Polar Trailer 8233 HD 1500 Heavy Duty Utility and Hauling Cart, 98 by 54 by 31-Inch Reviews

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4.8 out of 5 stars based on 12 customer reviews

Product Description

Turn your ATV or lawn tractor into an all-purpose hauling machine. The Polar HD 1500 takes you to another level, hauling 1,500 pounds with an impressive 22 cubic foot load capacity. The “Original Tilt and Pivot Frame” makes it easy to maneuver. Features an all steel frame with powder coat finish, pass-through axle for extra clearance, quick release tipper latch, shielded ball bearings and rugged wide-track tires. Overall dimensions: 98″ X 54″ X 31″.

Customer Reviews

Great Trailer ~ reviewed by Believer

I picked this up yesterday from Blain’s Farm and Fleet on sale for $349.99 and free shipping to the store. It took 20 minutes to assemble and it was a breeze. Used it today to haul branches from the back of our 10 acre property. I struggled with buying this or the Polar 1500 TA Tandem axel version but it cost twice as much and the only difference is that you get 4 wheels over the 2. For me this trailer is the best value and it will handle anything that I will put it thru with my Honda Rubicon.

Awesome Sauce ~ reviewed by Jonathan

This trailer is awesome. I have a horse farm and we use this trailer to haul off manure and bring in shaving. It’s long enough for us to load it with a 60 in Kubota bucket and narrow enough fit through the stall doors ( except the wheels). It is so well balance that anyone can personally move it from the tow bar or from the dump lip when fully loaded. The wheel bearing are the best I have seen on small trailers like these. It rolls so easily. All the hardware seems to be ss steel and is not that Chinese monkey metal that sheers from tightening. worth every dime.

Indespensible Trailer ~ reviewed by David Blackburn

I think it’s a great trailer. I own a single seat ATV and without it I couldn’t haul much of anything.

I’ve had mine for three years. I added a ball coupler and it makes attaching/removing extremely easy/quick. I live on a 168 acres, and this trailer makes it easy to move rocks/wood/hunting equipment and much more. I added a bundle tie on the wheel cotter pins (one fell off). If this thing wears out, I’ll buy another one… maybe the tandem axle version.

The good and bad of it is… ~ reviewed by Robert

I am very pleased with this trailer. If you have the proper tools it assembled in about 45 minutes and then maybe 10 more for the ball hitch assembly which is sold separately. The tires are well inflated and the components were all present. I only had trouble with the spacer that would fit between the trailer hitch tongs that are at the end of the rail that would attach to the tow vehicle. They needed to be spread a little (maybe an 1/8 inch) with a board to allow the reinforcing spacer to fit. I have now used the trailer attached to my tractor for several hauls of wood. The tilt/dump feature is well balanced and works fine even with a full up pile of wood in the trailer. I don’t know if I’m close to the 1500 pound capacity but I doubt it. The only real rub I have with the whole process of ordering and receiving my merchandise was with the shipping carriers. 9AM-9PM on a specific date did not happen; I wasted a day not using outdoor machinery and nice weather waiting for the call informing me, the call never happened either. Again the original carrier says they call but they didn’t. I had asked specifically to be called. Well because of our location the original carrier passed on the delivery to a second carrier, again no call as to what was going on. The second carrier passed the delivery on to a third . By this time I was doing the calling. The first carrier asked the second carrier to call etc. no calls other than the ones I initiated. Finally got the delivery with duly noted exterior damage to the box. Upon inspection all parts seemed fine. Everybody I spoke with seemed apologetic but defused responsibility (thinking the next guy would call) led to no information as to why my delivery was delayed. A simple call would have helped.

It’s just okay ~ reviewed by KS_80537

My family has used this trailer extensively for two years now. We have owned another trailer (from atv-trailer.com) even longer, so I will compare them. We pull both trailers with 700 cc 4×4 ATVs.

The Polar trailer wins in these ways: (1) The bed is larger. It is the one I would choose to haul “slash” (the unwanted branches) when cutting firewood. I would also choose it to move the most possible dirt or rock across level ground. (2) The bed is able to pivot from side to side, enabling dumping a load to either side, not just behind you.

The Polar trailer loses in these ways: (1) Its tires stick out way beyond the track of the ATV, and often get hung on obstacles. (2) The hardware that secures the bed to the frame is ordinary steel, and it rusts. I drilled two holes in the bed to allow rainwater to drain because the rusting was so bad. (3) The pivoting bed pivots when you don’t want it to, if a tire is on a rock or unlevel ground. When the load is heavy, it’s difficult to hold the bed straight while dumping. (4) The slope of the bed at the rear is so gentle that part of the load will often slide out when going up a hill. (5) The plastic used to make the bed is thinner, so out of necessity the floor is ribbed, which can make it hard to unload it completely. (6) On hills, the large bed holds more firewood or dirt or rocks than the ATV can pull – the tires can’t get enough traction.

i love it! i originally wanted the tandem wheel version … ~ reviewed by david gaskins

i love it! i originally wanted the tandem wheel version but this is fine for every hauling chore i have found on the farm so far. i also bought the extended sides and ball hitch

Well built sturdy trailer Easy Assmbly ~ reviewed by Paul A Vetrone

Arrived ahead of scheduled. Box was a bit torn up from shipping but no damage to trailer or missing parts. Relatively easy assembly. Only minor problem was I had to sand one wheel stub to get the wheel bearing to slip over it. Otherwise the instructions were easy to follow but not really needed as it is an easy assembly.

Great product at a great price ~ reviewed by shalo

This is everything I need. Great product at a great price…

Five Stars ~ reviewed by James W.

Great trailer for wood or dirt!

Four Stars ~ reviewed by Robert Milkovitz jr

this cart works goodBuy it at Amazon

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Millside Industries Wagon Undercarriage Reviews

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3.4 out of 5 stars based on 18 customer reviews

Product Description

Wagon Undercarriage Kit with 4″ X 10″ Pneumatic Tires. Build your own Wagon with sizes from !6″ X 32″ up to 24″ X 48″.

Customer Reviews

Easy to put together and good value ~ reviewed by Nick D.

Very easy to put together. I only give it four stars because the wheels move around laterally on their axles. They need extra washers or collars to prevent this.

I bolted a piece of plywood to mine that was pre-cut to 2′ x 4′ from Home Depot but Northern Tool has a version with a plywood platform already fixed to it with a protective edge strip. I would recommend just paying the extra $ and save yourself the hassle.

