Millside Industries Wagon Undercarriage Reviews

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3.4 out of 5 stars based on 18 customer reviews

Product Description

Wagon Undercarriage Kit with 4″ X 10″ Pneumatic Tires. Build your own Wagon with sizes from !6″ X 32″ up to 24″ X 48″.

Customer Reviews

Easy to put together and good value ~ reviewed by Nick D.

Very easy to put together. I only give it four stars because the wheels move around laterally on their axles. They need extra washers or collars to prevent this.

I bolted a piece of plywood to mine that was pre-cut to 2′ x 4′ from Home Depot but Northern Tool has a version with a plywood platform already fixed to it with a protective edge strip. I would recommend just paying the extra $ and save yourself the hassle.

Problem solved, this kit did the trick ! ~ reviewed by A. Ward

Used this to build a cart to haul our 15 foot Tracker Jon boat down to the river.. used 2x4x 5 for length (spaced to sit just outside the outer most bottom ribs of boat) and 2x6x2 scrap for cross support and to attach these axles to. It works like a dream, very stable and easy to use. We just pull the cart along side the boat (sitting on its side propped against a tree) and flip the boat down onto the cart.. The handle is to short but we just tied a rope onto it for time being, will replace handle with a longer piece of sturdy PVC in near future. * used carriage bolts to attach to wood.

Sturdy wheels, not as wide as I would have … ~ reviewed by Steve L.

Sturdy wheels, not as wide as I would have liked, but not really a fault.

I built a cart to take my kids and our stuff to the beach.

No plans …No problem ~ reviewed by K. clark

I bought this kit recently to build a friend a vegetable garden on wheels. It turned out great.

Understand that if you purchase this kit, you will be completely on your own as far as design and construction. However, if you have one creative bone in your body, you will be able to make something beautiful and useful, and that will last you for many many years.

If you need some suggestions, go to this website:

You will find many suggestions on how to build the perfect wagon.

Great kit, I used this as a base to … ~ reviewed by jcdillin

Great kit, I used this as a base to build a mobile duck coop. My only complaint is it really should be better packed in the box. It was just tumbling all together in there.

I’d upload a photo of the coop but for some reason amazon doesn’t allow it on this.

Better have a spare wheel… ~ reviewed by Bryant Sivess

After building a deck for this wagon kit and only using it three times one of the wheel bearings failed. Now I am trying to locate a new wheel that matches or replacement bearings.

A good replacement for my Flyer Wagon ~ reviewed by Mark Woodbury

A good replacement for my Flyer Wagon. Doesn’t tip when turning sharp turns, then it doesn’t turn as sharp as the Flyer original front axle.

Great ~ reviewed by Randall P. Musick

I had this big box that I was having to move around alot and was tired of driging it. Well this item has saved my back.

Save your money ~ reviewed by Gooseman

Came with no instructions, parts are cheap. Would not recommend

One Star ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

I changed my mind, and the item was returned.Buy it at Amazon

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