Pruning Shears – Carbon Steel Bypass Shears – Hand Held Garden, Tree and Hedge Pruner – With a Comfortable Coated Handle – Light Weight and Easy to Use With Both Right and Left Hands -The Best Pruning Shears with the Best Gurantee Reviews

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Product Description

Would Ansel Adams Paint a Picture of Your Yard?

Do you have the model yard of the neighborhood? Do you have the ugliest yard in the neighborhood? Are overgrown bushes or trees holding back your yard’s potential of being Ansel Adams worthy?

Yard work can be some of the least desirable homeowner tasks. A constant reminder of yard work is seen every time you leave or arrive at your home. Yard work can’t be hidden or ignored by walking into a different room.

The worse part of yard work is that it’s on display for all the neighbors to see. A little bit of effort goes a long way with yard work. Maintaining the bushes and trees in the yard will require less work in the future.

Tidy Yard’s Pruning Shears is the perfect tool to clean up the bushes and trees. Use of Tidy Yard’s pruning shears will result in less maintenance in the future.

Have the yard that you feel proud of when leaving and arriving home.

The Best Deal on High Quality Pruning Shears
– Razor Sharp Carbon Steel Blades

- Light weight easy to handle with comfortable vinyl grips

- Automatic release lock function when the handles are held tight

- A great tool for small or large hands

Main Benefit/Feature
-The 8 inch pruning shears cutting surface is constructed of with a sturdy 4.0mm thick carbon steel blades.

-The shears have an 18mm diameter cutting capacity.

-The bypass cutting feature allows clean, crisp cuts.

-A light weight wrist loop for freeing the hand without putting down the shears.

100% replacement guarantee

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Customer Reviews

Excellent product, performance and service. ~ reviewed by OAJ

This pruning tool performed advertised and is of excellent quality. The comfort grip helped relieve the pressure for my arthritic hands. This is often hard to find with garden tools. Thank you for a great product.

Decent sharp shears… ~ reviewed by Robert P. Comeau

These shears are decent for the money. I have cut branches up to 1/2″. I hope the blades stay sharp as they are now. The side clip that keeps the blades closed is not so great. You have to fiddle with it to lock in place.

Pruning Shears ~ reviewed by KJF

These shears are light weight and easy to handle. Cuts with ease through all types of shrubs. Highly recommended for any gardening needs.

These actually work! ~ reviewed by CDS

These are a great value. These are light weight and perfect for cleaning up my shrubs and flowerbeds. The blades are sharp enough to cut through with one snip. A+ product.

ARS are the best and last on and on ~ reviewed by Ben Tover

Junky flimsy Chinese toy pruners. I got them for my son who will likely abuse them and lose them as they were sort of cheap but these are really cheapo and should be in the $10 range. I cannot imagine them lasting for a real gardener unless you do not prune thick woody material. I would snap the handles off in the first day if I used them. I use ARS made in Japan and have used them commercially for years. ARS are the best and last on and on. On my second pair in 25 years and still have the first pair.

Good tool ~ reviewed by jerkface

Has been working great. I keep it clean. Don’t need to sharpen it. Handles everything it can grab
Biggest surprise about it is the owner of the company emailing me to make sure I am satisfied and gave tips on proper use and pruning. I thought it was an automated email but he followed up again to make sure I was happy! Good customer service so I have to recommend these simply because they stand by their product and what you to be happy wiht it

A must have ~ reviewed by Carol A. Tressner

There are lots on the market but the quality of these shears is good. They should survive the test of time

love these shears ~ reviewed by tj ellington

just as noted…great for pruning and easy to use. I plan to buy a second pair as they are wonderful!

Good shears ~ reviewed by Huggy Bear

These shears cut like I expected. The only drawback is the latch, which is very difficult to use. Decided to keep them.

Great Pruning Shears ~ reviewed by DJH

These shears were very comfortable and easy to use. They cut through small branches with ease. I would recommend these to any one wanting a light weight shear.Buy it at Amazon

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