Problem solved, this kit did the trick ! ~ reviewed by A. Ward

Used this to build a cart to haul our 15 foot Tracker Jon boat down to the river.. used 2x4x 5 for length (spaced to sit just outside the outer most bottom ribs of boat) and 2x6x2 scrap for cross support and to attach these axles to. It works like a dream, very stable and easy to use. We just pull the cart along side the boat (sitting on its side propped against a tree) and flip the boat down onto the cart.. The handle is to short but we just tied a rope onto it for time being, will replace handle with a longer piece of sturdy PVC in near future. * used carriage bolts to attach to wood.

Sturdy wheels, not as wide as I would have … ~ reviewed by Steve L.

Sturdy wheels, not as wide as I would have liked, but not really a fault.

I built a cart to take my kids and our stuff to the beach.

No plans …No problem ~ reviewed by K. clark

I bought this kit recently to build a friend a vegetable garden on wheels. It turned out great.

Understand that if you purchase this kit, you will be completely on your own as far as design and construction. However, if you have one creative bone in your body, you will be able to make something beautiful and useful, and that will last you for many many years.

If you need some suggestions, go to this website:

You will find many suggestions on how to build the perfect wagon.

Great kit, I used this as a base to … ~ reviewed by jcdillin

Great kit, I used this as a base to build a mobile duck coop. My only complaint is it really should be better packed in the box. It was just tumbling all together in there.

I’d upload a photo of the coop but for some reason amazon doesn’t allow it on this.

Better have a spare wheel… ~ reviewed by Bryant Sivess

After building a deck for this wagon kit and only using it three times one of the wheel bearings failed. Now I am trying to locate a new wheel that matches or replacement bearings.

A good replacement for my Flyer Wagon ~ reviewed by Mark Woodbury

A good replacement for my Flyer Wagon. Doesn’t tip when turning sharp turns, then it doesn’t turn as sharp as the Flyer original front axle.

Great ~ reviewed by Randall P. Musick

I had this big box that I was having to move around alot and was tired of driging it. Well this item has saved my back.

Save your money ~ reviewed by Gooseman

Came with no instructions, parts are cheap. Would not recommend

One Star ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I changed my mind, and the item was returned.Buy it at Amazon

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Radical Deal Foldable Utility Cart Garden Wagon Shopping Top Sports Beach (Blue) Reviews

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4.3 out of 5 stars based on 20 customer reviews

Product Description


● This wagon is made from durable 600D polyester fabric and a strong steel frame.

● Great for carrying sports device, camping device, beach device, groceries and also for yard work.

● Small folding size 8" thick for easy storage at everywhere!

● Durable 600D polyester fabric for easy cleaning.

● Sturdy steel frame.

● Oversized 7.9" heavy-duty rubber wheels

● Size: approx.32.5"L x 20.5"W x 24.4"H

● Total height: 45.3"

● Weight: 22lbs

● Max. Load: 154lbs

● Colour: Blue

Package included:

● 1 X Folding Utility Wagon

Customer Reviews

A Good Cart ~ reviewed by Margie

It is what it says. Inexpensive and utilitarian. Good inner liner, strong and durable. Easy to assemble, there is a little clip for the handle that has 2 Philips head screws that you never have to remove. Only thing is I would not take this through a heavily underbrushed wooded area as the wheels might get hung up. Stay on the paths or the sand. A good value. Doesn’t need much space in the car. Stores flat.

good cart. ~ reviewed by jacqueline

the nuts on the wheels fall off if you dont screw them on REALLY tight. just an fyi. this is a very heavy wagon. i hear they all are though. im ok with it for the price. putting it together was super easy. i havent used it much yet but i think it will work.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by SCNevada

Great product! Great price! Simple steps to put together. Easy to pull. Shipped quickly. Would highly recommend.

Have to put some effort onto it ~ reviewed by godschild1432

The wagon holds and unfolds extreamly easy. It fits really well in my car’s trunk. I can pull and turn it with ease on all surrfaces except sand. I took it to the beach and while it holds a lot of stuff and I was able to get it across the sand, it took quite a bit of effort. The wheels don’t work great on beach sand. I think it needs bigger tires ay be with tread. But again, I was able to get it across the sand with effort and the wagon was super packed and a bit heavy. But, I do not regret my purchase because I have three kids and would not be able to carry all our beach things. So, the effort is worth it just to be able to get everything on the beach in one trip

This is the best We take stuff from our truck down the dock … ~ reviewed by Wanda Hoff

This is the best We take stuff from our truck down the dock to our boat We need only 1 trip This wagon holds so much We love it

It did not work well at the beach as reviews … ~ reviewed by melissa brown

It did not work well at the beach as reviews had said. I bought it specifically to use at the beach on our vacation however the wheels did not turn in the sand. I had to drag it through the sand and occasionally needed someone to help me.

nice wheels and is easy to assemble ~ reviewed by Liz Brewer

I give this product 4 stars. The cart has durable construction, nice wheels and is easy to assemble. I wish the liner was constructed of heavier canvas but overall I’m happy with my purchase.

Handy wagon ~ reviewed by nancy hewitt

I gave it to my son-in-law to haul soccer balls to and from the field, and also for transporting beach gear and food for their outings. It works great.

I love this wagon and friends saw mind and bought one … ~ reviewed by Sylvia Armand

I love this wagon and friends saw mind and bought one to. I have a red one. Only one thing, could have better Fabric!

Five Stars ~ reviewed by pamela hayes

I bought this for my son as a Father’s Day gift. He is really enjoying on the Florida beaches.Buy it at Amazon

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Creative Outdoor Distributors USA Folding Wagon without Top, Red Reviews

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4.3 out of 5 stars based on 27 customer reviews

Product Description

Red Folding Wagon With No Canopy, No Basket, No Cooler. Collapsible Frame, 360 degree swivel front wheels. Hard rubber wheels.

Customer Reviews

The package arrived early in great condition and the wagon itself is large and holds … ~ reviewed by twingirls2011

The package arrived early in great condition and the wagon itself is large and holds my twin 3 year olds. I like the fact that it is very deep. My biggest problem is STINKS…SMELLS VERY VERY BAD!!! I opened this in the house – big mistake. I immediately took it into the garage (I have a 3.5 car garage) and it still smells. The wagon has been open airing out for 3 days now and it still smells very very bad, the entire garage is smelly (i even left the double garage door open all night the other night). I don’t know how to get rid of the smell i will set it out in the sun today and hope that kills the stench if not I may send it back. There is no way i will put this in my small car and stink it up.

