OXO Good Grips Gardening Plow Reviews

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Product Description

The OXO Good Grips Plow features our unique, two-position striking handle. Choke up on the soft, non-slip handle for strength, or grab the back for added reach. Made of strong stainless steel for durability, the Plow features serrated edges for opening bags and cutting through tough soil, weeds and roots, as well as a sharpened string cutter.

  • Dimensions (L x W x H):4″ x 3″ x 15″
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Made in China

From the Manufacturer

The OXO Good Grips Plow features our unique, two-position striking handle. Choke up on the soft, non-slip handle for strength, or grab the back for added reach. Made of strong stainless steel for durability, the Plow features serrated edges for opening bags and cutting roots, as well as a sharpened string cutter

Customer Reviews

I love this trowel ~ reviewed by Barb

I am a professional who uses this trowel almost every day. I put it to very hard use and I love that it allows me to use both hands to add power to the digging. Mine finally broke after several years of hard use (OK, I was using it as a pry bar when it broke) and cannot envision buying any other type of trowel. In fact, I am buying two–one for my work, and one for my home!

Great tool ~ reviewed by Cheryl J. Hill

One of the best garden tools I have ever used. It lets me dig into the ground to easily create borders, dig up plants, take out weeds, and soften the ground for planting. The handle is comfortable and allows me to use both hands if I need to.

Great garden tool! ~ reviewed by P. Mancini

I am an avid gardener and I was looking for something to tear weeds and grass out of my flower beds. This works great. And the grip is great. Easy on my hand and wrist. Love it. Now I wouldn’t weed without it.

HUGE, more of a trowel than weeder ~ reviewed by E.Swope

I was surprised first by the size of this tool (it is enormous!) and somewhat disappointed in that it is less effective as a weeder than the one I lost/ was replacing. KNK-MT211 GrowTech Weeding Sickle – Nejiri Kama this is as close as I can find to what I have). If a weeder is what you are after, I would very much recommend the latter over this good grips tool. I have always l;iked good grips kitchen tiools, and this is my first disappointment.
1. There is the size (a bit unweildy)
2. The handle is welded, not one piece. having just received it I can not say how long it will last, but welds at leverage point in a tool which will be used in damp soil and have pressure applied, … is not a good thing.
3 Last, but not least (actually, this is my primary complaint). It is DULL, not sharpened at all.

It did a fine job getting roots out of a raised bed I was prepping, but only because nothing was in it yet (so the size was not an impediment; precision was not required) and I had other toold with me which I could use to cut when I needed to. I effectively used this much as I would use a pick axe. It is only a little smaller… and not as solidly made. if you are buying this as a trowel with a slightly better edge you will not be disappointed, but as a weeder…. it is the least effectual I own!

Thank goodness I found the Japanese weeder I had lost or so much of my yard would be impossible to weed! (this would not have done it in beds which have trees, other flowers, anything I need to maneuver around, or *where a sharp blade is needed*

Weeder ~ reviewed by RetroReader

Always hard to tell from a picture, but this turned out to be a sturdy, quality, weeder with a unique one or two hand grip. Much less expensive than the alternatives. The grip shape is comfortable. The weeds still grow, but not for long.

Mini pickaxe and plow ~ reviewed by C. G. King

I’ve used this tool far more than I expected. My plan was to make rows in my raised garden, but there are many uses. The tool is good sized and the blade is wider at the top than it appears in the side view picture so pulling it through my readied garden soil to create rows for seeds seemed perfect–better than a trowel because of the position of the handle. It does that job just as I’d hoped, but it is equally effective at digging a hole for a container-started plant. Of course, my raised garden soil has been worked and prepared so the tool isn’t really working hard there; it’s just a convenient shape for me to use without getting tired.

Because I like the feel and balance of the tool, I started using it for other things. In my regular backyard gardens, I have tons of roots and this thing is great for whacking through the smaller ones so I can plant my annuals. I’ve also come to prefer it to replant baskets and pots on my deck because it helps me get the old plant roots out and work the soil better than a trowel.

Then I had to bury a new cable from my satellite dish through the garden and a gravel pathway. It made a nice trough in which to lay the cable and I used the side of the tool to pull the displaced soil/gravel back over the cable.

I particularly like that the plastic handle grip allows me to leave the tool out where I’m working without worry about rain. My raised garden is a ways from the house and if I get out there and realize I’ve forgotten a tool, it is annoying. When I’m working that space, I like tools I can leave there till my planting is done. I have the raised garden partly because we have really hard packed soil in my area. That is great for my vegetables but when planting anything of size (like a three to five gallon potted size) in the regular ground soil I usually have to use a pickaxe to create a hole. That’s effective and less work than a shovel, which is what made me think this tool might fill the same need on a smaller scale. It really does. It’s already gotten a lot of use this spring and has been a wise purchase.

Power hand plow ~ reviewed by John J. Kamansky

Tool provides leverage and balance for weeding, cultivating and loosening soil, from sand to packed clay.

Well made ~ reviewed by rosita’s mom

Well-made and heavy duty. This is a little larger than I was expecting but it is well designed and has made my life easier as it has multiple uses in the yard and garden. I always grab it when I am going out to work in the yard.

Strength where you need it ~ reviewed by Sarah J. Pasch

I’m a fan of the Ho-Mi – it’s been my constant companion in the yard for 10 years. The OXO Good Grips Gardening Plow is the ultimate in Ho-Mis with its ergonomic handle, serrated edge, and heavy duty construction. I live with clay soil, and I can chop at it longer and harder without tiring with the OXO than I can with my “old faithful” Ho-Mi. Because of the difference in handles (the Ho-Mi has a simple wooden one) and the efficient weight balance of the OXO, there’s more power to the punch. It digs holes for planting, rips small roots out, smooths a surface, weeds out the dandelions – an all-in-one tool for the serious gardener.

Best Tool In My Gardening Bucket!!! ~ reviewed by Sister

I already have one of the OXO Good Grips Gardening Plows and it is the best tool in my gardening tool bucket. I ordered another one just in case I misplace my original one (which has happened more than once). I am outside gardening on a daily basis, weather permitting, in my own garden as well as mission gardening for my parish and senior neighbors. The OXO Good Grips Gardening Plow makes weeding go so much faster. Thank you OXO for such a great product.Buy it at Amazon

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