Meyerco Machete (18-Inch) Reviews

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4.2 out of 5 stars based on 16 customer reviews

Product Description

Few tools are as versatile and functional as a good machete. Whether you are hunting, camping, working in your backyard, or surviving in the deepest jungle, nothing is handier or more useful. Staring with durable, spring-tempered blades of corrosion-resistant 420 stainless steel, they add an injection-molded textured rubber handle with a unique D-guard. This guard not only protects your hand during demanding chopping chores, it also ensures a positive grip and unparalleled control of the blade. A unique relief cut in the guard design also provides a thumb rest for more comfortable horizontal cutting strokes. Comes complete with a durable nylon sheath and a wrist lanyard for additional safety. Meyerco machetes are a force to be reckoned with!

Customer Reviews

Exceeded my expectations…this is a POWERFUL machete!!!! ~ reviewed by Maui, Hawaii

The first day I received this machete I easily split open 7 coconuts with just a few chops and sliced down a thick branch holding over 50 bananas in just one swipe. This tool has exceeded my expectations. It is super heavy with an excellent grip. It feels solid in my hand and the case is a very high quality, I can tell it will last for many, many years. This is a very well made tool; it is solid, powerful, and it gets the job done. It is SUPER sharp. THANKS FOR A GREAT TOOL, GREAT PRICE, SUPER FAST, FREE SHIPPING TO HAWAII!

Great clearing ATV trails ~ reviewed by John Mercier

This tool is excellent in clearing ATV trails of brush and the saw teeth are good to cut larger branches. I also feel safer having it in the deep woods.

Great Tool ~ reviewed by BlueDuck

Bought this a few years ago from Cabellas and after three years of using it once or twice a week the hand gaurd broke. Sad it broke but will probably purchase another one if I cant get plastic filed down to the point its not annoying. Extremely happy with this tool. It was put through alot of hell

Disappointing ~ reviewed by North Port Guy

I purchased this particular machete based on other customer reviews. We had a lot of palmetto to cut before getting land cleared. It just plain didn’t work. Even after using my sharpening store, it didn’t do the job it should. Borrowed surveyor’s machete to see if it was me, and it did a fine job.

This will do nicely! ~ reviewed by D. Golden

Very sturdy and solid. Handle is good and comfortable. The blade is very hefty and not flimsy like some of the cheaper models.

Strong sturdy tool but needs sharpening. ~ reviewed by sgill5

I like it but is kind of dull ? I went into the backyard and took swipes and strikes at thin branches and twigs and it berly got through. I’m taking it in to get it sharpened and the only reason I didn’t return it was the handle grip and perfect weight for my hands.

Best machete on the market ~ reviewed by Brian Humphrey

If you have clearing to do this machete is the one that saves the vibration of your hand and wrist when you strike brush be careful with your legs because it’s going to slice thru next thing better is a chain saw good luck with your clearing

Sheath is pretty nice too ~ reviewed by John Vaughan

Heavy duty!Has’nt rusted yet.Sheath is pretty nice too.Going to get it nitrate coated black.Worth the bucks.Doubt I’ll bend it.Recommended.

18″ meyerco ~ reviewed by e

nice sturdy steel. very sharp blade. ergo handle. cuts like butter. sheath is very sturdy as well. serrated edge is just ok.

Nice ~ reviewed by marsis

Very heavy duty machete. I Haven’t had a chance to use it in the field but seems stout enough for about anything.Buy it at Amazon

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