Great wagon as far as easy to fold up and … ~ reviewed by Patricia Gardner

Great wagon as far as easy to fold up and out; seems sturdy; nice size as well but I have the same problem as that other reviewer – the smell is awful. Overpowering smell of gasoline. I tried Febrezing it. I left it outside hoping to air it out and two days later it is still horrible. I don’t want to bring it into my house.

Product is great! But smells HORRIBLE ~ reviewed by Darby

Awesome product–but the other reviews were right. This thing REEKS to the high heavens! It smells like some weird sort of gasoline or mothballs or something like that. The kind of smell that makes it feel like it’s dangerous to inhale it directly for long periods of time.
I’ll be trying to look into how to take care of that smell, because if the smell wasn’t an issue, I would have no problem with this product at all. It appears to be very sturdy, the wheels work smoothly, it’s spacious on the inside, and it folds up very easily. It just sucks that I’ll have to invest in an industrial-sized bottle of fabreeze!

Overpowering moth ball smell on product and in box ~ reviewed by Mom in SF

Wagon appears sturdy and does not require assembly. Sides are nice and deep. Comes with a cover to keep it all together when stored. 3 stars only because it arrived with such an overpowering chemical smell that I had to remove it from a large office space as it was disturbing to people. There is a very strong chemical smell, like moth balls, that is prevalent on the wagon and inside of the box. I am hopeful that the smell will dissipate, but I think it will take some time. It might require being hosed down and left out to dry to remove the odor.

It works awesome and breaks down easily for transporting ~ reviewed by kelli acselrod

I use this for outings with my Basset Hound who usually gives up half way through a walk. It works awesome and breaks down easily for transporting.

Smell is nauseating! ~ reviewed by 3babiesmommy

I can’t express in words how horrid the smell is. I put it outside to air out for an entire day then put it back in the garage at night. The next morning when I opened the garage door the stench hit me in the face like a wave of bricks. It was so bad I heaved! My car smelled for 3 days just from transporting it! I could only drive with the windows down. I wish I had read the reviews. Every 3 star review writes about the stench. They are being generous with their rating because the wagon works well! But to me, it’s worthless if I can’t be around it. This thing is a curse of eternal stench! Stay away!

Her favorite quality is its lightness ~ reviewed by Ann E. Wachtler

I bought this for my mother, and she RAVES about it. Her favorite quality is its lightness.

Stinks, reeks, smells, malodorous ~ reviewed by R. Prokop

This is probably the first time I bought a product on Amazon without reading the customer reviews first, and boy was that ever a mistake. (Lame excuse: I was in a hurry.) The wagon is the perfect size for my needs, is light, sturdy, attractive, easy to handle, and folds nicely. Thus the 3 stars.

But yes indeed, like so many others have pointed out, this thing STINKS – literally. The odor is overpowering. Sickeningly so. You can smell it from 20 feet away, and believe me, it ain’t pleasant! I’m only hoping the stench will dissipate with time. If not, I’ll be revisiting this review, and knocking one or two stars off my rating.

UPDATE: After one month of airing outdoors, the wagon still stinks! I knocked two stars off my initial review, because I’m basically giving up on the thing. I went out and bought at a bricks and mortar store a wagon that was pretty much the same as the Creative Outdoor one, but which I can store indoors in my third floor one-bedroom apartment without gagging. I’m giving this one away to my daughter who can use it in her back yard (which is where it’s been airing out). Good riddance!

If not for the smell, it would be 5 stars.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Eowyn Welton

Awsome sturdy wagon!

It folds in and out easily and the size is great ~ reviewed by Erin Moore

Always read reviews before buying! This thing smells AWFUL! It folds in and out easily and the size is great, it’s easy to pull….but I haven’t actually been able to use it with the kids yet because the smell is still very strong.Buy it at Amazon

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Wheelzbarrow Three Tire Wheelbarrow Reviews

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3.7 out of 5 stars based on 31 customer reviews

Product Description

We are pleased to introduce the world’s easiest-to-use and most-versatile wheelbarrow. The Wheelzbarrow amazing invention has virtually eliminated the aches and pains of using your average wheelbarrow. No more heavy lifting, three pneumatic tires allows for easy balancing and no more overturned loads. The amazing standard 6 cubic foot metal tray allows you to wheel your way to outdoor project ease.

Customer Reviews

Great Wheelbarrow ~ reviewed by doyouhearwhatihear

This wheelbarrow was everything my husband and I had hoped for. It’s easy to handle, easy to push, and it dumps out of the side or just the same as regular wheelbarrows. The wheelbarrow seems to be plenty sturdy, but it does take a handy person to unbox it and put it together. Overall, it’s a five-star product.

Key Parts Missing Problem Resolved ~ reviewed by rayja

I spotted this wheelbarrow on Home Depot’s website. All reviews were high. Then I seen it here on Amazon for a lower price, I just had to have it. I got it real fast using Prime. I couldn’t wait. I received several packages at the same time. I saved the best for last, so I thought. I opened up the package and spread out all the parts, consulting my assembly instructions, couldn’t wait to put it together. One major problem, the handles, referred to as Part A, were missing !. I can understand a missing bolt, a nut, even a washer, but one of the main structural components? Now, I see that another reviewer received this wheelbarrow with the handles missing also. No, you cannot go to the hardware store and replace these handles. Unlike a regular wheelbarrow that has wooden handles, this one has metal handles that are engineered to fit this wheelbarrow. What does this say about this manufacturer? Talk about lousy quality control. Too bad, this looks like it would be a near perfect wheelbarrow.Update 3-31-15, Seems the handle fiasco is an Amazon mistake. I have reordered it as I learned from the manufacturer’s post that the wheelbarrow comes in 2 cartons. Amazon had them, but was not shipping both cartons. Their bad. But as always, Amazon is making good.
Update 02-03-15 Received the complete wheelbarrow, love it. Went together easy enough, no parts missing. I loaded it with a big load, and as expected, it handled the load with ease. To turn a sharp corner all you have to do is push down on the handle and pivot the wheelbarrow.
I think everyone who values their back should have one of these. The handle is up high so you don’t have to lean over and you never will have to lift the load to move it.. With the pneumatic tires it pushes easily over dirt and gravel. Again, with the high handle if you want to dump a load, all you do is squat down and lift up press it up and the load is out.

