OXO Good Grips Bypass Pruners Reviews

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Product Description

During the design process for pruning tools OXO examined repetitive squeezing motions in order to develop tools that absorb pressure. The OXO Good Grips Bypass Pruners have hardened Teflon-coated steel blades that are designed specifically for heavy-duty pruning jobs as the steel will effortlessly cut through stems and branches up to .75 inch in diameter. The Bypass Pruners have a large, soft, non-slip handle so you can apply the strength of your entire hand instead of just your fingers, and have control while cutting.

  • Dimensions (L x W x H):1″ x 2″ x 8″
  • Material: Teflon Coated Steel
  • Made in China

From the Manufacturer

OXO Good Grips Bypass Hand Shears have a hardened, Teflon® coated steel cutting blade and soft, comfortable, non-slip grips to maximize cutting strength and power. A conveniently located locking switch is easily accessible by both lefties and righties, and 3/4″ diameter cutting capacity makes these shears versatile

Customer Reviews

NOT up to OXO standards, took over 2 mos to arrive ~ reviewed by McG’

Correct about poor alignment. I’ve worked with these for a week, cutting shrubs, flowers, simple plants and I can’t lock them anymore. The handle is good on the hand, but they don’t do the job I expected of Oxo or even a medium brand. They hang up on wet bush branches, okay for geraniums or roses, but not for trimming back bushes. They are a disappointment. AND they took literally months to arrive!

So far….it’s great! ~ reviewed by A. Bennett

I just started using this clipper and it really does cut plant stems beautifully. However, I find I still need to return to my OLD Felco #7 to cut the larger branches. I use to have very strong hands and arms but now I need tools to help me out on that front. These OXO shears do not do that as well. I know I’ll use these clippers for minor pruning on small or new wood since they do fit nicely in my hands and work very well but I’ll need to carry my old pruners with me too. In time I’ll find out how long they maintain their sharp cutting edge. With the Felco, I sharpen once in spring and I’m set for the year but I’ll have to get back to you about the OXO pruner’s sharpness quality. I do recommend these pruners since the price is great and they are very comfortable to use.

Love Oxo Anything! These Pruners are Great! ~ reviewed by S. Brown

Oxo products are well-made, durable and comfortable to use, and these pruners are no exception! So great to be able to use them and not have blistered aching hands and fingers after using them. The price is great, and my experience with Oxo’s customer service (on another kitchen product) has been top-notch. Oxo + Amazon = Winning Combination!

Returning these for exchange ~ reviewed by Hugh D. Brown

I just got these today. The “conveniently located locking switch that is easily accessible by both left- or right-handed users” has a lock made of plastic retaining a spring-loaded piece of steel. Guess what? In a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, steel always beats plastic, so there is now a groove carved in the plastic. It has never closed.

My wife likes the shears and appreciates the gift, but thinks they should be able to lock. I agree. We’ll see if there was a defect in this one or whether it is a design flaw.

OXO Good Grips do not make the cut! ~ reviewed by Richard Sietz

These hand shears look good but are a problem to use. The shear’s lock is in a position that locks the shears on just about every cut. The construction is fragile. A real disappointment. Using my old shears.

Perfect! ~ reviewed by Eric Joyce

My favorite thing about these is you can lock and unlock it with one hand..even with thick gloves on. I’m not sure why all other pruners have dainty little locks in awkward locations. Perfect set of clippers.

Excellent Value ~ reviewed by Casey P.

Great value for the price. Nice, sharp blades and comfortable in your hand. Easily as good as those twice the price sold in home stores, assuming they last.

Wonderful pruners! ~ reviewed by Janis Totham-Davies

I love these pruners and have bought several pairs for myself, family and friends. They are comfortable to use as I have severe arthritis in my hands and they cut extremely well. Go on treat yourself! The stainless steel OXO brand garden tools are very well worth every penny I have paid for them.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Susan D. Delaney, MD, MS, author

These have completely eliminated the danger of pinching/cutting my aging skin.

The best quality!!! ~ reviewed by Tazo

Very good in the kitchen and also in the gardenBuy it at Amazon

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