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Compact and rugged – rugged enough. ~ reviewed by Hector Acuna

Great For large Kayaks ~ reviewed by james cole

After much research, I decided on this trailer based on Price VS. Features and quality. I am very pleased with the trailer and will post a video soon. A couple of things to know. The shipping is horrible, you most likely will receive the boxes damaged and some parts missing or broken. I and several others have contacted Northern, Amazon and the Shipping agent about this and hopefully it will be remedied by now. That being said, I called Northern immediately and had the missing parts within days, the takeaway is: do a full inventory of all parts immediately including missing and damaged items, call Northern’s 800 # and tell customer service, they will provide parts immediately. When assembling, keep bolts loose until all are inplace, this will avoid misalignment. My hubs were preassembled with bearings, the directions are written as if they were separate, leading me to believe the bearings were missing. Another reviewer said bearing buddies would not fit but I found some at Harbor Frieght that were Fine, I recommend replacing the stock bearing caps with them. The trailer is very good quality for the price and comes with all lighting and wiring you need, Very happy with purchase

PERFECT, PERFECT, PERFECT!!!!!!!! ~ reviewed by melinda

The company is fantastic, and this trailer is spectacular. Cute as a button. I’m a 5’2″ kayaking gal, and got tired of trying to unloading and hoisting my 12′ kayak onto the roof of my truck, so when I saw the price of this trailer, I snapped it up. Dad put it together in 4 hours and he said it wasn’t difficult at all. The wire, lights, tires, everything you need is included. The trailer is just gorgeous, plus it rides smooth, no problems whatsoever.

Highly recommend it, plus, I haven’t tried this yet, but I think I might be able to attach my roof top storage to it as well. Thank you Northern Tools!

Discontinued item from NIT, Local Harbor Frieght Tools has it ~ reviewed by REMTropicalfish

This trailer is no longer carried by Northern Industrial Tools, so this is a broker/reseller. Its called a Haul Master through Harbor Freight Tools now. You can buy the trailer from HFT for the came price when you include the shipping charges from the one sold above. Just wanted to give you peeps an option and you can get the tires/wheels from HFT as well.

Generally pleased, made few improvements ~ reviewed by pei_guy11

Seems like a pretty good trailer for the job. I am going to be using it to haul my laser sailboat, and while I have yet to haul it anywhere it does seem like it will fit the boat pretty well. I am pretty particular about things, so here are a few observations and extra things I’ve done while assembling this trailer…

The packaging padding could have been a little better for shipping. For example, the fenders and other parts were thrown together with no packaging in between, which lead to scratches and paint coming off to bare metal. I touched up these with some Fire Engine Red and Gloss Black Paint which proved a pretty close match. The manufacturers did not deburr any of the pre-drilled holes before painting, which can be hard on the wiring. While pulling the wire gently through one of the holes, the sharp edges stripped a bit of the insulation off one of the wires. I have installed rubber grommets around any of holes that wires go through to prevent chafing. I also put plastic wire covering around the wire out the tongue of the trailer, to protect it and prevent damage to the wire if it should happen to drag on the ground. I used pieces of the same plastic wire covering to cover the wires exiting the back of the trailer for the tail lights. I couldn’t find rubber grommets large enough for these holes which are larger than the others. I’ve also used heat shrink butt connectors instead of the provided connectors (marettes were included for tail lights and splice connectors for the running lights). The provided connectors are not very reliable or long lasting connections in my opinion. In addition, I couldn’t get the provided splice connectors for the running lights to fit into the hole in the frame to tuck the wiring neatly away. Instead, I cut in the brown wire and stripped both ends where I wanted to splice. Then I used a heat shrink butt connector that was made for connecting a 14-16 AWG wire on one end to a 18-22 AWG wire on the other. I crimped the two brown wires together in the 14-16 AWG end and crimped the single wire for the running light in the 18-22 AWG end. I could then tuck the entire connection into the frame with only the single wire exiting the frame to the running light, once again with a rubber grommet installed to keep that wire from chafing on the burred hole. The lights work great, protected and neat. Much better connections in my opinion than the connections provided, especially around salt water.

I also looked for Bearing Buddys to replace the regular dust caps, but I couldn’t seem to find the correct size. I tried one sized 2.04″ but it was barely too small. 2.05″ would be the correct size as far as I can tell, but can’t seem to find that size anywhere. However, there are grease fittings on the dust caps provided, so that is a big help.

Overall, I am pretty pleased with the trailer. One thing to watch out for is if backing up the trailer without a boat on it. The holes in the runners are off-center and I’ve allowed them to tilt toward the back of the trailer to facilitate getting the boat back onto the trailer. The runners hang pretty close to the ground this way. I backed it up towards a hill and the runners fetched up and bent the frame a little, which I managed to straighten.

amazingly solid ~ reviewed by Harobed

Two days, a few wrenches, and not a little swearing got this trailer together. The only difficulty was that the boat I have has a pronounced keel so that the 2 by 6’s provided for support are a bit too low. I’ve replaced them with 2 by 10’s, and it works fine.

A Great Little Trailer for the Price ~ reviewed by Ronald Howard

this a great little trailer for the money, well built, and easy to put together, but it can be a real pain to register, in my state they consider this a ” Home Built Trailer” and therefore they didn’t allow/recognize the VIN Number that was issed by the manufacturer, which meant having to wait almost 6 weeks for a Certified VIN inspection and jumping through a few more hoops in order to resister it. That beening said this is a Harbor Freight Trailer kit (Haul-Master #5002) and I would strongly suggest buying it from your local HF or at least ordering it directly from them, belive me it will save you a lot of hassle in the end

Missing Parts ~ reviewed by Danuke

Product arrived late. Delivery man wanted me to unload product off truck. Missing several key parts including spring plates and grease caps for the tires. I contacted the seller and they wanted to ship an entire new trailer and I could return the old one. I informed them that it would be easier for them to just ship me the parts. They said they can’t do that. So rather than deal with them I just spent an additional 40 bucks at Fleet Farm for the parts I needed. After finally putting it together I realized it was not worth buying. I would have been better off buying one pre assembled.

Good product, poor packaging. ~ reviewed by Eric Hurlburt

I needed a small trailer for a 9 1/2 ft. inflatable RIB dinghy. The trailer is great and was easy to assemble.

Just had issues with the packaging that was insufficient (cheap cardboard that can’t handle 50 lbs. of steel). Fortunately, FedEx repackaged it.

Had a bit of an issue getting it licensed. The local license office said we had to have the State Patrol inspect it (a 30 mile drive), but on the advice of a friend we took it to the county licensing office and there was no problem.

took 3 days to assemble and 1 day to find out how to correct lighting situation. ~ reviewed by John L. Roberts

the trailer arrived in 3 separate deliveries, the boxes were damaged but most of the parts were intact, I only had two mjor problems,
one of the rear tail lights were not assembled right and it shorted out. and the final problem was one of the hub caps for the axel was very badly dented, with hammer and knowledge I was able to return the hubcap back to original shape and use it.Buy it at Amazon

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