The design is quite good. It falls down on execution ~ reviewed by JOE SHANNON

The design is quite good. It falls down on execution. Cheap Ubolts that hold the axle came pre stripped for me. Totally unnecessary. Easily fixed, but I expected better. Under sized carriage bolts. Plastic spacer between the tub and frame is piss poor. Again,easily fixed. I am an equipment mechanic for a nursery. I have all the tools and materials to fix poorly made products. Are you??? This could be the best product of its type in the industry. But it isnt, yet. Someone needs to fix the cheapness and foreign made problems and step up . The costs would be negligible. FIX THIS! Its too good of a design to suffer from cheapness! I fixed mine and no one is getting it back from me.

Pros and cons ~ reviewed by Crystal connelly

I have been using this product for a couple of weeks we are installing drain lines in our back yard and I purchased this to help me, a 30yr old lady to haul the dirt I up the hill. The three wheel design is helpful to avoid tipping the load over, and it is easier for me to use than a standard wheelbarrow, however I do have some issues with this product.
1, the handles do not lock together. They consist of two pieces of metal pipe that only slide together in the middle. This makes the middle pull apart while pushing it with vigor up a hill. I did the natural southern thing and grabed my trusty duct tape in black, has to be tasteful, and taped the handle in the middle. No further problems there.
2, Dumping the load was hard with only one person, because of the distance between the handles and the bucket, and the three wheel design while great when hauling makes dumping cumbersome. I am use to chocking up on the handles and using my body weight close to the bucket of standard wheel barrows to get the momentum to tip the material out.
Please remember I am a 5’4″ woman that does not do this kind of thing everyday. I consider myself of average fitness and do a fair amount of DIY.
I do not regret my purchase as the three wheel design has helped me with hauling, but there are pros and cons in everything.
I hope this helps.

Good enough for around the yard. ~ reviewed by Robert Sopko

Good price and prompt shipping. I’m disappointed with the way this item was packed. The wheels and metal parts were shipped without protective padding in the tub – bouncing around in transit chipped up the paint in the tub and on the handle. Yeah I know, it’s a wheelbarrow and going to get banged up during normal use. But, it would have been nice to have pristine looking piece to start out with. Assembly is fairly easy if the directions are followed. Even though lock nuts are provided, I added my own washers during assembly.
Someone wanted to know its weight limit. If you’re going to haul around wet cement, this is not the barrow for you. It performs well with a full load of mulch or light top soil. But, don’t expect to max it out with heavy clay soil or shale… it won’t be easy to push nor tip out. My one complaint: with all loads, dumping the entire contents is an effort. I always have to grab it by the rear axle and shake out every last bit.

Very friendly for the over 40 back! ~ reviewed by Sara Jo

The rig itself is very ergonomically friendly. The instructions lacked some visual aides which would have prevented me from having to unscrew and reset the bolts back into place. Its not a one person job. The paperwork states only one socket size and a flatblade screwdriver, we had to adjust the brake portion of the frame and that was a metric socket . Steel is well formed and up to expectation.
The unit which I ordered showed wood handles and I received steel ones, which will be cold in the winter months. The wheels seem to be smaller than what my other wheelbarrow are, but with the 360degree turn ability I am going to be OK with it, I sat down in the unit after we had it put together and we hauled me up and over a concrete ledge without a problem! Now if the snow would melts so I can begin to use it for real. I am happy with my purchase.

Great 3 wheel unit ~ reviewed by Big Feller

This an unique wheelbarrow. I am an elderly person whose physical abilities have diminished over the years. I have got to the point where I was having difficulty managing a traditional 1 wheel unit. I gave it away & purchased this 3 tire unit. Problem solved. I can load this to the max & have no problems.

Just send me the handles and I’ll be happy. I don’t want to wrap it all back … ~ reviewed by BILL WRIGHT

When I received this item, the wooden handles were missing and I’ve had a job receiving them under seperate cover. Just send me the handles and I’ll be happy. I don’t want to wrap it all back up and return it because 2 handles are missing.

I love this wheelbarrow ~ reviewed by Brittany

I love this wheelbarrow. It is unlike any other on the market. My husband is a researcher and chose this for us because it is easier to push than the standard wheelbarrows that you have to lift and push. Instead you just push down on the handle and go. The 3 large tires roll nicely over the ground. It can also be used in the traditional manner if you want to lift up the back wheels and maneuver around a corner using only the front wheel.

I would give it 5 stars except for the assembly took me about 2 hours…kind of a pain…but probably worth it since I love the product.
Also the handle bar just slides together and so some times as I am pushing it the two pipes slide apart…which isn’t a big problem because it easily slides back together just kind of annoying.

Great product….Lousy Delivery Process ~ reviewed by David K

Needed this product for a rush concrete job after my old 3 wheeled wheelbarrow gave out….paid A LOT for a rush “next day” delivery (cost more in shipping than the price of the product!!)

Well the HANDLES arrived the next day….the rest arrived 2 days later…and (of course) Amazon absolves themselves of responsibility…even though THEY chose the carrier!!

The actual unit is awesome….handles large and heavy loads (like concrete)…is easy to maneuver..and the comfort handles are very well thought out…

Only concern is the wheel brake…which is pretty flimsy and difficult to engage.

Yes…I’d buy another!!!Buy it at Amazon

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Jackson M6T22 6 Cubic foot Steel Tray Contractor Wheelbarrow With Front Braces Reviews

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4.5 out of 5 stars based on 35 customer reviews

Product Description

Steel undercarriage with roll bars on the front

Customer Reviews

Lots of work, but good quality ~ reviewed by PowerGamer

I say it is lots of work, because this wheel barrow made it possible to do more work!. Let’s face it, hauling dirst using a wheel barrow is still work! However after using a 3 cu foot wheel barrow with a hard wheel for the past 30 years, the extra capacity and hydraulic wheel made the work much easier. The parts are high quality and I expect this tool to outlast me at this point… The instructions made it a bit difficult to assemble due to the tiny print (my eyes are not what they used to be). But I was able to find my mistakes and assemble the thing after the second try. Get this one instead of the plastic models by other manufacturers. I borrowed a neighbor’s plastic wheel barrow and trying to haul a load of dirt used much more energy due to the constant need to rebalance the rickety plastic tub. Spend a few bucks extra if you appreciate a good quality tool – it will definitely be worth your investment!

Great! ~ reviewed by Anna

Easy to put together, works great, have used for residential use and it is plenty tough enough for hauling dirt, debris, and yard waste.


