PROFESSIONAL PRUNING SHEARS – Heavy Duty Hand Pruners For Serious Gardening – Versatile, Razor Sharp Garden Clippers, Tree Trimmers, Secateurs and Steel Bypass Pruner With 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Reviews

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Product Description

To The Gardener That Will Accept Nothing Less Than Rugged Tools – Challenge Accepted
Don’t Waste Another Dime on Over Priced Shears – Heavy Duty, Razor Sharp, Fairly Priced Pruners for Gardeners and Gurus Alike
– Clean, smooth cuts – better yards and beautiful plants without the hassle!
- Easy To Clean, Simple To Sharpen – minimal moving parts and built in sap groove saves you from sticky fingers and makes maintenance a breeze
- Rugged Reliability – hand pruners engineered to last! PLUS a lifetime satisfaction guarantee

Garden Shears that Get Results – A Stunning Garden Without All the Work
Make pruning easy and efficient while strengthening your trees, saplings and shrubs. Proven bypass pruner design cleanly slices through small to medium size branches and bushes(easily up to ⅓” dia.) for fewer plant casualties and prettier landscaping.
Why Planted Perfect?
-100% dedication to customer satisfaction – love these cutters or your money back
- Sturdy, long lasting design – easy clean rust resistant garden clippers forged of high carbon steel for better pruning
- Comfortably designed, easy grip handles for homeowners big and small
- Amazing customer service – gardeners for life, customers for life
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Backed By Planted Perfect Lifetime Guarantee
Flowers die, bushes fade the Planted Perfect hand pruner is built for the lifelong gardener. We stand 100% behind the quality and craftsmanship of our pruning tools. If you are not thrilled with your experience, please let us know, we will refund you no questions asked.

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Customer Reviews

Grip not right for my smaller hands with a weak elderly grip ~ reviewed by B. Case

Sorry, Planted Perfect, these bypass pruning shears are only getting three stars because I probably won’t be using them as much as I’d like. You see, the handles are just too far apart for my medium-sized female grip (I’m 5’ 6” tall) and the spring forcing them apart is way too strong! It is fatiguing for the muscles in my hand to have to constantly hold the shears in a slightly closed position in order to fit them into my hand (see attached image). They work fine in that slightly closed position, but I know that if I were to continue to use them for a few hours of gardening, I’d end up with a sore hand and probably some painful blisters.

If I had a bigger hand, they’d be terrific! Or heck, if I could somehow be transported back to my younger self with a stronger grip, they’d probably work very well, too. But they don’t work with this weak elderly grip I now have.

That’s too bad for me, because these are otherwise very excellent shears worthy of a much higher rating.

I’ve been taking care of my large garden for over forty years. My yard has no lawn; it’s mostly flowering bushes and perennials with many paths through and around them…so I’ve got tons of light pruning work to do. And that work needs to be done year round since I live in Southern California. Over the years, I’ve probably bought four to five dozen pruners. Now, of course, you want to know why I’ve bought so many? It’s because I’ve come to think of pruners as frequently replaceable garden tools. Typically this is what happens…in this order.

1) I mistakenly end up tossing a pair out in the trash along with the garden clippings. Bye-bye shears!

2) The spring holding the handles apart gets caught by a twig and tears out of the shears without me noticing. Those tiny springs disappears into the garden never to be found again. Bye-bye shears!

3) I put the shears down while I tend to some other task, then I forget where I put them. Whenever I discover them next (often after many months), the screw mechanism that controls the scissor action becomes too rusty to fix back into good working order. Bye-bye shears!

4) If I’m lucky enough to keep a pair of new shears for a whole year without one of the first three things happening, then they probably need professional sharpening. In my neighborhood, it is cheaper and easier to buy a new pair then to locate a professional tool sharpener, drive there, leave them, drive back later, and pay to pick them up after their blades have been sharpened. So, once again, bye-bye shears!

These shears come with a lifetime warranty. But naturally, that won’t help in any of the above situations.

These shears have a number of truly excellent features. In particular, the spring mechanism is very well designed. The spring is attached to the shanks on either side with four tiny knobs that protrude and hold the spring tight to the shank. This, together with the robust strength of the spring, should prevent it from ever being torn off by a twig. I also like the locking mechanism; it only takes a simple, fluid, and easy motion to open and close them. Most of all, I absolutely love the fact that they are made from of heavy solid long-lasting stainless steel…so many inexpensive pruners are made primarily out of plastics.

I’ll still use these shears from time to time because they are extremely sharp…honestly almost razor sharp. I’ll just have to use them for only a short period of time so my hand doesn’t get fatigued, sore, and perhaps later spasm.

[I received these shears at a steep discount in exchange for my unbiased review.]

