Precision NCDS1000 Nursery Yard Cart, 600-Pound Reviews

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Product Description

The Precision Steel Drop Side Garden Cart is perfect any yard or landscaping project. The rust resistant, powder coated heavy-gauge steel bed holds up to 600 lb. The mesh sides are great for a wide variety of applications; they can be removed, locked in place or folded down for easy storage. The cart has a 2-in-1 handle coverts easily from a manual pull handle to a trailer hitch.

Customer Reviews

How to help my garden grow. ~ reviewed by wogan

I got this garden cart to tote around, my rakes, hoes, shovels, tree saws, grass seed, buckets of hand tools, seed and whatever else I needed that I got tired of running back and forth to use. The sides will pull down to make a flat surface and in the up and locked position you can collect leaves and twigs. About the only thing you could not pull around is top soil or compost unless you have buckets to carry them in.

I have had back and knee problems yet the tires make pulling it easy, and we have a hilly yard. This has taken the place of the contractor’s wheel barrel that I used to use – mainly because it works better and is more versatile.

Great Garden Cart ~ reviewed by tina yaroch

This yard cart is very well made. Good quality materials. Nothing to not like about it. And it is light weight and handles easily enough for our 8 yr old grandson to use and feel very grown up.

Mixed bag ~ reviewed by Justin Reto

Okay this is a good garden cart for the money; however you may have some trouble with it. I received my package and like most industrial products the box was torn to h e double hockey sticks. anyways I am good at assembling things without the help of the instructions so I went to work only glancing at the pictures which is pretty much required with this cart. Now I would give this product three stars because I was missing several parts (not nuts and bolts; stabilizers to be exact) and one of my wheels came flat and discovered another flat after a day or so; now all that said the saving grace here is I called the service number on the destructions and was pleasantly surprised to talk to english speaking Americans, who apologized and without much hassle shipped out my replacment parts which arrived quickly. The cart is now fully assembled and works great, I don’t think 600lbs is accurate but this baby will handle some tough loads. Anyways if you can handle a chance of a little extra hassle this is a great product. Now one more caveat is the tires, as with all garden carts with rubber tires they do stink like chemicals and I mean allot. This is normal let them air out in your garage or outside the smell lessens quite a bit after a while.

Final thought if you a nitpicky about stuff or hate a little extra work stear clear of this cart pay the extra money and save yourself some headaches, if your strapped for cash and don’t mind a little rigor mortis check this cart out it is solid.

A most and excellent purpose! ~ reviewed by sbatncpl

Large air filled tires make pulling very easy, drop down sides are SUPERB for hauling odd sized things. I use it in the winter for wood and also store things in it to keep them up off of the floor. No worries on this product!

fine ~ reviewed by rosanne

Decent size. Appears to be made with durable materials that should withstand the cruel atmosphere of Fl. Has the ability to be attached to a riding mower.

Precision Nursery Cart 600lb. cap. ~ reviewed by Mike

The cart arrived with out any damage and no missing parts. The assembly was fairly easy with a socket set and wrench. It seems very sturdy and I have used it to haul several heavy items. I did put a piece of half inch plywood in the bottom to protect the metal mesh. I took my grandchildren for a ride the other day and they loved it. Of course I padded the inside with beach towels first. Mine came with metal wheels instead of plastic. To those who complain that it is not strong enough I can only say that it seems built well enough for its intended use. If they want something heavier then perhaps they should have bought one with higher weight capacity. Also in regard to a reviewer that stated it does not turn, I suggest they check their assembly. Mine turns fine, just like you would expect any other type of wagon. As so many others have mentioned I did add a washer to the back wheels during assembly to fill extra spacing. All in all I would buy again. It seems a good value for the money.

Perfect hay hauler ~ reviewed by Michele C. Askew

I got this to pull hay bales, and it fits one square bale perfectly inside. The walls won’t reach higher than that first bale so second bale will stack but once the string is cut creativity comes in. Two bales weigh roughly 100lbs, so we don’t tax it. So far (3-4 weeks) the side and back walls are still intact. They are easy to put up and take down, and the pins are secure. The wheels roll just fine and the pull handle is secure. We haven’t hitched it to anything. We bought it expecting a wagon to pull hay with, and it lives under the barn shelter between feeds. It has carried horse feed, flower gardening tools/supplies but nothing else. It’s been backed into with a pick-up once and survived nicely. It’s light-weight, a bit rattle-y and the double-use handle seems loosely connected in the middle of it but its done everything we’ve needed it to do. I need another one to attach to this one though, for more bales at a time!!

Nice sturdy cart, great for the beach. ~ reviewed by B. Stroud

So far I love this cart. The box was a little beat up with a metal part slightly poking through but nothing was damaged. Instructions were clear enough to make assembly easy. It holds my 4 beach chairs, cooler, umbrella, beach bag, towels and toys. I pulled it on the 10 minute walk from my house to the beach two days. It rolls easily on the pavement and hard sand. Of course on soft sand you gotta use some extra oomph to pull it through but that is to be expected unless you got 12″ wide tires. It’s so nice having it at the beach so you don’t have to sit all your stuff on the sand. Put your clothes, towels, etc in the cart to stay nice and clean. If it fails to hold up I’ll be back to update my review.

Not as strong as it should be and doesn’t turn corners ~ reviewed by cetesofi

It works somewhat as expected, but the metal bars attaching the wagon to the handle are not strong enough and bend too easily. Please note that the wheels closest to the handle DO NOT SWIVEL. This is important when trying to pull the wagon around corners. If your load is heavy, you’ll only be able to pull it in a straight line or with so gentle of a curve that you may have to take quite a detour just to get the wagon to the other side of the house. My husband absolutely hates this wagon, and I feel pretty neutral about it. We are going to have to buy a different wagon for our needs (we live on an acreage), so it was a waste of money.

Disproportionate price and quality. ~ reviewed by Paul C. Seeberg

I rarely give 1 star reviews. Just unpacked the box. Very very thin grates, you can bend the metal with a press of your fingertip. Cheap tires. poor welds (and few of them). Made to the absolute minimum standard possible. Very light duty. Way overpriced for the quality. No doubt it would work.. but for a US$100+ garden cart, it should be a LOT better quality. Didn’t bother even assembling it. Its that bad. I would pay $50 for it.. but not worth the price I paid.

edit: Seriously, look at the pictures closer.. look how THIN the grates are.. they are very very thin and delicate. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime. Boxed and ready to return!Buy it at Amazon

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