Mantis 1622 Power Tiller Tines for Gardening Reviews

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4.8 out of 5 stars based on 27 customer reviews

Product Description

Replacement Tilling Tines for all Mantis Tiller/Cultivators, Mantis Patented Serpentine Tines slice through compact soil and hard clay. Till up to 10-Inch deep and 9-Inch wide, Guaranteed for life against breakage.

Customer Reviews

Never Break, But They Do Wear Out ~ reviewed by PhilMT

I’m on my third Mantis Tiller, and have been using them for nearly 20 years. I consider it my most important, and most indispensable gardening tool, but I wish the tines would last longer. Mantis lifetime warrants tines against breakage, but I have never broken one. I do, however, wear them out regularly, and over the years have spent more on replacement tines than I’ve spent on tillers. This is not an exaggeration. At $75 a pop, four sets of tines equals the cost of a brand new tiller. The deterioration of the tines is so predictable that I actually keep a spare set of tines “in stock” at all times. Year after year, the problem is always the same. The curvature at the tip of the tines, especially the serpentine tine, is actually quite thin, and eventually abrades away making the tiller ineffective. With the curvature gone, the tines cut the soil, but can’t churn it. Perhaps my soil is particularly abrasive, I don’t know. I can tell you, however, that, for me, annual replacement, at minimum, is a fact of life.

Mantis tine replacement ~ reviewed by Rich Armstrong

It works fine, but it had a slight flaw in one of the tines,as if it were cut from a piece of stock a shade short of making a complete point.
In addition, I know it came from China, where I suspect the quality of material is not what American material was
just a few years ago when I bought replacement tines. I will be suprised if I get 6-7 yuears wear as I did on American made tines!

Good replacement part ~ reviewed by Darrell

The mantis is the absolute best garden tool ever! I’ve used it so much that the tines needed replacing. New tines, plus the “Tiller Weed Reducers” (Mantis 1722-00-02), and I’m back to planting. I’d never be without my Mantis!

Works like new again ~ reviewed by Fred G.

These new tines are just what my garden needed. Works like new again!!

Tines wear out very fast in loose sandy loom. … ~ reviewed by westford1

Tines wear out very fast in loose sandy loom. Had 5 tiller years and burnt 3 sets of tines. Looking at 4th set vs replacing the unit.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Grand24

Very easy to install and works fine.

Bought as replacements. ~ reviewed by C. R. Baugher

Wow, I forgot how sharp these blades really are. They were bought as replacements for 10 year old blades that had worn out. The Mantis is great for smaller areas.

Original Replacment TInes for Mantis – FIt perfectly ~ reviewed by Randall L. Reed

Needed replacement tines for our Mantis. Wanted original. They fit perfectly and are easy to install. The Mantis is an awesome cultivator.

Tiller tines replacement ~ reviewed by W. Whitehead

My wife completely wore out the original tines tilling in our harsh Virginia mountain soil/shale/dolomite combination. It took almost 8 years but they were ready to be replaced. We ordered these and, being a perfect fit, they are doing the job once again! How long will these last? Well, at the end of the next 8 years, Lord willing, I will let you know!

making it nice and easy to work with ~ reviewed by Everett H. Watts

My new Mantis tiller blades make short work of somewhat solid soil that has been moistened, making it nice and easy to work with. Glad i got new ones. Ev WattsBuy it at Amazon

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