PowerGear Bypass Hand Pruner (Pack of 4) Reviews

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Product Description

PowerGear, Bypass Pruner, 3/4″ Cutting Capacity, Unique Gear Design Generates Extra Cutting Power, Unique Parallel Handle Opening Allows Use Of All Fingers Simultaneously For Optimum Utilization Of Hand Strength, Rotating Handle, Minimizes Strain & Fatigue Especially During Extended Use, Non-Stick Coated High Carbon Steel Blade, Fully Hardened Blade & Hook For Maximum Durability, Adjustable Handle Opening To Fit Larger Or Smaller Hands, Lifetime Warranty.

Customer Reviews

So far, so good ~ reviewed by Amy Button-Denby

We just bought our first house, and along with it a few trees, a lot of shrubs, and a couple dozen rosebushes, so I needed something good and easy-to-use. After sampling the options in the local hardware store, I decided these were the most comfortable, easiest to use, and seemingly best mechanism of the bunch. I’ve only been working with them for a month, but they’re performing well so far.
The hold-closed latch is easy and well-placed (though it is easy to pop it unlatched if you stuff the clippers in your back pocket), the grip width is adjustable with a set screw (so small hands don’t have to suffer), and the blade spread is admirable for a hand-held pruner (though adjusting the grip width does take a little off the blade spread too). The spring and other critical mechanical components are well shielded, so you won’t be gumming them up with debris easily. It cuts through the rose pruning like butter and even gets through thick woody dead stuff with only a little effort. The rotating handle makes a huge difference in the comfort level, especially when cutting the the thick woody stuff.
They say buy the best you can afford, and these certainly seemed like the best option to me, and they weren’t even that expensive. Certainly better to buy one pair of good pruners instead of three bad ones.

Best Pruner on your Hands ~ reviewed by Karen L. Vandusen

These pruners are better than any other hand pruners I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned a lot of them. This tool has a smooth action and easily cuts every piece of shrubbery that I’ve asked it to prune!

These are so cool ~ reviewed by atmj

Having exhausted yet another pair of pruners (on my 35 roses and assorted bushes) I decided to go for ones with the Friskar’s name. In a word “Wow”.
Not only do these clippers have the precise cutting surface and accuracy I’m used to for my Friskar’s cutting implements in the house, but they have an ingenious grip as well.
Until you have felt the way these handles work, you cannot believe how comfortable clipping can be. Normally, you slide your hand over the handle to close the clippers. However, these clippers slide along with the natural rotation of your hand. This translates to no blisters. If you do alot of clipping this can be a major relief.
I’ve used these pruners for a year now, in both pruning bushes and roses and they have not twisted or jammed, nor has the lock gummed up.
I love the way the handle feels when clipping and am very pleased with the precise cutting action.

best pruners I ever used ~ reviewed by StevieQ

I just did a real-life comparison test of Felco #13 and Fiskars PowerGear 7936. The Fiskars won hands down in power, ease of cut, and comfort. The test piece was a 5/8″ thick peach tree trunk that had dried up and was very solid and hard. It’s harder than even a birch dowel, but the Fiskars sliced through it with ease using just a one hand grip. With the Felco 13, I had to use two hands on the long handles to achieve the same size cut and even then, the cut using one hand with the Fiskars took noticeably less effort. Whenever the Felco made a heavy cut, the handles snapped together very hard, whereas the Fiskars handles didn’t snap together as hard. Translation: rubber bumpers are a must on the Felco 13, but not on the Fiskars PowerGear.

The PowerGear pruners come in two sizes #7936(large to average sized hands) and #7937(small to average sized hands). But note that a men’s small is equal to a woman’s large. So the words “large”, “average”, “small” are kind of hard to interpret. The 7937 is much harder to find at brick-and-mortar retail stores. I have somewhat small hands for a guy, (but still slightly larger than a woman’s LARGE hand size), but the 7936 works just fine for me, although I think the 7937 might fit my hand slightly better.

I own both the Fiskars PowerGear and the Fiskars PowerLever pruners. My first impression when I saw the claim by Fiskars of “3X the cutting power” with the PowerGear was it must be marketing fluff. Not so! I am a convert now. These pruners live up to the marketing hype because they do cut with much less effort than regular pruners. They even cut much easier than the Power-Lever models that until now I always thought were the best pruners. The PowerGear is far better, far more comfortable, and far more powerful.

Considering the handles are plastic, these PowerGear pruners are on the heavy side, weighing 9.7 oz. Also, these pruners do not have rubber bumpers, but this is not a big deal because the rotating handle takes much of the shock away. Compared to Felco’s #7, Fiskars’s PowerGear is far better. For one thing, the flange on the rotating handle of Felco’s #7 is too small, making the index finger too prone to slide up the handle after just a few cuts. The problem doesn’t exist with the Fiskars’ rotating handle because it has a much more pronounced flange. There isn’t a single Felco hand pruner that comes close to the power of these Fiskars PowerGear.

You can pay much more for a Felco, ARS, or Bahco, but you can’t buy a better pair of pruners than these Fiskars PowerGear.

Big bang for your buck! ~ reviewed by BenB

When I read the description, I still couldn’t imagine how the handle could "rotate." But when it arrived in the mail it was obvious. I hadn’t thought of it but, when one squeezes such a tool, one’s fingers roll over the handle. And on this pruner, the rounded handle rolls with the fingers. This clever idea not only makes it more comfortable to squeeze, but the gearing incorporated into the design also makes it easier on the muscles.
I gave the new pruner a tough initiation by trimming some low redwood branches, and even though a few were a tad larger than the rated 3/4" -the tool bit right through them all. The grip was so comfortable, it didn’t even seem like work.

Broke too easy ~ reviewed by PD321

I bought these Pruners about 1 month ago and they are already broken. The center orange plastic piece (that holds everything together) snapped while I was trying to prune a small limb that easily fit between the blades. Also, the cam/gear and rotating handle mechanisim make for a herky-jerky cutting action. Overall, these pruners didn’t work, or cut, as well as the basic and smaller pair of pruners I bought 12 yrs ago, – and lasted about 11 yrs and 11 months less. Bottomline, recommend looking for something (else) with at least all metal construction.

Worth the price ~ reviewed by Thomas Reynolds

I do not really need mechanical advantage to crush things with my hands. My wife; however, is a size 2 petite and we got these for her so it would be possible for her to putter in the yard with some effect. Well, she can handle 1/4 inch stuff easily with this pruner and when necessary even thicker stuff, while I use the old $5 bypass pruner. However, when she goes into the house I grab for these and everything becomes much easier and faster. I am reluctant to return them to her when she comes out except she really can’t cut anything with the cheepies and she demands these back. The biggest difference between these and others I have used is the handle rotates as you compress it so that the optimum angle is always maintained. I am also convinced the blade is made of superior metal due to edge retention.

Florist Recommended… ~ reviewed by Melanie Drummond

You will never believe how easily this tool prunes thick stick-like stems from bushes, plants and small trees. It’s original design puts absolutely no strain on your hands or wrists. No muscles are required, simply squeeze and this tool does all the work for you!…due to it’s ease of use, sleek design and unique rotating handle.
I personally used this product to cut down a large lilac bush and I couldn’t believe it cut the thick, woody stems so quickly and with no muscle action on my part! Trust someone who uses this for a living- it’s a great gift for anyone who gardens!Buy it at Amazon

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