Midwest 86036 36-Inch Lake Rake Reviews

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Product Description

Lake Rake This 36″ wide aluminum rake comes with a two-piece, 11 ft, rust-proof, powder-coated aluminum handle, detachable polyethylene float and a 20′ length of plastic rope. Use it to skim floating aquatic vegetation and algae from the water. By shortening the handle and removing the float, you have a professional-grade landscaping rake, excellent for dressing beach sand. Suggestion: use the Lake Rake in combination with the Aquatic Weed Eradicator. First cut the weeds growing in the water with the Aquatic Weed Eradicator, then drag them to shore with the floating Lake Rake.

Customer Reviews

I NEVER leave reviews but in this case I HAD to!! ~ reviewed by Lake Raker

For the last hour or so I have been outside raking my pond. This pond is not exactly small either, it is easily 100 feet long and 50 feet wide. Needless to say an hour is not going to cut it so I will be spending about an hour a day for a good couple of weeks raking up scum and weeds. The algae on the top has been an unsightly scene for over two years now so I am ecstatic about seeing it gone. I absolutely love how you can just toss the rake out and pull it back so slowly and calmly as if it were weightless. Of course it isn’t weightless when it gets pulled up on land but it doesn’t weigh a lot at all, probably between 10 and 20 pounds depending on how good of a throw you get. I actually used it to pull a bush out of the pond! And I mean a real bush, not a little wimpy bush. Bush size was about 4 feet high, 10 feet wide, 6 feet long. To make a long story short: good build quality, great design, high functionality, definitely would recommend purchasing one.

Lake Rake ~ reviewed by Barry C

Product is heavy duty and should give long life. I have used it both for weed removal and for algae removal and it is very effective for both putposes. Handle extension allows a reach that we could not normally have for most rakes and, although I haven’t used the float yet, the float will be very useful with the extension for algae removal as the assembly gets a little heavy. Rake is as advertised and would recommend it for anyone doing pond maintenance.

Rake review ~ reviewed by Handyman

The first item came damaged – poor packaging. The second one arrived in good condition and was easy to assemble. The rake is not easy to use as it requires you to throw the item out into the pond and drag it back. The throwing part isn’t too bad but the rake ends wrong side up about 20% of the time. The fun begins when you pull the rake to shore with, in my case, lilies. The load gets very heavy until about 50% if it falls off on the way to shore. The short of it is, that if you have the patience and the arm strength this is a practical way to clear the surface of a pond, if it is not too large of one.

This is the rake you need… ~ reviewed by Lake Man

For anyone looking for a solid, well built, rake to tackle those persistent and tough lake weeds, this is the ticket. The rake can be assembled easily and with the extension reaches out to 12 feet. It is very sturdy. Yes, the rake can get heavy when using the extension and pulling in weeds, but the rake has to be stout to handle the weight of the wet weeds. (The rake handle is tubular in structure and not solid which helps to make it somewhat lighter; I’ll take the extra length (and weight) to be able to reach further out into the lake to bring in those noxious weeds. It is a workout to use it, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It is made in America (Indiana) too, which makes it especially nice. Glad I made this purchase and would recommend it to anyone who needs a solid rake and is willing to get a good work out!

Long reach ~ reviewed by Cool_Boy

This rake certainly helps to get at that pesky top residue on the pond. It reaches out quite far and is and excellent choice for the shoreline task. Remove the extension and you can use it from the boat, but have a plan for where to put the raked up residue when you are not on shore. Overall excellent for the task and well designed. A little pricey, maybe 15% over what I believe it should cost, otherwise excellent product.

good design ~ reviewed by Gary W.

This works pretty well. The only problem is that it may lose sticks and rocks when pulling from a longer distance. So if the head was a bit heavier it may be better. But, it works great for weeds which is what it was designed for.

Lake Rake ~ reviewed by Connie R. Devendorf

This rake worked well but is much too heavy for me to use.I am not afraid of hard work but I found this too heavy when your trying to lift it out of the water.Midwest 86036 36-Inch Lake Rake

great lake rake ~ reviewed by dontanic

this item works very well. with the extension in place it reaches well out into the pond and removes the algy. some others i looked at didn’t come with the float and not shure how they would work.

Well made product ~ reviewed by kaipod

This rake is well made and seems sturdy. I use it to rake floating weeds around my dock that have been previously cut by a commercial weed cutting machine. The float is a nice feature if tossing the rake to reach farther than the extended handle allows. It’s very easy to remove the float (it’s held on with 2 Velcro straps) if you wish to submerge the rake for deeper access. The only drawback I’ve seen is that you can’t toss the rake with the extended handle attached. You have to remove the extension and connector and then fasten an eye bolt with cord attached to the short handle. This requires a wrench or pliers to secure the locknut to the eye bolt. I’m just planning to use the extension handle since I can reach nearly everything I need to rake without needing to toss the rake.

Midwest Lake Rake ~ reviewed by Troy A. Zwicke

What a great product for pond and lake owners. Had tons of coontail and other aquatic vegetation in my pond. Was using a garden rake and hating life, the coontail just stuck to the garden rake and you spent as much time clearing / cleaning garden rake as you did pulling coontail.

I purchased the lake rake and it works incredible, something about the tine design, the coontail just falls off when you dump the rake. The float is just held on by Velcro and it works great. I have completely cleared my 1.5 acre pond of coontail while working on it for about 1 hour a night for about 2 weeks.

I have only used the float feature and pulled in massive amount of coontail. I was worried about spending the amount that the rake cost, but it has been worth every penny.Buy it at Amazon

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