Lifetime 65034 Two Wheel Wheelbarrow, 6.5 Cubic Feet Capacity Reviews

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Product Description

When you are ready to work, count on the Lifetime Wheelbarrow to help you get the job done. The wheelbarrow’s 6.5-cubic -Feet tub is made from 100% post-consumer recycled material, and has a load capacity of 550 pounds. The ingenious design enables this wheelbarrow to lighten your toughest loads. Unlike regular wheelbarrows, the extra-wide wheel base and low center of gravity provide better load stability; distributing 85% of the load weight to the wheels and only 15% to the operator. The front of the tub is also tapered, making dumping loads easier. At Lifetime, we appreciate great engineering as much as you appreciate a great lawn and garden! And like all our products, the Lifetime Wheelbarrow is built to last. The wheelbarrow’s heavy-duty tub is strong and durable, with a powder-coated steel frame which is protected against rust and general weathering. You can rely on the Lifetime Wheelbarrow to help lighten your workload, year after year.

Customer Reviews

A little overpriced, quality not as expected ~ reviewed by S. Cross

This is reasonably well balanced, but (like any other wheelbarrow), you won’t be able to push it up even a slight incline with anything over about a 200lbs load.
The problem is that the handles are wide and you just can’t push with any force. A cross-bar to slip over the handles would no doubt help with this, and could be made pretty easily.
I used it to move 10+ yards of topsoil and had to pull it a lot of the time on inclines, but for grass, branches etc it’s fine.
The metal pieces seem cheaply made, with the “powder coating” being paper thin – it’s more like paint. A few scrapes on concrete and the front is already rusting.
Assembly was indeed a bit of a pain, and I think one of the arms on mine is bent slightly. And the wheels are now squeaking (time for an oiling I guess).

My biggest gripe is that I have no idea why a few bits of cheap bent metal, a plastic bucket and a couple of wheels should cost so much. I was expecting better quality for my money.

Best wheelbarrow I’ve ever used ~ reviewed by artwist

This is so much easier to use than a regular 1-wheel wheelbarrow, or even a regular 2 wheel! I have used many different wheelbarrows on my quest to find the perfect one, and for me this is it. I was skeptical at first, formerly being a one-wheel advocate, but this turns on a dime, is easy to lift and move even when heavily loaded, and has none of the problems of a standard 2-wheeler. It’s fairly easy to assemble (having an assistant was helpful). It’s a little on the pricey side but I was able to find a good deal on Cyber Monday. I now have two– one for barn, one for garden. The first one I have owned for over 2 years. I use one or the other every day and I could not be be happier.

Solid made product. ~ reviewed by retired early

Yes, this wheelbarrow is wellmade. Using two wheels makes it work so much better than one. It was not to hard to put together. But you you may need a second person to help you when lining up the bolts to the bottom and wheel assembly. I used a good packing tape on the bottom of the bolts to keep them in place while merging the wheel assemby to the body of the wheelbarrow. All I can say is, if you looking for a wellmade , easy to handle, won’t rust wheelbarrow, this is the one for you.

Tub cracked ~ reviewed by Ric

Pushed River rock from bed of pickup into wheelbarrow and cracked the tub. Less than a year old. Easy to maneuver. Wish fhe tub was stronger.

but if you would like to file a Warranty Claim you will need to … ~ reviewed by ddsd

I got the lifetime wheelbarrow for Christmas & didn’t assemble it till spring had sprung. With the leaves mostly gone I am ready to put the wheelbarrow away for the winter & it is badly rusted under the paint less than 6 months out of the box. This wheelbarrow will obviously not last for my lifetime & I am an old man. With the cost of this thing & the obvious defect I would expect the company to send me a replacement handle assembly. There response below telling me to kiss off & that they wont support there product (I can paint it) (with rustolium) … Thanks for nothing. Works OK ,quality & support makes it worth a fraction of the price. I will start looking for a replacement having learned an expensive lesson about this company.

Rust isn’t normally covered by warranty, but if you would like to file a Warranty Claim you will need to include your model number and product id number from the instructions, along with a copy of the receipt. Also include your telephone number.

If you prefer to remedy the problem yourself, I would suggest you sand any rusted area and then try to match the paint as closely as possible, using a paint such as Rust-Oleum.

Thank you,
Lifetime Products
Customer Service

Worth the Exra Money? ~ reviewed by The Dude

I would have to say yes. According to some reviewers, less expensive two wheeled wheelbarrows with plastic tubs sometimes do not hold up. Once you have used a two wheeled wheelbarrow you will not want to go back to using a one wheeled wheelbarrow. Everything is much easier with a two wheeled model. The handles mount to a ridgid tubular frame, not the plastic tub, so there is very little flex in this wheelbarrow. If you are in a postion to spend $169 on a wheelbarrow you will probably thank yourself for purchasing it everytime you use it. I can not speak to the long term durability of this product, but so far, the ownership experience has been very good. One warning about any wheelbarrow with a plastic tub, they do not like cold weather. Do not stress the plastic tub in cold weather. For example, throwing large pieces of firewood into the plastic tub in cold weather could lead to cracking it. Treat the plastic tub a little more gently in cold weather.

Best wheelbarrow I’ve owned ~ reviewed by BSH

I’m tall so most wheelbarrows dig into the ground if I don’t lean over. This one doesn’t do that, plus it’s light and easy to handle.

Disappointed with this product ~ reviewed by Walter J. Nieliwocki

Disappointed with this product. While it was relatively easy to put together, it is a two person job. It worked as advertised, but apparently cannot handle heavy loads. I used it for moving some firewood around on two or three occasions. After the third use, the bottom of the wheelbarrow tub cracked in several places. Not what I expected from a relatively expensive heavy duty wheelbarrow.

Lifetime did replace the cracked tub within 3 weeks of being notified.

not so sure ~ reviewed by Judy Agner

For a wheelbarrow this expensive, I expected it to be (1) easier to put together and (2) better ergonomics. The assembly instructions are pictures with little text and it is very hard to line up the bolts through handles and barrow. Two adults with good mechanical abilities lost almost two hours of their lifetime on this assembly. the handles are too far apart making it hard to use good body mechanics while pushing.

Great Customer Service ~ reviewed by terbach

This is a great wheelbarrow and it comes with great customer service. We had a small problem with a part on the wheelbarrow and even though I had lost the receipt, the customer service department was able to ship me a new one for free! I love how there are two wheels on this wheel barrow so that smaller people don’t have to worry about uneven loads turning over. It’s also great that it is plastic and won’t rust outside!Buy it at Amazon

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