Oakland Living Steel Patio Cooler with Cart, 80-Quart Reviews

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4.2 out of 5 stars based on 26 customer reviews

Product Description

This patio cooler cart will be a beautiful addition to your patio, back yard or outdoor entertainment area. Adds beauty, style and functionality. Our patio cooler carts are perfect for any small space, or to accent a larger space. Our patio cooler carts are constructed of durable steel. This patio cooler cart features a hardened powder coat finish for years of beauty. Two of the wheels have locks for safety. Comes with bottle opener and cap catch. Has a rear drain for easy clean up.

Customer Reviews

Quality lacking! ~ reviewed by Jeffery Keim

I was somewhat disappointed in the quality of workmanship. There were numerous scratches but not in areas that will be noticed and some type of substance stain in an area that can be noticed. One wheel was extremely difficult to install and the supplied wrench only fit two of the wheels. I had to grind the wrench a little larger to fit the other two wheels. If this unit were less expensive I would have given it a higher rating, but at this price I can only give it three stars.

Wow! A new level of poor workmanship! ~ reviewed by Kathy J McSwain

I’d thought I’d seen it all, but this product was truly enlightening as to how bad a product can get.

Pros – Arrived intact.

Cons – Ieaks at the base of spigot, puts rust stain on your floor.
Not suitable for outdoor use.
Washers were too small for bolts.
Stripped bolt hole was marked on product, and a small bolt was in there. QC apparently ignored the inspection sticker.
Very light, ie – flimsy.
Lid not flush.
Not insulated that well.
Wheels require special wrench to tighten, which is included. However, two lock wheels are 1mm larger bolt than swivel wheels, so you much grind the tool to tighten the swivel wheels.

And probably some things I’m forgetting.

If you are expecting a product like you see at the same price in the Warehouse stores, you are going be angry.

Hopefully I can get the rust stain out of our imported tile floor.

Chinese junk ~ reviewed by Jerry Stahley

What a piece of Chinese junk. Drain hole was so far off from inside to outside, drain leaked. Had to file the outside cover 1/4 inch to align the holes and then had to use silicon to seal everything. Save your money and check where it’s made before you buy!

JS from Dayton,Oh

Rusty drain plug ~ reviewed by John Sellin

Drain plug RUSTS!?!?! Drain plug leaks alot.
Rusty drain plug = rusty water all over your floor. Great stain maker.
It looks great but good lord really? Why would you use a drain plug that rusts out that fast or at all. I’ve had it for a couple of month and the drain plug which I spent an inordinate amount of time sealing with silicone rusted out so all that time and effort wasted as I had to run to Home Depot and coble together a crappy drain solution. What a freaking pos.
However with all that said it looks really good if you don’t look at the drain plugs.

I needed to get screwed more by this product. ~ reviewed by Greg H

This is a great chest and would have been a 5 star review except someone one the assembly line can’t count and shorted me 6 stainless steel screws to attach the handles to the chest. Yeah I know not that big a deal, but, when you pay almost $200 for an ice chest you don’t expect to have to run to the hardware store to buy parts to complete it. Oakland get someone with better math skills on your packing line!

Oakland Living Cooler ~ reviewed by Elaina Shultz

The hinge in the middle of the top two halves does not stay in place….so it does not close properly or open the way it should.

Damaged Product ~ reviewed by David Wells

I like these coolers; they’re simple to assemble and they look very nice in my opinion. However, this particular cooler arrived dented.

nice cooler It came damaged and the replacement part was … ~ reviewed by Lawrence Fraser

nice cooler It came damaged and the replacement part was not very good as well . but over all I like the cooler

arrived so fast and easy assembly. ~ reviewed by Yvonne

‘Love’ my patio cooler; arrived so fast and easy assembly…..Recommend highly!

Great cooler, a couple small flaws. ~ reviewed by David Holcomb

VERY Roomy, Very Well Insulated. Keeps a load cool for days with one large bag of ice.

1) on receipt there was a problem with one of the legs and the cater that screwed into it. The company promptly shipped me out a replacement.
2) despite my best efforts, I can’t seem to get the water plug to not leak. But the lower shelf seems to be a good place to locate a drip pan :(Buy it at Amazon

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