The poorly done illustration instructions to assemble the support structure have an important gap that should be pointed out.

The front of the wheelbarrow, meaning the rounded end, needs to have the wedge shaped wood support thickest end forward. The two holes for the bolt at the front are for the longest bolt called “N” in the illustration. The next longest “O” bolts go to the rear, square end, where the thinnest end of the wooden wedge shaped support pieces attach.

This wasn’t obvious so I was at the front doing the assembly and things didn’t fit and I realized my mistake. I had to go back and disassemble everything right down to removing the 4 bolts in the bottom. That’s difficult because of the included plastic circular “clips” that hold the bolts in during assembly when you have the pan upside down.

On reassembly this morning the substructure of the wheelbarrow went together easily and quickly. All the nuts are the same size and are designed to resist counter rotation once tightened down. I tested it on a full load of fresh wood chips. This wheelbarrow is sturdy, easy to maneuver, is stable when tipping it up to dump the contents and it holds a big load.

This is a critical purchase if you have a large garden. I also have one of the highly touted “Gorilla Carts” and it fails ergonomically, is difficult to dump, and carries a small load. For a home with an “all house/no yard” set up that would be fine. I have a half acre full garden and realized it wasn’t up to that job.

This Jackson M6T22 wheelbarrow is up to the job. I recommend it.

I agree it’s pretty sturdy, but not the true professional quality I … ~ reviewed by Dustin Petersen

I agree it’s pretty sturdy, but not the true professional quality I expected from other reviews. It’s a typical mass produced, made in China sort of thing in terms of overall quality and design, although it is fairly beefy with regard to the materials. I was disappointed in the lack of finish on the handles – they certainly won’t stand up to the elements without better polyurethane or other finish. Could have used some more washers (I added some of my own) and I was quite frustrated in how it arrived – no protection for the tray or handles – just shipped bare without a box. I could have lived with shrink wrap on the tray, spare the cardboard. I was also expecting and would have preferred a knobby tire, as mentioned in the written description. The tire that arrived was ribbed.

Acceptable quality and price, minor maintenance required ~ reviewed by Rachel Swan

Pros: This wheelbarrow appears well made and I assembled it within a half hour. It maneuvers easily, even when loaded to capacity, and will likely last many years if given proper care and maintenance. Amazon’s free shipping made the price acceptable, considering the alternative of having a similar wheelbarrow delivered from a local store.

Cons: The tire loses air and requires regular inflation. The wheelbarrow arrived with minor scratches, some of which have started to rust.

In all, if I had free access to a truck, I would have bought this wheelbarrow (or one like it) for a better price from a local store. However, given my truck-less situation, I am satisfied with my purchase from Amazon.

This is The One ~ reviewed by C. Dudley

I do a lot of yard work, and use a wheelbarrow constantly. In shopping for a replacement for the smaller one I’d used for some 25-years, I set out to find a larger one which didn’t have the design flaws of the older model, which was unstable when heavily loaded and plagued by tire troubles. I was attracted by the plastic-tray models, but was dissuaded by reports that they don’t hold up well under loads of hard material like concrete & stone.

This wheelbarrow is built to last, made with quality stock and decent hardware, and it is both stable AND easy to move when loaded heavy. Added features that caught my eye were the leg stabilizers, flat-free tire, steel undercarriage, and the sturdy hardwood handles that were actually finished at the factory; and after using this for a daily for a few weeks, I’m glad for these additions.

Be advised that the assembly instructions were not perfect in that they failed to note that the handles must be turned a certain side up in order for the hardware to line up properly. Needless to say that I discovered the flaw by aligning them incorrectly. Otherwise, with a decent socket-set the assembly is hassle free.

A handy amenity would be a bottle opener, but I might add this myself.

If you are seeking a wheelbarrow that will last through real work, this is the one.

Nice design, but with weak bolts ~ reviewed by D. Coral

It takes about half an hour to assemble this wheelbarrow. One of the benefits of ordering online vs. getting one pre-assembled from a home improvement store is that you can put Loctite Threadlock on all the bolts so the nuts won’t vibrate loose over time. I broke one of the bolts while tightening it down with a normal amount of torque. So apparently these wheelbarrows come with cheap Made in China bolts. Here’s a picture of how the top of the bolt came right off. It makes me wonder how long these bolts will last with the strain of heavy loads.

This thing is beefy. ~ reviewed by Jeff

I don’t know how this is only rated as a 3 star wheelbarrow. This thing is beefy, everything fits perfect and once bolted up this thing is as solid as can be, no rattles nothing loose. It takes a few minutes to assemble as I counted about 48 nuts/bolts but once you but it together it might as well have been forged of one piece of solid steel it is just that solid.

handles feel well made and have a generous coat of lacquer. They should last a while even if I forget and leave this out overnight every once in a while.

As far as shipping damage take it up with your local UPS guy because mine was perfect.

Great product, great service ~ reviewed by Ryan

The wheelbarrow works well. It is easy to maneuver and it held up well to cement and regular garden work that we have put it through so far. When it arrived, the wheel was flat, and even after inflating and sitting by itself, it became apparent that there was a leak. I e-mailed the customer service and got a quick response from one of their reps who asked for a copy of the receipt and a few days later, I had a new inflated wheel. I would definitely deal with this manufacturer again.

good buy, easy to assemble ~ reviewed by N. McCoid

Ordered this for my husband after checking out wheelbarrows at local DIY stores. This is a better quality, less expensive produce, perfect for using in our urban yard. It was easy to assemble and is not plastic, but sturdy metal with wood handles. It rolls easily and holds a large load. Recommend this for home use–might not be quite sturdy enough for professional use.Buy it at Amazon

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Wheelbarrow Sifter for Compost and Soil Reviews

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4.6 out of 5 stars based on 26 customer reviews

Product Description

Screen fine, fluffy, attractive and nutritious compost and top soil at home. Sifted compost feeds your plants as it dresses up your beds with its beautiful texture. The screen aerates your compost and removes any lumps of material that are not “done”. Remove pebbles and debris from garden soil for your very own supply of clean topsoil. Will give you a stone-free batch of garden soil or compost. Plus, this sifter will shake dirt from bulbs and roots, which is much easier and faster than doing it by hand. The perfect size to screen material right into your wheelbarrow. Made of 1″ thick cedar to withstand serious use.

