Plow & Hearth Rolling Scoot-N-Do Garden Seat – Powder Coated Tubular Steel – Green – 54½”L x 17¾”L x 27¼”H Reviews

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Product Description

With its soft pneumatic tires and swiveling tractor seat, the Scoot-N-Do Caddy lets you garden with fewer ups and downs and less strain on your back. With a new steering mechanism, it’s now even easier to pull and maneuver. Metal mesh tray allows you to tote tools and more. New rear removable basket. Rugged 1″ tubular steel frame has a rust-resistant powder-coat finish. Assembly required. Size: 54-1/2″L x 17-3/4″L x 27-1/4″H.

Customer Reviews

Rolling N Doing the Garden ~ reviewed by Bec

I love my garden seat on wheels. Bad knees has made it impossible for me to weed and tend my flower beds, but this little tool has gotten me back out smelling those flowers. It is the perfect height for me to pull the weeds and still be able to get up after sitting. I bought this one over others because I was hoping the pull handle could be used to help me up and down it works perfect. The others I tried were too low to the ground and I could not get up off them. This is very sturdy and works perfectly for what I needed. The other day I was doing something in the house, my husband said go get your garden seat and use that to help you.

“Does that come with a motor?” ~ reviewed by Don M.

“Does that come with a motor?” was what my husband said when he saw me assembling this scooter. It really does look like a mini John Deere tractor.
I ordered in for my 80 year old mother who has had two knee replacements and now has back pain from arthritis in her spinal column. She requested something that would allow her to sit and work on the weeds in her flower beds. I bought this based on the reviews of people in similar situations. Some of the reviews were on another website.
I am a 60 year old woman (Mrs. Don M) who hasn’t assembled very many items from scratch but I’ve adopted the philosophy that I will try first before requesting the help of a man. I was able to put this together in about two hours. It would have been faster if I had a second person to help. That was the main issue because it was awkward to hold pieces together while trying to tighten the bolts. Fortunately, all the pieces came. I just took my time and would walk away when I’d get frustrated. The instructions were actually very thorough. You need a phillips head screwdriver, an adjustable wrench and a socket wrench. I think it 1/2″, not sure.
The scooter, as I noted above is very sturdy. The handle is good for my mother because she can actually use it to help her get back up from a sitting position. I wouldn’t recommend it by itself. She also carries a garden hoe in the other hand. When I took it to her, she immediately changed and went to work in her flower beds so I know she liked it. She says she just wishes it were lower, but I pointed out to her she wouldn’t be able to get up if it were. She is about 5’2″.
The only negative I have to say is that the seat and handle were scratched. I think that may have happened in shipping because everything was packed very well but the box was beat up. (For this reason, I would have given it a 4 1/2 rating but opted for the 5) That is disappointing but there is no way I was going to try to reassemble all the parts and pack them back in the box. I plan on buying a can of John Deere green paint and fix the problem. That is much less of a headache than sending it all back. I know it will eventually have to be touched up anyway.
All in all, the scooter will do what I bought it for. It will enable my mother to work in her flower beds and I will use it too when I work in her yard.

Great Product & Handy ~ reviewed by MacGayver

The cart is an excellent idea for gardening and yard work, It’s just like the pictures, but the trailer is not included. Buy one for Mom, Grandma, or anyone who loves gardening–male or female. I love the John Deer sturdy look. Mush better than the plastic ones. This one is a good value; however, made in China. I am very handy, so I used some extra screws and bushings to make it a bit more stable. I had to bend the bottom basket to fit on the frame without hitting the tires. Probably from shipping, even though it was packed well. I would buy it again and I would recommend it. It was still easy to assemble for anyone
and looks great.

Thank You ~ reviewed by Pokebug

I am so glad I tried the Scoot-N-Do! I thought my days in the yard and garden were over because of my bad knees. Great quality. I love it.

Rolling Scoot-N-Go ~ reviewed by beth

This is the second one I have purchased. I wish I would have purchased the first one from Amazon because it was less expensive and shipped twice as fast. My sister had knee surgery last year and is not able to kneel down to garden. She loves it! I just wish I would have been able to order the little tag-along cart pictured.

Great product ~ reviewed by Fielden

Got this for my mother in law because I had no idea what to give as a gift. She and my father in law loved loved loved this gift. Very durable and easy to assemble.

Rolling Scoot-N-Do Garden Seat ~ reviewed by Darla Dee Pettis

The Rolling Scoot-N-Do Garden Seat….. Exceptional Product and Prompt Service….. Delivery was timely and product quality appears as stated in description. I purchased the Garden Seat Product to go with Garden Wagon Product. No suggestions or recommendations at this time…

love my scoot and go ~ reviewed by Michael O’Neil

Love it…was a great back is very Happy…back basket falls off a lot.need new design there….Thank you….I keep it out of the rain…

Garden Seat ~ reviewed by Jennyfer B.

I bought this for my dad since he works in the garden all the time and has bad knees and back. He and I put it together and it was fairly easy. I call this his “tractor” and it has been a life saver. Wish I had bought it sooner.

Easy assembly. ~ reviewed by thomas blair

Well made product. Easy assembly.Buy it at Amazon

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