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Product Description

This wagon has infinite uses for anything to avoid high lifting when needing to load something heavy or bulky. Use this wagon for carting gardening and landscaping materials around the yard. Folds easily into its own carry bag for easy carry and made by solid steel frame construction with 600 Denier polyester fabric.

Customer Reviews

Will the real Macwagon please come forward? ~ reviewed by Dark Helmet

First, some things you should know…

There are a LOT of cheap knockoffs out there. It’s apparent by reading some of the reviews that some third-party sellers (non-Amazon) have been selling fakes instead of the real thing. Real ones come fully assembled and packaged in a box that says “MACwagon”. I have included pictures of the box. I purchased it at Dick’s, so I know it’s authentic. If you bought one on Amazon from a third-party seller and received one without the box or needing assembly, YOU GOT A FAKE.

Anyway, here’s my review…

I was torn between the Macwagon and the Ozark Trail collapsible wagon from Wal-Mart. Ultimately I decided I preferred the handle on the Macwagon, and the flat shape made it easier to slide behind the seat on my extended-cab pickup.

I bought the Macwagon to haul my fishing stuff down the trails, and to ferry groceries when I walk to the store. I fish a lot and sometimes the parking area is a long way from the spots I want to fish. I also have a frameless inflatable pontoon boat and needed something to carry it (deflated) along the path. The Macwagon holds all my gear and a small cooler. When I launch the boat, I either run it back to the truck or leave it chained to a tree or other heavy object with a bike lock.

The Macwagon serves both purposes equally well. The wheels are big enough that going up over large rocks and curbs is not a problem, and the bars on the front and back make it easy to lift over taller obstacles. The tag warns not to use it on uneven ground, but I think that’s more of a liability thing and because the large wheels make it rather tall. If you distribute the load properly, help it over obstacles by lifting it by the front or rear bar and take it easy going over gravel and rocks it will be fine.

A few reviews mention it is difficult to steer, but apparently older models had a handle that could pivot left and right, causing the steering instability. Now the handle only pivots up and down, so the turning is totally controlled by the wheels. I’ve included an image of the handle attachment point. If you need to start a turn when the wagon is loaded and stopped in soft dirt, grab the bar at the front and pull to get it started. This will prevent too much torque on the attachment point.

The front wheels are welded to the front crossbar, but the welds are VERY solid. They will not bend backwards like I’ve seen happen on cheaper folding wagons. I’ve also included a photo of the front wheel attachment.

The only thing I really wish it had was some kind of brake or wheel lock. Bring a couple of doorstop wedges for chocks if you need it to stay in one place on an incline.

Love it! Perfect for sporting events! ~ reviewed by BusyMom

I have 3 boys and, to warm up before their games. My husband coaches so he has his own huge load. Trying to balance all the stuff on top of a rolling cooler is a nightmare and really overloads the cooler. My husband uses his childhood radio flyer metal wagon but it is so heavy and bulky!

UNTIL I FOUND THIS CART! Everything fits in the cart perfectly! It folds up to about the size of a small sofa cushion with a case and handle. I put the cart all folded up in the trunk with all the other stuff, opened it up and put everything in at the field.

You can leave the handle locked in close to the cart (to push) or snap it off (easier to manuver around corners); you can adjust the height of the handle and lock it in. I had absolutely no problems rolling this cart. I took it along rocky, desert trails and grass with no problems. The wheels are big and the fabric washable. It has 2 cup holders and I have another bag snapped on the back.

My husband watched me use the cart and decided to retire his radio flyer. I will be ordering another one right now!@

Deserves 5 *’s but … ~ reviewed by The Fallen Angel with a broken Wing

My husband and I always made several trips to and from the car when we bought groceries or my husband had to lug a heavy laundry basket full of clean laundry or carry two(2) 5 gallon bottles of water when we went to buy water. All this lugging was rough on our back. We were happy when we’d find a shopping cart left on the sidewalk cuz we’d borrow it for a quick minute but I saw this at the store and thought since it’s foldable it’d be easier to store in the van and after first use we fell in Love with it. All our groceries fit into the wagon that we only needed to make one trip, laundry basket fit nicely, and that bar in the back of the wagon was great for me when I needed to hitch a ride *I use a manual wheelchair* all I did was grab onto that rear bar and my husband would tow me as he walked up the driveway which is on sorta a hill climb. The reason why I don’t give it 5 *’s which I think it deserves is like a previous reviewer stated the pull arm could of been a little longer or able to stretch out longer and wheel locks would of been great. Other than that I think this is a great wagon to have and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Great build quality, holds a lot, but steering can be difficult ~ reviewed by Grant Hulbert

My wife and I got this for our frequent picnics in the park and at the beach. It’s very nice to be able to load up all the heavy stuff, and the build quality of this wagon is exceptional. It’s super-easy to open and close!

But there’s one flaw: the wheels in front can turn independently, and are not ‘steered’ by the handle. So you’ll find that the wagon veers off in a different direction than you’re pulling. I wish they had connected the wheels to the pull handle, so you could aim it (like those little Radio Flyer wagons from our childhood). The best we could do was to just let it veer for a little bit; it would always come back in sort of a zig-zag pattern. Overcorrecting the steering just makes it worse, so just gently pull and it’ll be fine.

