ML TOOLS Super Sale- Easy Cut Ratchet Pruning Shears – Ml Garden Tools 8-inch Ratcheting Pruners P8231 Reviews

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Product Description

Special offer. ML garden TOOLS 8″ easy cut ratchet pruning shears P8231. Need a pair of pruners which can assist you of cutting a 1″ branch easily and cleanly with your small hands or without injuring your wrist? Yes you just found them. ML P8231 pruners can do it for you. ML P8231 pruners has the special ratcheting mechanism, highest quality steel blade and aluminum body that make all possible – light-weighted, sharp, long lasting usage, ability to make tough cut easy. Owning a pair of ml pruners will certainly make your pruning job ever pleasant and they will make you want to do pruning everyday. Features: 1) Great ratcheting mechanism which help reduce wrist injuries. 2)SK-5 high carbon steel blade. 3)Lightweight ergonomic design. 4) Cutting capacity: up to 1″ thick.

Customer Reviews

The ratchet action is amazing ~ reviewed by kenneth

Received as described in a timely fashion. Works better than I expected. Very little pressure needed to cut with ratcheting effect. Cut through 3/4″ twig like it was melted butter.

Great tool !! ~ reviewed by Robby N.

Amazing product! Sharp and easy to use with no effort. Highly recommended !!

Do NOT Buy! ~ reviewed by L. Morgan

Piece of junk! I’ve owned several shears and this one is the worst. Right out of the box the ratchet mechanism is flaky – jams and won’t operate freely. Even worse the cutters won’t make clean cuts. Even on small rose branches it peeled the bark off the stalk instead of cutting cleanly through. One can get much better shears at Home Depot for a fraction of the cost. These are definitely going back!

Best Shears on the market ~ reviewed by ashley mears

Awesome cutter. Little t no effort to operate. Very high quality.

A great set of Pruning Shears at a fantastic price. ~ reviewed by Scott Hansen

This tool makes cutting brush and small branches an easy chore. The cutter seems to be made so that other manufacturers can put their name on this cutter and sell it with their name and at a higher price. Do the research and see how similar this tool is to many others out there. The price on this one beat all the others with no problem.

The unlock button is on the side and it is hard to move at first. It seems to be getting easier to open and lock it, though, the more I use it. The ratchet system lets even the weakest person cut 1″ branches with no problem. I am a big and strong guy and this tool allows me to cut and cut and cut and not get tired. The blades have stayed very sharp so far and this is the best set of pruning shears I own.

I would not hesitate to tell other people to buy this product. It is very, very good.

Just what I needed to replace spring-powered shears. Awesome tool. ~ reviewed by William C. Roberts

Having had only spring-powered shears for the past few years, it’s very nice having a set that is built to cut quickly and extract itself from fibrous branches. I’ve used this to cut and/or prune wet hollyhock stems, rose bushes, Spanish broom (a terrible and thick-stemmed weed in my yard), dry sticks, and wispy fine guara stems from last summer. Comfortable in my hand, easy to use, and easy to ratchet. Recommended if you’ve lots of trimming, cutting or pruning to do in the garden this spring.

Great! ~ reviewed by B. Bishop

Great product, has helped me get through the vine jungle around my place.
It will cut as advertised.
Just keep the oil sponge in a baggie, it will fall out.

Good for Roses ~ reviewed by C. K. O’Shea

These are nice, I’m still getting use to the racheting and tend to try and power through the cuts. But it helps to use them correctly.

They are great, except they only last about 5 years at … ~ reviewed by Roger Lahm

Second time I purchased them…..They are great, except they only last about 5 years at the best.

These ratchet pruners are wonderful! ~ reviewed by fortherelax

Ratchet pruning shears are getting to be hard to find. I was so glad to see these at a reasonable price and even more happy that they work so well. My hands are no longer very strong, so the ratcheting feature is critical for me. I can cut through ½” branches with no trouble. Highly recommended.Buy it at Amazon

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