Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape Rake, 36-Inch Reviews

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4.8 out of 5 stars based on 22 customer reviews

Product Description

Aluminum landscape rake is long, rounded teeth provide a smooth, non gouging raking action, while its striking edge is excellent for grading. Strong wrap around bracing and heavy duty double rib construction maximizes head stability and ensures long lasting performance, even under the heaviest professional use. The durable 66-inch powder coated aluminum handle comes with a 6-inch non slip vinyl grip for added comfort. It has a solid aluminum plug in the head to handle connection, unlike other brands that use wood or plastic plugs or even no plug at all. Midwest rake company invented the bolted through wrap around bracing for a rake that is superior to any others on the market. Measures 66-inch length by 36-inch width by 4-inch height.

Customer Reviews

Strong, quite heavy, requires muscle. ~ reviewed by Harold Holcombe

This is a very well made rake. I had hoped it would be more helpful in spreading gravel on my driveway than it actually is. However, I assume spreading gravel, the coarse whitish-gray kind that is the product of crushing mined stones, is not easy for any rake. For river gravel I believe this works very well. It is a big rake, heavy, very strong. I would think it too much for the average woman to handle with ease, and I do not mean that in a demeaning way, it does require some muscle. Over all I think purchasers will be able to leave this rake to their heirs!

Very pleased with this rake. ~ reviewed by Mark52

Solid rake. Well made. American manufacture. I have two large pine trees in my yard, and cleaning up the pine needles and cones out of the lawn is a chore. This rake makes short work of it.

so it doesn’t dig in like a lawn rake ~ reviewed by David Orth

This is my first experience with a landscape rake, so I am writing this with people with similar landscape rake knowledge. I thought this rake would have narrower spacing between the tines than my generic lawn rake. They are the same.So if you are trying to remove smaller rock, it doesn’t. The teeth on the rake are blunt, so it doesn’t dig in like a lawn rake. It isn’t as easy to dig larger rocks out of the ground. That being said, it preps the surface for planting. I purchased this and the 48” rake to rake in grass seed in my yard. I haven’t done this yet, but believe it will do an excellent job base on using it to level wheel tracks in my yard. The head to handle connection is solid. The handle is my only concern. I like that it is long, but it is light weight steel. It feels like it would be very easy to bend. Based on the price, I would like to see a heavy duty fiberglass handle. It is very light weight and I assume this will reduce fatigue. It will serve my needs as a DIY’er. I purchased these wider than average rakes, because I have an acre to rake. I have now used the rake to break up the soil for planting grass. It does a better job breaking up the soil when you push it, then just let the weight of the rake smooth things out as you pull it back. Bent the center tine doing this, but I think I am trying more than the rake was intended for. Works amazing for leveling loose dirt. Even the 48" head does not flex side to side when breaking up soil. Have to eat my words about the handle.

Great Product!!! ~ reviewed by David J. Moore

Works as intended. Shipping was fast and the price was good too. would truely reccomend tis product to anyone looking for a good landscape rake.

Great for smoothing gravel or sand ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

This rake is fantastic for smoothing out gravel and sand. The wide head makes quick work of the space to be smoothed, and the lightweight rake prevents fatigue when working with already heavy materials. I think this rake is great and would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to keep their gravel or sand areas tidy.

works better than I expected ~ reviewed by N. Dencklau

Bought for leveling pea gravel, works better than I expected. Build quality is good but the holes in the handle didn’t line up perfectly with the rake head. Managed to “fix” the alignment with a hammer so I didn’t need to get the drill out.

Can’t beat a Midwest rake. Yes, they cost … ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

Can’t beat a Midwest rake. Yes, they cost considerably more than your standard rake, but then again, the’re not your standard rake. I own several and will continue to do so for a long time.

Does what it supposed to, but I wish I … ~ reviewed by simpleperson

Does what it supposed to, but I wish I had more talent when coming to leveling ground. I don’t have the feel for it and its a lot of work to just go back and forth.

Would give it 5 stars but the sides of the … ~ reviewed by gary d meester

Would give it 5 stars but the sides of the tines were very sharp. Filed them after getting a finger cut.They need to add one step to their manufacturing.

Great rake ~ reviewed by b

This does just what I wanted it to and it is a quality product. I use it for raking out a fine gravel yard.Buy it at Amazon

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