Poly Pro Tools One-Piece Shovel 42 ” General, Non-Sparking 14 ” X 17 ” Green Reviews

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Product Description

Trusted companion. For a variety of tasks around the home or farm. Tuffy is always willing to lend a hand with any chore. From landscaping to cleaning decks and patios, Tuffy gets the job done every time. Easy-to-clean plastic. Tuffy has a non-stick surface that makes it an ideal snow shovel. In addition, Tuffy is rust-proof and non-damaging which makes it safe to use on any surface, from truck bed liners to driveways and sidewalks. Virtually unbreakable shovel. Tuffy also makes an excellent grain scoop. with its sturdy construction and non-sparking polymer, this plastic shovel more than meets the challenges that cause other shovels to falter. Creative alternative. If Tuffy is a bit too big, try Tuffy, Jr. At just under 3 lbs., Tuffy, Jr is great for those shorter in stature or as an option for children who enjoy "helping" with yard work. Color: Green. Virtually Unbreakable. Safe to use on any surface. Will not rust. Handle: D-grip. Case Pack: 6. Case Weight: 27 lbs. Case Dimensions: 14" x 14.5" x 47". Weight: 4.0 lbs. Blade x Length: 14" x 17" x 42".

Customer Reviews

plastic shovel ~ reviewed by Michael L. Dehaven

I bought this shovel for metal detecting on the beach. being plastic it doesnt interfear with the coil. I rounded off the corners and drilled 3/8 holes in it to let the water out. seen it on a youtube video. works very nice to make the recoveries in less than a minute and is strong too.

Seriously good shovel ~ reviewed by J. Hefner

We’ve been using these shovels for several years now, in the mountains of SW Colorado, where snow is heavy and deep! These are serious shovels, not your typical hardware store flimsy number. They are truly tough, and move some serious snow. My husband runs a roof shoveling crew in the winters, and every time one of his crew’s shovels breaks he tells them to order these. Last winter we had at least 15′ of snow, so these shovels really do stand up to their claim of unbreakability. One thing I will suggest is that when the snow is particularly wet and sticky, spray the shovel with cooking spray to keep it from sticking on the shovel.

Great Shovel ~ reviewed by Jacquelyn G.

I purchased the Tuffy after observing the ski lift operators at my favorite ski area using it to shovel the snow at the loading and discharging areas of the lift. I had never seen a shovel molded into one piece before. The lift operator told me what company it was made by and after a little research on the web, I found it here at Amazon as well as the company site. What I like about it is that not only is it great for shoveling snow but it is great for mulch and more! It’s very solid, not too heavy and I hope to get many years out of it, unlike wood handled shovels that eventually fall apart or break.

Exactly as described ~ reviewed by Ainsworth Hunt

If you need an all plastic shovel, this is a well made item. I bought this to use with a metal detector, like I see guys using in videos from Australia on YouTube.

Great snow shovel ~ reviewed by Judy K Vannatta

This is a tough yet forgiving shovel. I use it for a brick sidewalk and a steel or aluminum shovel chipped the cold bricks.
Snow doesn’t stick to it like metal.

This was a replacement for the same brand poly shovel I gave to my son. He uses it in his new pickup for mulch etc. and it doesn’t scratch like steel or aluminum.

I would recommend it for anywhere a metal scoop would be a liability

Woman work ~ reviewed by DAVID ALLEN JONES

She was bitching about shovel
Problems with recent large snow falls. So I got her this. She is still bitching but I notice she uses the shovel. I be damn if I’ll shovel.

outstanding! ~ reviewed by John Doyle

5 stars for an outstanding Polymer tool! I bought it for metal detecting on the beach and decided to modify it slightly to narrow the leading edge, which was about 14″ wide. It’s as stated. 100% poly and weighs in at only a pound or two. It would probably work well in snow, not so sure about ice though. Id recommend it for light to moderate use in snow or sand. It’s not meant for digging tight packed soil.

metal detecting tool ~ reviewed by mark robinson

i drilled about 100 holes in it to use it on the beach

A great, strong, and light shovel ~ reviewed by A. Joel Howe

After breaking three shovels because of all the heavy snow and ice last winter, I did some research to try to find a shovel that wouldn’t break on me. After a half-dozen uses so far this winter, I’m confident that this will be my go-to shovel for years to come. It’s a bit expensive, but worth it if it can handle multiple Canadian winters without breaking.

Aside from the robustness of its construction, perhaps the best feature is how light it is. Every ounce counts when you’re loading it up with snow, and for this to have the durability of a quality metal shovel with the lightness of a plastic shovel means you’re getting the best of both worlds.

I give it four stars and not five only because the shovel is a bit short for my taste, and I’m only 5’9″. It’s not terrible for me, but if you’re taller, be warned that this will involve a good deal of bending over. On the other hand, if you’re shorter, this may be perfect for you!

shovel tuffy ~ reviewed by J. calvo

This Tuffy shovel I bought, thinking it would do the job has been a dissapointment. I thought this shouvel would be great help with snow, as well, as other home projects unfortunately it turned out to be a flop for me. My reasons are as followes:

#1 The tuffy shouvel is way to small of a scoop for snow, The plastic shovels from the home store are much larger, as much as 35%. your get a better scoop, meaning more material is being moved much faster. meaning Done with job much quicker.

#2 The lenth of the handle is way too short (mind you I’m only 5’7″.) It fitgue you because your have to bend over much further. the handle need about 6 inches more added to it. A taller person would not be happy at all.

I do believe they have a great idea..it just need to be perfected.Buy it at Amazon

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