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Product Description

Quality, military-issue machetes feature shatterproof handle. Constructed of .125″ thick carbon steel treated with black oxide coating. Handle made of flame-resistant thermalset plastic with three steel compression rivets and thong hole. Made in the U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

the best! ~ reviewed by BIG HORSE

this is the best machete on the market if you want a tool that will last a life time buy ontario these are made for the military they are not floppy peices of sharped metal this a great ridgid steel that can and will hold a razor sharp edge this is prb 2 times the weight of a normal machete but you can do anything a axe can do with this full tang machete its hard to belive they only cost what they do when i purchased mine i bought a hard sheath that ontario makes for it it clicks in and even has a flip over sharpener that sharpenes it when u pull it out of the sheath it works great! any military surplus supply house in ur area should have these in stock and around the same price as amazon i would advice go there pick it up choose the length you want you need one that fits ur build if its to short ur back will be hurten and if its to long for you u might cut ur ankle off..lol or not like the weight trust my advice they make 12 16 18 20 22 and i think 24 inch machete all with different hand guards black/orange and u can pick if it has saw teeth on the back i dont work for the people or anything but its just crazy how mush this machete out works out last the other guys

When buying a Machete the Latin is best for clearing most things under 3″ in diameter ~ reviewed by Drago

Classic Latin Machete; comes with a “working edge” which means you have to put the edge on this blade. No problem once sharp it handles the limbs and brush I bought it for. When buying a Machete the Latin is best for clearing most things under 3″ in diameter, other styles are meant for chopping. This is the best all around Machete type, at 22″ blade length not over-all length but 22″ of blade you have room to hone a sweet spot, put a 30 – 40 degree edge on this and clear that brush. If you’re not willing or able to put the edge on yourself you can get this done at most hardware stores or any place they sharpen lawn-mower blades. Again stay true to the Latin Machete and keep that angle you start giving it that knife edge and you’ll lose what this is meant for. Get a smaller 14 – 18″ curved blade if you want to chop at things is my opinion, this thing is for clearing brush. The Handle is a plastic feel and it isn’t solid, I’m going to drill out the rivets / studs and make my own handle out of a piece of hickory; if they sold this thing with a better handle I’d gladly give it a 5. As far as Made in the U.S.A. and customizable it gets high marks.

Massive beast ~ reviewed by Snotter

Warning, very large heavy tool.
Fairly heavy and tiring to swing repeatedly.
I can see why a smaller blade could be good.
But, it is pretty well made.

18 and 22 inch Machetes ~ reviewed by JAMES H.

I own an 18 inch Ontario Machete and now also a 22 inch one. The 22 inch machete is a solid Heavy Duty machete for cutting larger items. I found it a bit too long and heavy for smaller 1/2″ and less items. It does take a fine razor like sharpening like the 18 inch one. For small brush I’d use the 18 inch machete and leave the heavy branches and trunks for the 22 inch model. The 22 inch blade is rough finished and has a fine sand grit feel. The 18 inch blade is smooth finished. The nylon sheath looks good, just wish it had a hard plastic tip guard. My old 18 inch leather sheath has been cut through at the tip due to razor sharp edges. The metal alloy of these machetes is first rate and will last for years. Practice machete safety at all times!

Amazing ~ reviewed by Austin Gonzales

I got this not to long ago and put it under extream stress and it held its edge and stayed straight!

Could Be Better ~ reviewed by Wilber Bergado

This machete needs a better grip! The handle is too small for this big blade and it the balance is not very good. I guess because of the long blade and small grip this is the reason why. I have an older 18 inch Ontario with the D grip and that one has a much better feel and balance. The grip is also not that smooth so I have to wear gloves or get blisters.

dont buy there kit ~ reviewed by Dylan Adams

they were able to up sell me there kit (the blade, sheath and sharpener) for the $35 free shipping. then they shipped all item separately and charge me for two shipping and gave me one for free. blade is very nice though, do buy that!

Too heavy and handle is uncomfortable ~ reviewed by WILL

It’s built like a tank, but too heavy for serious use. The handle could use a more ergonomic shape as well. It’s too blocky and causes blisters with extended use. Maybe the 18” model wouldn’t be as unwieldy….

Survey Exeripenecenter Choice ~ reviewed by Debra Corkran

Son used item at work daily and had no complaints. He was pleased with the performance of the knife. He has recommended a friend to purchase his own.

it was sharper than I thought it was going to be that’s good and I’m happy ~ reviewed by Darren Horne

The machete arrived early, it was everything I expected, it was sharper than I thought it was going to be that’s good and I’m happy.Buy it at Amazon

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