Master Gardener Rechargeable Cart Sprayer – 12 Volt, 9-Gallon Capacity Reviews

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4.2 out of 5 stars based on 45 customer reviews

Product Description

This Master Gardener rechargeable cart sprayer is a versatile multi-use sprayer that offers a spray width of up to 50in. with its front mounted broadcast nozzle. This powerful sprayer delivers up to a 15-ft. vertical and a 20-ft. horizontal spray with 18in. handgun. Rolls on heavy-duty 12in. wheels and can be pushed, pulled or attached to a tractor or ATV/UTV with the included hitch. Works as a spot or broadcast sprayer and is glyphosate compatible; also ideal for fertilizer or deicing sidewalks in winter. Includes a rechargeable 12V battery that provides 2 hour runtime, along with a 9-gallon chemical resistant tank and 1 GPM pump with Viton?« seals. Total dimensions are 24in.L x 19in.W x 24in.H.

Customer Reviews

Heavy duty ~ reviewed by TRH

This sprayer replaced my backpack sprayer. It is a major improvement in the delivery of weed killer, the long hose and strong spray gives you a large radius of spraying without moving the cart. It is extremely well built and should be able to absorb hard use. Only minor assembly was required, I had it ready to go in about 20 minutes. The large neck allows easy filling and makes cleaning easy. It pulls fairly easy through the heavy sand in my yard. It was slighly damaged during shipment, I brought it to the attention of the shipper by e-mail and in two days they replaced the original unit. Factory service is top drawer!

This cart sprayer is great ~ reviewed by Wachiwi Kelley

This sprayer is a great invention, I have 14 acres that I have to spray for weeds. It works great.

Bait and switch on item shipped! ~ reviewed by Mel West

Sprayer in videos and photos on website had Chrome spoked wheels with rubber tires! Even the color photos on the box it was shipped in had the chrome wheels and real rubber tires! The tires and wheels on sprayer were cheap plastic including the tires! A major downgrade in looks and quality especially when pulling plastic flat tires through gravel. We just tried to use sprayer for first time today, as soon as we engaged the wand our expensive Roundup starting leaking from the back of the unit where all the hoses connect! Very dissatisfied at this point. Will call manufacturer or Amazon on Monday.

Nice sprayer, except for the cheap parts ~ reviewed by grscott

The sprayer itself is good, sprays a long time on one charge. Pump is good and the nozzle pattern is okay. The components are not so great. After one use, the wand handle cracked on the inside so was unusable besides spraying chemical everywhere (including on me). The company replaced it quickly so cudos to them! The curly hose is stiff and awful. I cut and spliced a better and longer hose into it, which works well. This is one of those things that the manufacturer should put better quality components into it and charge a tiny bit more. Then they’d have a great product and get no complaints from their customers.

Excellent product! ~ reviewed by 7sunday

Such an improvement over hand pump units. Great ease of use saving time with good capacity requiring no stop for refilling.

Poor Quality ~ reviewed by H T D

I have used this sprayer two times. After the first time, the company replaced the pump because it failed to work again. The new pump lasted for one use – now, it is “dead” again. I will not attempt to repair – just trash for that is what it is!!!

Love my sprayer! ~ reviewed by Richard L. Jackson

A truly great product, but criticisms of the short, stiff hose are definitely well-founded. I went to a hardware store, as others have done, and purchased materials to upgrade it myself. First time I used it I sprayed 3 full tanks of crabgrass killer and it was still pumping strong. My only other criticism is that the directions that were included were pitiful – really inadequate. I would still definitely recommend this product to a friend.

Could be improved ~ reviewed by J.P.Delgado, MD

Had this sprayer for several months now and it works relatively well. There are however several point I would like to make that could improve the item: the fill markings could be made more visible – the outlet drain, at the front of the sprayer is placed too high and allows a residue of liquid to remain in the tank. – the hose is too stiff and does not extend to the claimed length. The good points : sprayer head/handle works very well… battery charge lasts long enough for a couple of runs…

Great Sprayer ~ reviewed by J~

Sprayer was easy to assemble. Works great for spraying herbicide for larger areas. I was using a hose end sprayer to spray the weeds along our road and bought this so I didn’t have to drag the hose around. It’s fairly maneuverable even when full. The valve to the front nozzle for pulling the sprayer with an ATV did start leaking the first time I used it. I called the seller and they got the replacement sent without any problems.


Everything was fine until a wheel fell off on the first run. I discovered that one shaft was about 1/2 an inch short. So while I am re-ordering this product, I would suggest that you make sure the shaft is sticking out of each bolt holding the wheel in place the same amount. I’ll update when I receive the replacement.

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