McLane 2059-3 2-Inch x 9-Inch Edger Blade – 3 Pack (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Reviews

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4.2 out of 5 stars based on 91 customer reviews

Product Description

EDGER BLADES 2″ x 9″ 1/2″ round Fits all McLane edgers Peggable

Customer Reviews

Not recommended ~ reviewed by bigfish4545

I have owned a McLane edger for about 5 years now and have worn out the original edger blade and one replacement (after market) blade. I could not find another after market blade at the local stores so I ordered these blades from amazon. I must say that when these blades arrived I was very suprised at the quality. All three of these blades together are not as heavy as the after market blade I replaced. I installed one of the new blades and edged the walk as I normally do and I believe all three of the McLane blades will not last as long as one of the after market blades. I am very dissapointed with these OEM blades and will buy after market blades in the future. I would not recommend this product.

I guess I was unlucky ~ reviewed by Vinnie

I just received these blades today and they aren’t McLane brand and feel very very cheap I posted two pictures of them so you can see but i don’t know maybe i just got unlucky. I’ll revise the review after i use them.

OEM McLane blade replacement ~ reviewed by J. Gunden

McLane edgers are badass and you will need replacement blades once you have the depth fully dropped on the machine and you are not getting the results you want. It is time to change the blade. Takes less than 15 min and you’re back up and running. Now turf to hardscape lines are crisp and neat again. Fitment is perfect. Exactly what I needed. The 3 pack should last me 5-10 years.

Review Edger Blade Pack ~ reviewed by John Ledman

I haven’t used them yet but they are much thinner than than the ones I used to get at WalMart so I don’t expect them to long lived.

fits perfect ~ reviewed by Ed

I used one of the blades last year…it lasted as long as more expensive ones. Excellent choice for a great price.

Not a Blade ~ reviewed by Utthon

I am not sure if this is a blade since it has no sharpen edges. I bought 2 packs of this because it was a good price in comparison with the original bladesto be replaced with. I used a craftmans edger and this blade is suppose to be the same. The part itslf fits nicely with my craftsman edger. However, the cutting may be a question and the this metal piece tends to get shorten faster than the craftmans blade. Most likely, this is a softer steel. Overall, useable but if you can get a craftsman blade at equivalent price, get the craftsman.

They were the correct blades ~ reviewed by handydandy

My husband was happy with the blades because they were the right ones and they arrived on time. They should last for a long time.

Blades too thin ~ reviewed by Harold Stelzer

I thought I was getting the regular McLane blade, but yours are much thinner. I’m going to have to find the thicker blades

A Winner ~ reviewed by Duffer.

For starters, this edger is made in the USA. It is almost a miracle to find US made products anymore so this was a most pleasant find. This edger replaced a Sears edger which, as with most Sears products I have purchased, was made in China. It was a piece of junk but enough about Sears.

The McLane edger was easy to assemble. After assembly and adding gas and oil the engine started up easily. The edger has two front wheels which makes for easy and comfortable handling.

This is a quality edger and is a most satisfactory purchase.

These blades work for me, last a reasonable amount of time ~ reviewed by Mark6479

Highly recommended seller. The blades were as described and came quickly. Perfect fit and function, just take off the old blade, attach the new, and discover how nice it is to have a full-length blade again. If you’re like me and have sidewalks with uneven form lines in spots, you’re familiar with that grinding sound as you inadvertently edge the cement. Do that enough and your blade gets a bit short. These blades fit and work just fine for my needs.Buy it at Amazon

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