Impressed ~ reviewed by Liquid Frost

These are actually pretty solid shears. I cut some rebellious tree sprouts coming from the ground, as well as cut through some landscape edging. With the branches, it cut clean through .25 inch and I had to slice thrice to get through about a .75 inch branch. It was alive and watered, so cutting at an angle helped get through it.

These are pretty sharp and have a good spring. You will have to squeeze quite tight to get the latch lock to loop, but it shouldn’t be a problem for any adult out gardening. The forged steal feels extremely sturdy and the grip has a little give so it doesn’t hurt your hand.

Although I personally like the look of this – it isn’t all shiny and new looking. It has an old-school look, back when tools actually lasted a lifetime. On that, these have a lifetime guarantee.

The vendor of this product provided a discount code and I covered the rest of the cost. I was solicited for an honest evaluation and review.

… found that this pair of pruning shears is the best I’ve ever used ~ reviewed by Joel H Moore

I do quite a bit of work in my yard and have found that this pair of pruning shears is the best I’ve ever used. I usually have to buy a new pair every month or so because they dull so easily, but the Planted Perfect shears are almost as sharp as the day I purchased them.

Planted Perfect Bypass Pruning Shears ~ reviewed by Dave

For small branches and twigs, regular garden scissors just won’t cut it and a hand saw is overkill. However, these pruning shears by Planted Perfect are the perfect medium. They are made of a metal construction for maximum durability while not being overly heavy. The handles are coated in a soft rubber like material and I did not feel any slippage or pain when using the pruners. I tested them with branches that were almost half an inch thick and it cut through them with minimal force like butter. The spring action opens the blades after each cut so you’re ready for the next one very quickly.

Overall, this is great product by Planted Perfect. Highly recommended, 5/5 stars.

This product was provided for my honest and unbiased review.

Excellent basic shears ~ reviewed by Joseph Dewey

Good pruners; great service ~ reviewed by James Shelley

I am happy with the pruners. The weight is good. The blade sharp. The feel of the tool is fine. The one minor issue I have is the little wire clip that holds the pruners closed when not in use. The clip does that job well, but while using the pruners it regularly catches and I have to unclip it again before I can continue. A minor inconvenience, as I say, but an inconvenience nonetheless.

I received an email from Bypass about my satisfaction and wrote to them re the latch. They immediately replied: for the little latch, the best thing we have found is to swing it up above the locking mechanism and into the spring while in use. This keeps it from locking itself while your slicing away and comes right back down when you are ready to lock up for the day :)

I know a good pair and these were not ~ reviewed by lisa mead

As I am in the landscape profession, I know a good pair and these were not. No clasp, not sharp, and the company disappointed me by telling me to put the clasp into the spring! What? Sorry for the efforts of Planted Better, but no way are these comparable to the REAL thing.

Razor Sharp! ~ reviewed by Peter

Great set of pruning shears. My wife and I have found ourselves gardening more this year. We used these shears on our Rose bushes, rasberry bushes and some clematis. We had zero difficulty cutting through any stems or branches with these. The cuts were smooth and did not damage the plant any more than needed during the cut. Our old shears would fray the stems when cutting flowers as they werent sharp enough to cut through.

These shears come with a little clip that holds the shears closed to avoid any possible injury from the sharp blades. I ran my finger along the shears when they were closed and it does a good job and hiding the blade to prevent accidental cuts to fingers if placed in a toolbox with other small tools. The grips on the shears are rubberized and prevent any slippage and gives you good grip to make a cut cleanly. Overall these are high quality shears that operate with ease and little force needed.

Product received for testing and review purposes.

I love these pruning shears ~ reviewed by Marler_Wifee

I love these pruning shears. These work great for around the yard. I love to garden and my husband does the trimming of our yard. We live in Las Vegas so the longer we are out there its extremely hot and we want something quick and easy if need be and these are exactly what we were looking for. They are easy to use and work great. So far I am extremely impressed. This is a great item and I would suggest getting it, if this is something you are looking for. I received this product at a discount, in exchange for a honest unbiased review.

Poor cutting ability and impossible to open. Customer service was fantastic. ~ reviewed by Gennetta

After reading several great reviews, I decided to purchase these shears. Unfortunately, these are the worst. To start, they cannot prune much anything larger than a pencil width. When trimming suckers under my tree, I struggled to cut anything more than the youngest and smallest shoots. When I cut anything pencil width or larger, the clippers would jam shut. I had to struggle and force them open. All around poor functionality.

ETA: After leaving this review, the owner of the company emailed me personally and apologized. He was courteous and truly wanted to solve the issue. Customer service was outstanding.Buy it at Amazon

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