yesterday to stain the 50 foot long deck along the back of the house, and it saved my back nicely. I haven’t gone offroad with it yet, into the garden, so I’m not sure how it’ll scoot along in dirt.

Bottom line, it’s a bit of a pain to put together, it’s stinky, but that can be remedied. It will save your back quite a bit of strain, so if you’re needing a bit of help, this should be helpful for you.

Rusted! ~ reviewed by Gardner1949

Read some positive reviews for this item before the Holidays. I ordered two, one for me and one as a gift to my mother-in-law.
On both, the paint on the seat has bubbled up, flaked off and underneath it’s rusted!
You cannot sit and turn it, the turning bar is useless. Very poor material!

Rolling Garden Seat ~ reviewed by Pat S

I don’t know why I didn’t treat myself tothis garden tool years ago. It makes weeding so much easier. It was a bit difficult to put together, but works great.

Not sure how to rate this product ~ reviewed by rojo

I cannot adequately review this product at this time as I have not used it yet. You apparently forgot to include my personal engineer in the box with the seat since there were NO instructions on assembly and the product was in a jillion pieces. My yard man decided to assemble it because his back was hurting and after an hour he gave up – said we were wasting time – and I agree – Finally a friend’s husband assembled it for me- took him well over an hour – he is very good at this sort of thing – Now I have to cook him a steak and take him some weird kind of beer as repayment -Which I will gladly do since I would never have gotten this thing put together without him – Since I just got it put together I have no idea how it will function – if you want an update let me know – As you can see I will be very forthright.
And if it does not work you can expect to get it sent back to you after all of this trouble it better not be a disappointment to me!~

Good Garden Seat ~ reviewed by Joyce Cooper

I really liked how sturdy the cart is and comfortable. The only thing I don’t like is the steering bar, but we put on a longer handle and it works fine.

It’s less expensive because of quality ~ reviewed by OhioBob

After looking at several different garden seats, I settled on this one because of price. I am doing a big project that will be much easier with this cart, but I don’t think I’ll get a lot of use out of it after I’m done with this project, so I didn’t want to pay a lot. I’m sure I’ll be happy with the cart for what I need, but if you intend on using it a lot and keeping it for years, I’m not sure you will be happy with this cart. Also, if you are not good at putting things together yourself and you need clear directions, then definitely don’t buy this cart. There really are no assembly instructions. It comes with a diagram of the cart with little lines pointing at different parts of the cart and you really are left to figure it out yourself.

garden cart ~ reviewed by sp

Great cart for keeping me off my knees in the garden. Admittedly the directions for assembly were a little vague, but my husband had no trouble assembling the cart in less than 30 minutes. We especially like the inflatible tires and hope to use the cart in the winter in my husband’s workshop for “close to the ground” projects like tires, brake inspections,anything that formerly required getting down on the knees.

Sorry Instructions ~ reviewed by Lawrence H Allen

I unpacked this item and looked at the instructions which was a few very small pictures. I can usually figure out things pretty fast but it took me 2 hours to put it together. I still didn’t get the little basket put on, I’ll have to go to the hardware and buy a couple of nuts and bolts as the ones supplied were to short.
Its a pretty nice little buggy now that its together.

I would try an buy a better product next time! ~ reviewed by tractorguy

Very poor assembly directions-two of the tires were flat-a challenge to assemble with the limited instructions-overall rather poor quality. Next time I will try and buy a better quality product, hopefully USA made!Buy it at Amazon

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