The most awesome little red cart EVER! ~ reviewed by Wireman

Today at the fanciest mall in town at least 5 mommies stopped to ask me where I bought this awesome little red cart. I know it says not to pull your kids in it, but that was exactly what I was doing – pulling around my 3 and 1 year old. (They love it!) Ever since moving into this tiny apartment I have needed a way to juggle the groceries and the kids at the same time and this was the PERFECT solution. The cart is sturdy but lightweight, portable and easy to store. It doesn’t take up much space in my car or the closet of the apartment but saves my back lugging stuff to and from the car. The only negative is the same as another reviewer pointed out – it is a little difficult to steer. But that is any easy fix for those handy fellows out there: just add a screw to the round pivot where it attaches to the cart so that the handle can only move up and down but not left and right. Problem solved! This cart is awesome and worth every penny I spent on it!

Mac Sports Folding Wagon Red Collapsible ~ reviewed by Tabitha

I purchased the Mac Sports Wagon at one of those big warehouse stores for around $60.


When I purchased this wagon, I assumed it was a sports wagon for active movement and transport. The wagon is labeled as a sports wagon.

I wanted a wagon that would allow me to carry small and light weight items for picnics, beach trips, and other outings, e.g., backback, snack packs, blankets, towels, etc.

Unfortunately, the design of the wagon makes it undesirable for even minimal tasks. When weight of between 10-40 lbs. is placed in the wagon, it tends to roll in many directions uncontrollably.

The handle pivots and it makes it difficult to control or steer the wagon in the direction you want it to go. I tested the wagon on the widely paved sidewalk surface at downtown Orlando, FL Lake Eola Park during pet/market day (Sundays).

I placed my purse and a backpack in the wagon while I walked my dogs into the park. It was very difficult to steer the wagon with one hand because it was unstable, and going in many directions.

My backpack weighs less than 20 lbs. I then placed my two 15 lb. ShisTzus in the wagon with my purse and backback, but it was still difficut to steer.

In order to control the steering, I had to stroll at a snails pace–that’s literal. I had to walk with one foot in front of the other foot, or it would go off into many directions.

This wagon would not be suitable for persons with weak hands, or a weak wrist. I tried back hand steering, but it rolled over my ankles several times.

It was difficult to not only steer the wagon, but it was also difficult to stop the wagon before it ran over my ankles and feet.

This wagon has no wheel lock or steering lock. Each time I tried to walk at a steady pace, I’d hit my feet or ankles from behind. So, I tried keeping it to my side as much as possible, but this required a great deal of strength, wrist action, and hand clinching.

I am 5’11” and the handle is just too short. I have to bend and try to walk while walking humped over.


I like that the wheels are oversized. I like the fabric because it is easy to clean up. I like that it collapses and fits well in the trunk of my VW Passat, and on the rear passager floor area.

I like the size of the wagon because it is large enough to house my two ShihTzus and their backpack comfortably. I really like the colors (red and black).

Warning–when you remove it from the storage pouch, make sure you open it with the wheels facing up. If not, it will roll over your feet, and it is somewhat heavy.

The wagon is unusable because I hurt myself while using it for the purpose it was designed for.

It is a great looking wagon, but it does not function as intended. I give the wagon a 5/5 for appearance and appeal, and a 0/5 for function.

Our Favorite Baseball Carry All Cart With Wheels ~ reviewed by Katerina Gasset

We are a baseball family with youth who play a lot of baseball. It was always such a chore to carry all the bags, chairs, water containers, snacks, camera and umbrellas. We saw this wagon and bought it immediately. It has turned all those chores into a breeze. Yes, like one reviewer said, it can be a bit stubborn in the steering but I can handle it. It is worth that to save my back. We live in Florida and it gets hot. We play baseball year round so this has been such a nice comfort that I won’t give up.

I was so happy that it was so easy to put back to folding position and put in the trunk of our car. One hand pulls up the strap in the center interior of the cart, velcro the handles together and it is ready to load into the trunk. It takes up very little space in the trunk.

It does great in the rain and the red mud that you get with baseball. It dries right up, the fabric is amazing. Then we just turn it over and dump the red dirt out. We recommend this product as one of our baseball parent recommended products.

Love my Brown wagon (not red) ~ reviewed by Jude L

This folds up very small in my small apartment and everyone who sees it says it is great. It holds 100 pounds: 2 toddlers, library books and some baby dolls. Sometimes it is a laundry basket, a grocery hauler from the car, a cozy place for a 3 year old and a blanket. It just doesn’t steer well. That is the only minus. You will love it.

Terrible steering, constantly hits your ankles ~ reviewed by BDHinNC

We were so excited to see this wagon at such a good price. I’ve been wanting a wagon for our son for years, but could not commit to another giant piece of plastic in our house. So when I saw a collapsing wagon, I thought it was perfect. After using it one time, I could not be more disappointed. It is a terrible design. As another reviewer said, the steering is completely erratic and it’s impossible to keep it in straight line. The short walk from our house to the playground, while trying to stay on the sidewalk, was miserable. The wagon was all over the sidewalk, back and forth, until it finally rammed my ankle so hard, I was sure I was going to end up with a giant black bruise. It is truly impossible to keep the wagon going the direction you want. Both front wheels are free to move any and all directions on their own. It’s a terrible design! I would not advise anyone to buy this wagon, it is completely useless. As a further note, I am 5’5″ and the wagon hit my ankle within a few steps of walking. My husband is 6’3″ and was barely out of the driveway when it hit his ankle. I don’t think height and size matter, it’s such a bad design everyone is going to have a problem with it. Keep shopping for something else!

Sports Wagon is hard to turn ~ reviewed by Shaylene

I love how collapsible and portable the sports wagon is but the steering is terrible! I would recommend the item but you will need practice taking your belongs to the field with this wagon.Buy it at Amazon

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