Customer Reviews

Just What I Was Looking For ~ reviewed by lipsterman

This is the perfect size for my wheelbarrow. I use this for my initial stage of compost break down. I have finer sifters not attached to wheelbarrow for retrieving finer compost.

JUST what I wanted ~ reviewed by Merle Szydlo

I have been looking for a sifter for some time, but they were all too small or too fine for the serious composter. This is JUST what I wanted, and it performs perfectly. Fits right over my wheelbarrow (and mine is not a traditional shape), holds several shovelfuls at a time, and the result is black gold. May I also mention the turnaround time for the order was less than three days?! Shipping and handling also get five stars!

this is great for back yard sifting ~ reviewed by Tony Shaw

Buy this ! this is great for back yard sifting. Strong and sturdy. I have been using it to get rid of a large pile of dirt that the landscapers left behind, when they built our new walkways. I am creating new flower beds with the dirt,

Just what I was looking for! ~ reviewed by djs

Love this product. Well made. Fits my wheelbarrow perfectly. It is the handles that put this product above its competitors!

Great purchase ~ reviewed by Raymond R Brenckman

Th sifter seems to be well made and has done everything I hoped it would.
It fits both wheelbarrows we have.

Better than my old one! ~ reviewed by sea bird

This tool was the replacement for a heavy black plastic “table” sifter on metal legs—a European model— that I had used very successfully for many years, and lost, somehow, loaning it to a gardening friend. The only difference is: the new wooden one is heavier to move around. It fits even better over my wheelbarrow than the plastic one did, once the legs on it rusted out. I’m very pleased with it: an excellent, long-lasting substitute.

Great for quickly sifting dirt ~ reviewed by Sarouche

The gauge is larger than my hand sifter so it does let pebbles through but it great for rapidly processing my garden dirt before I run it through a finer gauge hand sifter.

Sturdy, very well built dirt sifter ~ reviewed by YDan

Have used it, so far, to remove stones from a large patch of extremely rocky soil to be used for plantings. All stones removed except those that were smaller than 1/2 inch. The plants will be able to live with that. The most efficient use of this dirt sifter would be, I believe, to sift soil from a compost heap. Will report on that in due time.

Nicely constructed and useful tool ~ reviewed by Penelope Wardlow

Nicely constructed and useful tool. Works well on my wheelbarrow. Only reservation: Be careful not to put too much heavy material in it at one time–e.g., sifting stones from soil, otherwise mesh is likely to bend or break. Good product.. .

great my husband and I tried to build a sifter … ~ reviewed by vickie

my husband and I tried to build a sifter and gave up so I decided to look for one on amazon this sifter is exactly what we wanted its perfect
easy to use and fits on both our wheelbarrows I LOVE IT !!!!!Buy it at Amazon

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Polar Trailer 8449 7 Cubic Feet Heavy-Duty Cub Cart, 50 by 28 by 29-Inch Reviews

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3.7 out of 5 stars based on 23 customer reviews

Product Description

The Polar Cub Cart is the lightest, heavy duty hand cart on the market. Perfect for any lawn duties on your checklist. Its 400-pound load capacity will handle everything from black dirt to landscaping rock to firewood. Features include an all steel frame with powder coat finish, high impact polyethylene tub, rugged wide-track rubber tires and shielded ball bearings. Easy to assemble. Overall dimensions: 50″ X 28″ X 29″.

Customer Reviews

GET OUT THE DRILL ~ reviewed by centurion 442


Great cart! ~ reviewed by Tracy Bush

Very easy to assemble. It’s a solid cart, we use it right along side the expensive ones and there isn’t a difference. Very happy with it.

The quality of this trailer is very good; however ~ reviewed by mooncrow

The quality of this trailer is very good; however, it should have been publicized that it takes at least two people to assemble it. The instructions were only drawings, which it made it more difficult to put together given they sent the wrong size screws for part of the assembly. They were supposed to be 1-3/4″ and they were 1″. Since I had lined up someone to help me, we made do so I could get it put together and my help wouldn’t have to come back. Bottom line: I’d give it a “5” on quality and a “1” or “2” on instructions, parts, etc.

pain ~ reviewed by Kindle Customer

to put together the directions suck and the screws weren’t correct I am not happy and still haven’t got it put together correctly

tires blew out–plastic wheel warped. ~ reviewed by R.A.B.T.

Within 1 week of using this wheel barrow the left inner tube blew out and two weeks later the right inner tube blew. Then while it was sitting waiting to be used again my husband and i heard a loud pop! The plastic wheel actually warped and blew the tire out again. I now need to buy new wheels and inner tubes for it. When the box arrived with the cart it stunk of what smelled like moth balls. My husband says that it must have been old rubber–the inner tubes could not be left in the house or car to take with me to buy replacements because of the smell. do not buy this item.

I will re-review after I’ve used it, so this … ~ reviewed by E. Wait

I will re-review after I’ve used it, so this review is just a comment on the instructions, or should I say, lack of. There are no written instructions, simply a parts list and confusing drawings, and the Chinese word for bolt must be the same as for screw, because they list three sets of screws and one set of bolts. I always thought a screw is something you screw into an object, and a bolt is something you attach objects together with a bolt and nut. So ignore the parts list in that respect, there are no screws used in this product.

Great wheelbarrow ~ reviewed by Dan Lieter

So used to using the traditional wheelbarrow it took a little while two be able to sneak in and out of the gate without hitting the wheel. This a wheelbarrow is very easy to push around with a heavy load. And dumps very easily. The only con is you can’t sneak across a 2×10 like the old traditional ones. But great wheelbarrow overall

Not made for comercial use. ~ reviewed by ***** Organic Farms

The metal on the handles and foot stands is light weight. One of the holes where the handle fits the the foot wasn’t drilled. Poor quality control.

The inside is to contoured with ridges and insets. Stuff like dirt and such hang up and makes it too hard to get everything when you dump it.

The tires would be much better if they were the solid form type.

I have an organic farm and we use wheel barrows a carts often and this just isn’t built well enough. I am using it and will continue to use it but I know in about a year I will have to weld up some different handles and feet as they won’t hold up.

I have a welder and resources and time in the winter so I like to try to improve the design of poorly designed tools. On this I will replace the metal parts and tires.

I doubt the tub will ever where out as its plastic. But if you have just a small plot and you going to have only one wheel borrow/cart and you can afford to pay up a little you will be happier with a better built tool. If you leave this thing out side all year the handles and feet will rust out soon.

