McLane 2059-HD 2-Inch x 9-Inch Heavy Duty Edger Blade Reviews

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4.7 out of 5 stars based on 21 customer reviews

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HIgh quality blade ~ reviewed by Chap442

This is a high quality blade- not one of the thin cheap blades that comes in a multi pack- It is a manufacturer blade. I highly recommend it.

As Advertised (aside from packaging) ~ reviewed by R. Manning

The item arrived quickly and it truly is heavy duty! Easily twice as thick as the one that came with my edger which I bought over 10 years ago. It was long overdue and I was shocked at how much metal was missing from my original one. It is painted with a black coating so you wont cut your hands while adding this blade to your edger. Changed it out with a hex wrench (to hold it in place on the backside near the wheels) and a socket wrench on the blade side.

Heavy Duty Blade ~ reviewed by DLH

Haven’t use it yet, but can tell it’s exactly like the one that came on the machine, which so far, has lasted a surprisingly long time. Apparently there are two types of these blades. This one, which is heavier, and another that is much lighter. These are more expensive, but I’m sure it’ll last a lot longer. Disappointing that McLane would even sell the lighter ones. Very satisfied.

Replacement Blade ~ reviewed by Sharon Dunn

Works great.Better the original blade. replaced along with new belt and edger works great. Would recommend this purchase for future blade replacements.

Just to answer the questions regarding thickness of these blades … ~ reviewed by Dale T. Brose

Just to answer the questions regarding thickness of these blades compared to the non-HD blades in the 3 pack. These HD blades are 0.132″ (3.42mm) thick. The non-HD blades are 0.078″ (1.90mm) thick. McLane also makes a 3 sided blade, the 3T, and it is the same thickness as the non-HD blade above. Check it out on the McLane website. I bought one as a test and I’m using it now on my edger. I have no way of performing a Rockwell test to document the hardness of these blades. It only takes two minutes to change a blade, but who wants to constantly have to order & change blades?


Could not be any more pleased with this edger as it performed as advertised. Was helpful to read the reviews about the throttle
control and it is not an issue whatsoever. Would recommend this edger over the Lowe’s Toro brand any day, especially as it is
made in the USA. Only thing that puzzles me is that there is no tab on McLane’s website for warranty registration, and no answer
on their telephone number.

Best edger! ~ reviewed by Joseph L.

Outstanding machine. I’ve used it many times now and it works very well. I inadvertently stalled the blade once and the machine “ate up” the belt–damaged beyond repair. I called the company to order a new one and the representative advised me that it was a common size and to buy it locally–“It would be less expensive.” She was correct. Great customer service.

Better than the original blades that came with the edger ~ reviewed by mafrentress

Better than the original blades that came with the edger. These are not cheap flimsy pieces of metal. They do a great job and last a long time.

edger blade ~ reviewed by Doodles

The blade is just exactly what I needed the correct size to fit my new edger whenever the blade on the edger becomes chipped.

These are a great quality edger item ~ reviewed by Chris Cowdell

These are a great quality edger item, nice and thick and last longer than the thin replacement pieces purchased at sears.Buy it at Amazon

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