Polar Trailer 8262 HD 1500 Tandem Axle Utility Cart, 98 by 54 by 31-Inch Reviews

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Product Description

Sometimes two wheels are just not enough! The Polar HD 1500 TA features 4-18″ X 8.5″ tires, high impact polyethylene body, all-steel frame with powder coat finish, off road ball bearings and an extra stable tandem walking arm. Whether you’re hauling in the woods, on the farm, or at a job site, tandem axles help balance big loads, while lending stability and incredible smoothness over any terrain. The “Original Tilt and Pivot Frame” makes it easy to maneuver. Load capacity of 1,500 pounds with an impressive 22 cubic foot load size. Overall dimensions: 98″ X 54″ X 31″.

Customer Reviews

ONE TOUGH TRAILER ~ reviewed by Jerry H. Bond


I’ve struggled with pulling trailers behind ATVs for over 30 years. Metal trailers are noisy and have either rusted or broken. Wooden trailers have rotted. Unstable trailers on rough terrain have been a real pain. Maintaining weight and balance from front to rear so the trailer tongue can be lifted off the ball hitch is a major backache.

The Polar Trailer Heavy-Duty Tandem Axle Trailer with 1500-lb. capacity solved all of these problems. This is the best ATV trailer I have ever used. The thick polyethylene bed will not rust or rot and the floating tandem axels are stable on all terrain. The design allows it to be unhooked without dumping the load if you have to go elsewhere on the ATV.

I estimate the volume of the bed to be about 20 cubic feet without the side-rails. This is equal to 4-5 full wheelbarrows and 3/4ths of a ton is more than most small pickups will haul.

Fertilizers and many landscaping and farm chemicals will corrode a metal bed. Not so with polyethylene and the dumping feature is great especially for firewood.

When hauling dirt, gravel or similar loose material, the load will not completely dump. It must be shoveled out. To solve this problem, I place a heavy duty 6′ X 8′ tarp in the trailer before loading. When I dump the load, I simply grab the front of the tarp and pull backwards and the remaining material comes out onto the ground without a problem.

Loads like firewood and bagged products can be stacked twice the height of the trailer using the optional side rails.

Amazon sells this trailer through Northern Tool & Equipment. Since a store was nearby, I saved $165.00 in shipping and picked it up myself. A pickup truck is necessary since the shipping box is 7-feet long and weighs 230 pounds.

With an intermediate knowledge of tools, it takes about an hour to assemble doing the job alone. A deep-well 3/4-inch socket and a large #3 Phillips screwdriver is needed.

You’ll need to pack the wheel-wells with a good quality grease before placing them on the axels. I use #2 Mystic because it is a transparent red grease that doesn’t look like grease when I smear it on my face.

A 2-inch hitch coupler to fit your ball hitch makes life easy.

This is the quietest trailer I’ve ever owned.

In lieu of written instructions, a straight-forward, easy to follow diagram is included showing all components and how they fit together. I like it since instructions written by Chinese who do not speak English tend to confuse me.

After assembly, I coated the truss head bolts that attach the bed to the frame with black polyethylene roofing and flashing sealant. It matches and adheres to the bed well. Allow it to dry for 2 days before use. It is durable and will prevent the zinc coating from corroding after many years of wear and tear.

This trailer is an eye-catcher and draws the interest of other ATV users big time.

The manufacturer is Clam Outdoors in Medina, MN. They did an outstanding job.

Outstanding ~ reviewed by Rob

I’ve been using this to haul soil, mulch, rocks, logs and have really abused it. I’ve rolled it down a hill, hit trees many many times going past and really loaded it to the maximum capacity. It’s getting pretty beat up, but functions perfectly. My ATV hitch setup is bad, so that’s the only problem…but that’s my fault. This is absolutely worth the money.

Wish I would have purchased this years ago. ~ reviewed by Andy Voros

This is an outstanding trailer for yard work. The side racks are a must as the amount of yard waste that it can haul is amazing. Spring and fall yard work is now enjoyable and not a chore.

Great design ~ reviewed by Ronald Brunner

Easy to assemble – done in 30 minutes.
Great design – carries wood logs with no problem and easy to pull with Rancher 4 wheeler.

Love it ~ reviewed by JSuss

We bought this product to put on our ATV’s and although there was huge confusion in shipping it has been a blessing with cutting wood and hauling it away. The item says PRIME shipping but buyers beware bc of the weight it has to be shipped freight and will take much longer then a week or two. It took over a month to get ours. It’s easy to assemble and we love it!

Fabulous utility trailer! ~ reviewed by Carlaleaf

I’ve had this trailer for almost a year now, and I had to write and say that I absolutely LOVE it! We pull it behind our ATV and haul manure, firewood, tools, all kinds of things. We have really put it through some tough work and it is still in great shape! I love that it is light-weight enough that I can maneuver it by hand if needed. I would whole-heartedly recommend this trailer!

definitely buy again ~ reviewed by Jake

Suprised with the sturdiness/ durability, capacity (1500 lbs ) when compared to other similar products . The wide wheel base …floatation tires make it especially adaptable and stable for use off road / soft terrain .Simple easy asssembly .. The sloped rear make for relatively easy dumping but a hinged tail gate and rear rectangular design better suited to more versatile application . It is well balanced light …easy to man handle . A wheeled , cranking ,folding tougue lift /support would be a nice option to further ease handling .

Great trailer! ~ reviewed by Jeff Nemecek

I use this trailer to haul firewood through the woods. The pivoting axel is a must have when trailering through the woods. Trailer goes over fallen branches and small trees without a problem. Holds plenty of firewood with the additional side rails.

Install took about 30 minutes by myself.

Only con that I see is the fact that the trailer does not dump everything in the bed completely. I still will give this 5/5 stars though.

Great Trailer ~ reviewed by JOSEPH HARRIS

Great product – well designed. I think now I could have been served better with the single axle model to eliminate damage to my yard by the tires skidding in turns. Single axle would be easier to manually manipulate and move around.

Beware of Tandem Axle Unit ~ reviewed by H. PHILIPPS

As I assembled the unit, I thought I had finally found a heavy duty trailer that would last a long time. I was wrong. The tandem axle unit is not built sturdy enough to handle a load in soft ground. I had approximately 800-900 lbs. of wood chips in the trailer, pulling it with my ATV in somewhat soft ground and attempted to turn a corner and bent the axle. As with any tandem set of wheels when turning a corner the wheels have to “skid” a little to make the corner, well the wheels did skid somewhat in soft ground but the axle bent as well. Now, the wheels on the left side are canted outward about 12 degrees, which causes a tracking problem with the trailer. Had I not purchased the tandem unit I probably would not have encountered this problem. I will be using it now with the tandem wheels off and only one wheel on each side.Buy it at Amazon

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