BAd instructions and assembly is complicated, plastic material for tub too soft, wheels pulled out ! ~ reviewed by Dawesguy

Well, this is a weird one. The instructions were vague, called ‘Thayne” at customer service, found out they had forgotten to drill mounting holes in tub. He gave me wrong instructions, so I drilled holes in wrong spot. He called me back and is sending me another one for free. Great customer service, bad instructions and you will need to drill 1/4″ holes in tub to assemble. But it is a great wheel barrow, really sturdy. Wheels are Chinese, stink and will probably only last one season.Steel is OK and tub is excellent and US made.Kind of wanted to give this 2 stars but they were so nice at factory I gave them a 4 star rating. Tub should outlast all the other parts.
UPDATE: Wheels pulled out of tub, plastic is too soft for this application. I would go with a metal tub, this only lasted a month.

Great product ~ reviewed by Edward Rone

After reading some of the reviews I was a little leary about this cart. It arrived in good condition on time as always with
Amazon. I am seventy two years old and it was very easy to assemble. It took me about forty minutes by myself to assemble
this product. Its very well made with all the machine bolts the right length. The diagrams are self explanatory and easy
to follow.I would highly recommend this cart with my only wish list being it had been eight cubic feet instead of seven.Buy it at Amazon

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Polar Trailer 8376 Utility Cart, 60 by 27 by 32-Inch Reviews

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4.4 out of 5 stars based on 51 customer reviews

Product Description

The Polar Trailer Utility Cart has been engineered to provide you with a rugged and durable tool for hauling everything from rock, mulch, dirt, firewood, leaves, grass clippings, hunting/camping gear, game and so much more. Weighs just 49 lbs. Holds up to 10 cubic feet. Features include a high impact polyethylene tub, ball bearing hubs for smooth operation and 20″ spoked wheels with solid rubber tires. Easy to assemble. Overall Dimensions: 65″ X 29″ X 29″.

Customer Reviews

Spoke Wheels Rusting after 4 months outdoors ~ reviewed by K, C, and little j

I like this cart. However, for the $160 price, it lacks quality rims.

The black poly plastic cart body will probably last a long, long time. However the cheap chinese spoke rims are already very rusty after only 4 months outside in the weather. I was very disappointed about that. I am comparing it to my old cart, which was very similar in design, but had solid steel painted rims and inflatable tires.

One other thing to mention. I thought having solid rubber tires would be an upgrade over my old cart, which had 2 soft rubber inflatable tires. It is nice that they don’t go flat. However, they do NOT roll over uneven surfaces as easily as my old cart did. In some respects, the inflatable tires were superior in providing a smooth and stable ride over uneven surfaces. Just consider your needs.

I like the shape of the cart, and gave it 3 stars for the ugly rusty rims. Didn’t have that issue with my other cart.

I did not have any problems with the length of the bolts, like the other user did. All of the bolts fit just fine.

The best I have ~ reviewed by Karen P. Fletcher

I could have gotten the other one that was $399, but chose this instead. I love it. I think the other one is overpriced. This thing is great, nice balance, well made, solid tires, easy to maneuver, and fits thru a 36″ opening. I would purchase this again.

Better check before assembly… especially the bearings. ~ reviewed by M Gall

Pros: Huge and sturdy cart loads and unloads easily, pushes and pull nice, can handle a large load of cut tree branches without a problem. Storage is a piece of cake and the wheels come off in about 10 seconds if needed. One of those things a guy wishes he bought years ago.

Cons: Wheel bearings although suitable are cheap and of poor quality. Needed to request a replacement wheel (no way to pull the bearings from the wheel) due to a bad bearing which turned like it had balls with a few flat spots in it. Assembly was easy, all nuts/bolts parts were included and were of good quality.

Customer service from the manufacturer takes the rating from a 5 to a 3. After initial call to Clam Corporation I was told a replacement wheel would ship the following day…. after an eight day wait I called back only to be told they had no record of my earlier contact. So again all the info is given, I am told the replacement would ship tomorrow, great.
A couple of days later Clam customer service phones to say they need proof of purchase, (cart ships direct from Amazon), so a scanned copy of the Amazon receipt is emailed in to Clam and to shorten this review up I did receive a new replacement wheel and yes it to has a questionable bearing… one is smooth the other one finger turns hard but not rough. My only hope is the one bearing doesn’t seize-up, I go in a circle, get dizzy, go into a stupor and order another Polar Trailer 8376 Utility Cart.

Excellent design and construction ~ reviewed by Tree Guy Bob

My wife and I have owned conventional wheelbarrows, Garden Way carts, and other people powered ways of conveyance. All have limitations, but none thus far have done as well as this Polar 8376 cart. Initially, I was disappointed because, like other reviewers, our cart arrived with a bent wheel. The wheel was NOT bent in shipping, but rather was simply defective. I contacted the Polar folk, and received a new wheel in two days.

Balance is the primary positive attribute of this cart. If you tip it up, it will “almost” stay tipped up enabling one to shovel directly into without lifting. I will be adding a solid steel bar under the lip of the thermoplastic tray to enable the cart to stay in the tipped position without any weight being in it, but as I said, even adding a pound or two of load will keep the cart tipped.

The robust wheel, robust axle and fasteners along with loop handle should ensure longevity. Time will tell.

Polar Utility Cart ~ reviewed by Georgiann Parker

This cart is absolutely fantastic!!! I bought one for my 80 year-old husband and he is absolutely amazed at how much it holds and how easy it is to push and pull! I also got one for my son!!! Love it!

Screws are 1/4″ too long ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

The screws are too long and wiggle back and forth. Note this cart is narrower than the other high end models (good) but very long (hard to maneuver around tight corners). Construction is good in that all the holes line up, but we will have to go the hardware store and get shorter screws if we want handle and legs to fit tightly to the tub and not have excess play.

Extremely heavy duty poly tub will probably last forever. Possibly a bit too big for our smaller urban garden, but it’s a quality product.

Exceeds my expectations ~ reviewed by Daniel D. Daly

Thanks to reviews by others in the Amazon community I rejected a number of other lawn carts. Complaints about missing parts, poor quality, length of time to assemble, etc. concerned me. I finally settled on the Polar and am completely satisfied. I assembled it this morning in about 15 minutes. One-piece handle, one-piece stand and an axle. Best of all just 10 bolts/washers/nuts–all the same–no trying to figure out which hard ware to use. Perfectly balanced and because of the plastic body, no concern about leaving in the rain. Solid wheels roll easily over my rural property. Great load capacity. Ecstatic about the purchase.

