Ontario Knife Co 1-18 Military Machete Reviews

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4.4 out of 5 stars based on 21 customer reviews

Product Description

The 18″ military machete from Ontario Knife® features a full-tang 1095 carbon steel blade with a zinc-phosphate finish. The high-impact polymer handle is shatterproof and includes compression rivets.

Customer Reviews

ilitary Machete ~ reviewed by Ron

I have three 18″ Ontario Military Machetes that I use to clean brush and limbs on my deer hunting area . I keep one on the tractor , one on the four wheeler and one in my truck tool box . I have been using these for over 30 years and have never had a problem with any of them . I had one when I was in the Marine Corps in 65-66 in Nam .AS for as I’m concerned there is not a better machete . I highly recommend the Ontario U.S. Military Issued 18″ Machete for it’s strenght , blance and length . Well built and strong . You will not be sorry .

Not like the older GI machete but just as good ~ reviewed by Anthony R. Gualano

I bought a GI 18″ machete with the GI sheath for less than $20 in 1991. This new machete is just as good as my 1991 GI but differs slightly from the GI model. For example, the handle is slightly thicker and a rubber-like quality as opposed to a more slim and plastic-like handle on my 1991; also, the rivets in the handle of the new machete are black parkerized to match the rubber-like handle as opposed to the gun-metal rivets on my 1991. My 1991 GI machete feels more comfortable than this newer one that I just bought but I am quite satisfied with it because it is quality and cool in its own way. You will not be disappointed.

machete review ~ reviewed by Linda K. Sanchez

It is an excellent tool for an avid outdoorsmen. It is a sturdy and solid tool. Especially, after I sharpened the blade, although, it doesn’t come with the greatest edge after shapening it it develops an incredible cutting edge. I use it for any wood cutting, clearing thin trees or to make a clearing for a campsite. It’s great to cut tinder for a fire. I also appreciate the high quality of the steel, it can take a real beating.

Amazing ~ reviewed by Mark Timlin

Thick carbon steel
Tough handle
Best machete in price range
Chops like a dream

Needs a good sharpening out of the box

Overall would definetly recommend this chopping beast.

Machete ~ reviewed by Pepelepiu

What can I say it’s a machete and makes it better, its made in the U.S. this is better than all other machetes I seen or use, even better than Cold Steel (sorry, Cold Steel) many people don’t know this but many custom made machetes costing 100-200 dollars or more started out been an Ontario U.S. machete this it by far the best 20$ machete

Awesome! ~ reviewed by James

A machete can be such a versatile tool, if you can find one that is good quality. Stay away from the $5 blades they sell at walmart. I’ve never owned an Ontario but I’ve always heard such great things about their Military issue 18″ Machete. So I figured I’d give it a try. In the area I live in, I’m better off with an Ax, but I think having a good machete is a must, simply because there’s so much you can do with it. This Ontario performs and does it well. I’m so glad I bought it, and Smoky Mountain Knife Works was a dream to do business with. Fast shipping and the Machete looked great. No rust or anything. The blade wasn’t very sharp when I got it, but I took care of that. I chopped through some pretty thick wood testing the edge I put on it, and it worked great. The edge didn’t roll at all, or dent or chip. This blade is stout and can take a beating. It made easy work of a tree in my yard that needed to be trimmed. I assume it will handle just about anything. As long as you don’t abuse it, I imagine it will last a long long time. Money very well spent. I highly recommend this product, and SMKW.

Well made cutter. ~ reviewed by Michael S Wallis

Used to use one as part of my job. They work. Take and hold an edge well, The 18″ sets the standard as far as size/weight/balance. The only reason I didn’t rate it a five is the handle. Does not have the original handle profile. Seems a little thicker and takes a little getting used to. It’s less oval and more blocky. Maybe filing down (rounding) the grip will improve it. If it fits your hand great, it’s just different then what I’m used to.

Beautiful for the price ~ reviewed by Jason

THe only criticism I can think of is that they come with a rough grinder produced edge….but, with the way it is it gives the purchacer the ability to put the type of edge on it that they want…takes a long time to sharpen, but what an edge! hair shaving sharp after processing wood for a campfire while backpacking.

great tool ~ reviewed by joel

would recomend putting a rasers edge on it

built to last
strong steel
coated blade protects from rust

no sheath except the paper one it came in
a bit dull at first
handle gets a little slick after sweating with it but it is fine

Great Machete ~ reviewed by G. Williams

I have had this for years and It has had alot of abuse and is a great machete. I have made a few modifications like putting a knife sharp edge on the back of the blade. Sharpens well, the handle is strong. Make sure that you get a hard case for it. Great chete!Buy it at Amazon

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