Miracle-Gro 18982 Titanium 8-Inch Detachable Shear with Sheath Reviews

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Product Description

Features Titanium Bonded blades that are 3x harder than untreated steel and will stay sharper longer. Handle material is 70% recycled content and packaging is post consumer content and PETE plastic. Handles detach for easy cleaning. Serrated blades grip and cut. Includes nylon carry/storage pouch. Corrosion and adhesive resistant. Lifetime Warranty. Green handles. Powered by Clauss.

Customer Reviews

Usable titanium gardening shears/scissors to handle most light gardening, trimming, and pruning. ~ reviewed by Informed Amazon Shopper

Members of my family enjoy gardening and yard work so this durable pair of Scotts titanium shears/scissors was a good addition to our gardening tool armamentarium.

*Sharp serrated blades cut through smaller branches and stems up to 3/8″, grass blades, leaves, and petals with ease.
*Titanium surfaces are non-corrosive and non-stick so don’t require lubrication.
*Fairly easy to detach and clean.
*Ergonomically shaped handles for a good grip.
*Comes with convenient nylon storage pouch.

What we’ve noticed:
*Intended for light duty use. For medium duty, we prefer the spring loaded Fiskars Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears (9109).
*Scissors don’t provide enough grip and leverage to cut through thicker branches and stems > 1/2″ compared to pruning shears.
*Titanium is not a magic alloy; it’s corrosion resistant and strong but usually heavier than aluminum alloys.

Usable pair of light duty gardening scissors with the added durability and sharpness of titanium.

Sharp, medium-duty shear ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

This is a high-quality shear measuring about 8.5″ in total length. The distance from the tip to the pivot is a little over 3.5″. The metal blades are made of bonded titanium and the green handles made of recycled plastic. Two halves of the shear are pivoted together tightly and are sharp. They are also detachable when rotated wide open. This allows easy cleaning after use.

This shear is designed for right hand use. It is well balanced in one’s hand, and open/close smoothly. The two cutting edges are curved differently to facilitate cutting without slipping.

I put the shear to the test in my little garden. It went through a blade of grass with a clean cut. I used it to prune my grape vines and tomato plants without tearing or ripping neither. I also tested it on a corrugated cardboard and milk carton with no problems. However, thicker branches, say a quarter inch or larger, would become increasing harder to cut (a lopping shear is better suited for it). As such, this is of more a medium-duty shear suitable for trimming small plants only.

Overall, I am happy with the shear. The bonded titanium is supposedly 3x stronger than a regular steel shear and stays sharp longer. It’s shaped like a pair of scissors and feels like one in terms of the effort required to make a cut. Nevertheless, it’s great for small plants. I particularly like it for its light-weight. The only issue I have is that my shear doesn’t come with the nylon sheath in the picture.

Medium duty shears-comfortable fit and work well so far ~ reviewed by Laura

So far the heaviest thing I have used these shears for are rose stems, the thicker ones with thorns, and it was a bit of a struggle, I had to use a lot of pressure. I plan to use these to trim my smaller outdoor bushes and lemon trees but we shall see how long they last with regular use on those duties. I shall update later as I use them more.

I do love the way they fit my hand; I can fit all four of my fingers (woman’s) through the handle very comfortably. A man could probably only fit three or possibly two if they have very large fingers. I also like the way the two pieces are bolted together and rotate so that you can easily separate them for a good cleaning and drying. It looks like this center little bolt is pretty sturdy in that it goes all the way through and is not just soldered on. Of course this does not mean it could still not break off with enough pressure which has happened to me in the past a couple of times.

Work well as kitchen shears ~ reviewed by sjw

I’m using these as kitchen shears, and they work really well for that purpose. The titanium blades are corrosion resistant, easy to clean, and very sharp. And the ability to separate into two pieces makes cleaning even easier. So far, I’ve used them for snipping herbs & fresh green beans, cutting pizza, and rough-cutting various leafy greens. As kitchen shears, these work very well.

Nice Design With Sharp Blades; Handles are a Bit Small for Large Hands ~ reviewed by Jill Clardy

As soon as I received the shears I took them out in the garden for a trial. The grip fits my hand nicely and the long serrated blade cuts cleanly through small stems. I used it to deadhead roses, cut herbs and trim the foliage from my lilies which are no longer blooming. I also tried them on smaller branches and twigs of our Pittosporum hedge but the shears struggled to cut through the larger branches. The shears can be separated into 2 parts to allow effective cleaning. Though I found the grips comfortable, my husband felt they were too small for his hands.

Though the description and photos indicate that a fabric storage pouch is included, apparently those of us who selected these shears from the Vine product listing did not receive the pouch. I will store my shears indoors with my other fabric and paper scissors to reduce the chance that they will get weather beaten. Since the blades are titanium, I assume that they will not corrode or rust, which has been the fate of my other shears.

Well-made, easy to use shears ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I picked these up to trim bushes in my back yard. They appear to be well-made, they’re sharp, and I was able to easily cut through branches up to a quarter-inch thick. I have large hands, and though I can fit all four fingers in the handle, I use three (leaving my pinky out) and find them quite comfortable to use.

They are very easy to take apart for cleaning: simply open them all the way and separate the blades. These are well-made, easy to use shears.

UPDATE: After seven months of use, these shears have held up well.

Note: Amazon Vine customers didn’t receive the sheath that comes with these shears, however, everyone else should.

Nice light duty shears ~ reviewed by J. D. Fegler

These are handy outdoor shears, but may not cut through thicker branches as some might like. They are comfortable and good for cutting through vines, stem and the like. I love having a pair of these outside where I can access them easily.

Does its job with detachable aspect being great for cleaning ~ reviewed by Jong Lee

we have used it for some basic trimming in the yard – it’s not what I’m used to a Fiskar type of office scissors, but does work fine. Definitely like the detachable aspect.

Very strong, sturdy scissors ~ reviewed by digerati

This is a pair of super-sturdy, strong scissors. The blades are titanium, very sharp, and very thick so they do not bend or “splay” when you’re cutting woody stems in the garden. You can also separate the blades into two parts by opening up the scissors as wide as possible, and slipping the top blade over the central pivot, which is handy for opening boxes and other knife-like slicing tasks. The green handles are made of recycled plastic, and have just enough give to make them comfortable while ensuring you have a solid grip.

Easy to handle, easy to clean, and they work wonderfully ~ reviewed by Chefdevergue

I really like how well these shears work. They cut through virtually everything in my garden, and do it comfortably. Being able to separate the blades for cleaning makes things all that much easier, and insures that these shears will be of great use to me for many years to come. The fact that the handle is made from recycled materials is yet another plus. An excellent product in every respect!Buy it at Amazon

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