Cart legs clip heels when pulling ~ reviewed by Pen Name

Everything about this cart is great except when I pull the cart, the legs clip my heels. I load this cart up, lean forward and pull and once I get up to speed I have to take baby steps to keep the legs from rolling over my heels. My last cart had legs parallel to the sides and I never had this problem. I guess I’ll have to modify the front legs so I can pull this cart across the yard.

Polar Garden cart ~ reviewed by MAC

The cart was easy to assemble and appears to be very durable. It works well and the price was reasonable. The only complaint is that the measurements are a bit overstated. It’s rated at 10 cubic feet. the usable size is closer to 8 cubic feet. I thought it would be a bit larger than it actually is. I still like the cart though.

Love This Cart ~ reviewed by Toni D.

I have had this cart for two years now and it will probably be around for at least another twenty. I can load much more in it and still maneuver it around easier than a wheelbarrow.Buy it at Amazon

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Best Choice Products® Wagon Garden Cart Nursery Trailer Heavy Duty Cart Yard Gardening Patio New Reviews

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4.1 out of 5 stars based on 24 customer reviews

Product Description

Love Gardening Without Carrying Your Gardening tools and pots around? Best Choice Products proud to introduce to our customers this Brand New OUTDOOR HEAVY DUTY (4FT X 2FT) 880 POUND CAPICITY GARDEN CART WITH 10 WHEELS. Our Heavy-Duty Garden Cart can hold up to 880lbs, with foam-padded handle, 10in wheels and solid steel axles with strong powder-Coated Green steel frame, which will help you get the job done faster and easier. Comes with (4) Heavy-Duty 10 wheels which makes it quite easy to pull no matter how heavy the cart carry, and with the durable steel mesh aloud dirt and debris to falls right through. Easy to Clean, ideal for Nurseries, Builders and Gardening use. FEATURES: Wheel Size: 10 Deck: Steel Mesh (4) 10 wheels for easy rolling. (1) Instruction manual. DIMENSIONS: Length: 48(4ft) Width: 24 (2ft) Height of the Cart: 15-3/4 Pulling Handle: 31 Assembly Required.

Customer Reviews

Great price. Over time we overloaded I think. ~ reviewed by M. Bareis

We run a lawn and garden store, selling 50lb bags of animal feed, plants, seeds, lawnmower parts, mowers, trimmers, etc. I purchased this cart to help us with moving and loading feed from our storeroom to the customers’ vehicles. It has worked for this beautifully, along with restocking shelves from the storeroom, mowing nursery plants and shipments around. The wheels are smooth running and the front axle swivels to give the maximum turning power. We have a gravel lot and the cart with 850lbs of feed loaded will still pull easily and steady. It’s designed so that the weight is distributed evenly and nothing has slid off. Definitely worth the money! We are more than pleased with it’s performance.

It was also shipped very fast from the seller with tracking. I just can’t rave enough about it and how much it’s helped us. We had dollys and pallet jacks, but they were clunky and not easy to move when loaded. This cart is so much easier to use.

**UPDATE** After 3 months of use at our store, we have overloaded the cart I think. The welding came undone on the pull handle and we have a tire go wonky. I was able to find a replacement tire easy and replaced that, but haven’t had time to get the handle re-welded. Our workers were putting about 500 lbs of feed bags on it and moving them around. I could see the frame looking strained. I guess continuously using it with heavy loads just did it in somewhat. I think for personal use, it would still be fine hopefully.

Good for light duty use ~ reviewed by Dave L

I bought this based on the other reviews, but I don’t think it lived up to them. We have one cart like this already and needed a second one. We got the first one, made by Millside at a Northern retail store. This one was the same dimensions and had the apparent plus of having larger tires and a lower price (especially when you figure in shipping). While this one is designed the same as the Millside, all of the steel used is much lighter/thinner and this unit flexes and twists with a 100 pound load. I can’t see how it can carry the 800 pounds they claim. The bigger tires are nice, but the bearings are small and not tight so the wheels wobble as you go. The assembly directions were good (though the Millside came 75% assembled) BUT there were several bolts missing and I had to run out the hardware store.

In sum, good for light duty use, if you’re going to move heavy loads, keep looking.

Missing front wheel assembly instructions. ~ reviewed by Shed builder

The cart arrived quickly. It came with all the parts. Half of the front wheel assembly instructions were missing and I had to guess where part #27 went. There seems to be no way of finding the missing instructions on line. This kept me from giving this cart a five star rating.

worked for what i needed. ~ reviewed by Justin-L

Not as burley as the description made it sound, but has done everything I bought it for. Easily handles the roughly 450 pounds I have sitting on it at the moment.

Good product for the price ~ reviewed by entoman

I researched a lot of garden carts/wagons online and also compared some at a local Tractor Supply. The price of this product seemed strangely low compared to all the others and so I was a bit hesitant in ordering it but I have to say for the money it’s actually a well made product with nearly indentical parts to many other more expensive models. I’m somewhat of a do it yourselfer so putting it together wasn’t difficult but if you have to rely solely on the directions you might have some trouble because they made very little sense and the steps were all mixed up…very odd and hard to follow. I have only used the wagon a few times for firewood but so far I’m very pleased.

Best Choice is a good Seller! ~ reviewed by Florida Family

I have to amend my earlier review. Best Choice had sent the missing parts and I was unaware of it when I wrote my previous review. I would recommend them. Feel safe that if there is a problem they will take care of it. Good Job Best Choice!

Wagon ~ reviewed by Jon

Aside from the assembly being somewhat difficult and confusing the wagon is great. I use for around the yard and moving wood. the sides are pretty short so I cut wood to fit along the sides and back to make the sides a little taller.

Heavy Duty Nursery Wagon ~ reviewed by Robert

The unit arrived promptly, but the assembly instructions were torn,however, assembly was easy without the instructions. I do not feel the unit would handle it’s rated load, as the steel is quite light, especialy in the wheel and steering assemblies.

Easy to push, pull, steer! ~ reviewed by catlou

I’ve loaded the wagon with large potted plants that I keep in the garage for the winter. On nice days, I just cart them outside, water them, and let them see the sun. Then I cart them back into the garage to protect them from frost. Love it!

Great value for the $ ~ reviewed by Jake

I was looking for an easy way to house my cymbidium orchids, and to wheel them outside on sunny days and into the garage when frost threatens. This works great although assembly was a bear, all in all very pleased!Buy it at Amazon

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