Marble Knives 5015S Fireman’s Shovel Machete Sheath with Heavy Black Nylon Construction w/ Orange Embroidered Marble’s Logo & Belt Loop Reviews

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4.4 out of 5 stars based on 22 customer reviews

Product Description

Marbles Fireman’s Shovel Machete Sheath. Heavy black nylon construction with orange embroidered Marble’s logo and belt loop. Features two cargo pouches plus a pouch with included sharpening stone. Made to fit MR5015 Fireman’s Shovel Machete. Bulk packed.

Customer Reviews

Fits a Cold Steel Special Forces shovel ~ reviewed by Seth B.

I bought this to accompany a Cold Steel Special Forces shovel. I got them both on the same day. One of the pop rivets came out at the top, so I re-set it.

The cold steel shovel fits in it just fine. There’s a little wiggle room as it’s not AS big as the Marble shovel, but it’s very secure once you do up the top loop around the handle.

Very happy with the combo.

Bonus! ~ reviewed by Max

Not only does it have some great little pockets (of which I put a little survival kit in one of them) but it also came w/ a sharpening stone. I put the stone on my workbench and use the pockets to carry other things…but what a great way to store the tool in the trunk of my car or lash to a rescue pack.

A sturdy shovel sheath ~ reviewed by R. Crist

Given that the special tool needs a sturdy special case, the Marble designers successfully worked with a skilled sheath master. I carry this product in my vehicle every day. The pockets can hold a small stone, a few band-aids or fire steel or other emergency items. Plenty of room for some gun oil too. Importantly the shovel is a snug fit. Attaches easily to my belt or back pack. I wasn’t disappointed, I would have liked leather, but this one works.

Doesn’t fit the Cold Steel Special Forces shovel as well as reported. ~ reviewed by M. Jackson

This review speaks specifically to using this with the Cold Steel Special Forces shovel.

It’s really well made, much nicer than the Cold Steel one.

This thing is big, about 1.5-2 inches bigger all away around the shovel so overall about 3-4 inches too big in both dimensions.

While the shovel does fit in the sheath, so would a serving spoon. It fits but does not fit well

Since the shovel doesn’t fit the profile of the one its made for, it can slip right out of the sheath only being stopped once its mostly out of the sheath by the Velcro strap around the handle.

Perhaps modifying this with additional rivets and maybe another snap to actually secure the shovel, would make it a great case for this use.

As it stands though, I would not recommend this for use with the Cold Steel Special Forces shovel.

Nice Sheath ~ reviewed by Tank40MM

Good size sheath, plenty of pocket space. I put my coldsteel shovel in it along with a multi tool small first aid kit and a fire starting kit and I love it.

Great cover for a Cold Steel SOG Shovel. ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

Excellent quality ! Sheath fits the Cold Steel SOG shovel like a glove. Well constructed with quality nylon. The stitching and rivets are spot on and the Velcro is solid. The sheath has a belt loop. It also had 3 additional pockets. They can be used for a fire steel or other bug out items. I put a multi-tool, a Bic lighter and a fire steel in mine. The added bonus is an included sharpening stone ! This stone is included in one of the attached pockets. For the price, it’s a great addition to your CS Shovel. Be advised that the CS shovel comes with VERY sharp edges and this cover is a must for carrying purposes. The vendor was also great. You can’t go wrong for the price. It beats the CS cover by a mile !

but it works just fine. The cover itself is much heavier than it … ~ reviewed by rk

It’s a very solid product. I bought it for the cold steel shovel. As others have mentioned, it is a bit larger than necessary for this shovel, but it works just fine. The cover itself is much heavier than it looks! It’s nearly a pound, I’d say. So don’t expect to drag it backpacking. But for car camping, or just tossing in the trunk, no problem. Didn’t realize it came with a stone. Nice bonus. All in all, for what it’s advertised to be, it gets an A+. I probably won’t use it as much as I though I would, though, because of the minor negatives I mentioned.

Decent cover for a shovel with a hole in it ~ reviewed by M. elliott

This shovel cover comes with several pockets & a handy sharpening stone in one of them ..put duct tape in one of the others, for incase you need to shovel sand or loose dirt, because the fireman shovel has a wrench hole in it

Also customer service is slow at CKW.. It took 4 weeks, 8 emails and a trip or two to the post office (where I had to initially lay out the return-shipping) before I received the correct item.

great ~ reviewed by Brenda Stark

This is a multipurpose tool that stands up under anything! digs, pounds, cuts and chops, very packable, small but strong and powerful… a great buy!

well made accessory ~ reviewed by raven

this is a very nice sheath. the sharpening stone that comes with it works very well. I bought this sheath for my cold steel special forces shovel, it has a bit of wiggle room but with the top hook and loop fastener around the handle it is very securely held in place. also this sheath is much nicer than the one cold steel makes.Buy it at Amazon

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