Lifetime 65009 650-Pound Capacity Dumping Yard Cart/Trailer Reviews

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Product Description

The Lifetime Yard Cart is much more than a wheelbarrow; it’s a towable yard trailer. This heavy-duty wheelbarrow is designed with a steel tongue assembly that converts from push handle to towing hitch. Save your back– use your riding mower or tractor to haul those heavy loads of topsoil or building materials. We are proud that our heavy-duty wheelbarrow is made of quality construction with 100% post-consumer recycled material and a powder-coated steel frame to resist rusting. The heavy-duty 15 in. treaded tires are mounted on 6 in. wheels with ball bearing hubs for smooth movement. For the ultimate heavy-duty wheelbarrow, invest in the Lifetime Yard Cart. Life just got easier. Built in the USA with US and Foreign Parts.

Customer Reviews

Cart-tacular! ~ reviewed by Jif

I’ve owned one of these Lifetime convertible yard carts for several years now (bought it at a great price thru a membership club) and have been extremely pleased with it. Unlike others that used it a little, I’ve put this thing thru the paces! At first I used it more as a hand cart and pushed it around instead of hooking it up to my lawn N garden tractor. I’ve used this cart as a storage unit and work bench when hauling my tools from the garage or shed and working in the yard building things. I’ve strapped 8ft long (and a few longer!) lumber down across the top and hauled the wood from driveway to back yard. Fencing, cement bags, concrete blocks, pavers, dirt, landscaping stones all have been hauled with absolutely no problem. I’m talking several hundred pound loads at a time so it definitely has the capacity and capability to live up to the specs. I wore myself out, but the cart didn’t fade at all. It even stood up to the horrible heat and UV blasting of Texas w/o a sign of weakening or melting. I can’t say that about other poly carts I’ve owned and threw out. Used it in cooler temps, too, but not frigid ice and snow conditions … yet. ;-) I’m sure it won’t complain, tho.

After all this time, I’ve only managed to have one small issue pop up and it was a crack near the last stake hole. I had a heavy load of dirt and stones and was trying to dump the rest out of the end by picking up the tongue and lifting the trailer. That put a lot of stress on the end “tailgate” area and the sides. That’s the worst of it after enduring the punishment. The tires seem to hold air quite long and only need an occasional boost of a few pounds. The cart has been kept outside and inside a hot shed and never complained. I wish my lawn tractor’s battery was that reliable. HA!

About the company – One of the knobs was lost by movers I hired about a year ago and even after that time, Lifetime was happy to help me out with a replacement part and sent it right out. Excellent support.

Everyone that has seen this cart has asked about it. I’m in a new location (rental house) for now and even the new landlord wants one! hahaha. No problem recommending it, but I won’t give mine up. Go out and get your own and be ready to get things done.

Poor design ~ reviewed by K. Hayward

Was given this cart for Christmas. The first time I pulled it behind my lawn tractor, it dumped a load of chicken feed. Anything heavy has to be in front of the tipping point! The second time I used it, I converted it to a push cart. This was a pain, because you have to move multiple bolts. Two bolts have twist knobs for easy removal, but the rest don’t. You’re going to need a couple of wrenches. And then the same thing happened… dumped the load right in the driveway. The latch is just too weak to hold. The workaround, because I really needed to use the cart, was to hold the top/frame assembly together with a hose clamp at the latching mechanism.

Just ok, be careful if you live in cold climate. ~ reviewed by John

I just bought this for carting firewood to the house. On one cold day 25°F I was loading firewood into the cart and the firewood created a hole in the plastic dump bin. The plastic is not as thick as it should be and when it is cold it gets brittle. I would not recommend buying this item if you live in a cold climate. Also the fact that the latch for dumping is very weak, it will dump on you at almost any momnent. I need to figure out how to bolt it, so it won’t dump. This is not a rugged cart beware!

Great cart – Good value ~ reviewed by JerryE

This is a nice cart/wheelbarrow. Too bad it is a discontinued item. Use of a small “C” clamp will prevent accidental dump of load. Best to keep 60% or more of load weight on or forward of the axle. I expect this will last me for many years.

NIce cart for the money with one exception ~ reviewed by William Sunter

NIce cart for the money with one exception; the locking mechanism. Unit unlocks and dumps anytime you encounter a bumpy surface when transporting a load uphill. Perhaps a stronger spring it needed to keep it in place, or a deeper groove/catch in the locking lever. Either way, I had to tie it in place to stop this from happening. Otherwise I am satisfied with it.

Self dumping POS ~ reviewed by Kindle Customer

Ok Ive read others reviews and I can only assume nobody has pulled this (under load) with their tractor.
If you have more weight behind the pivot point the latch with let go. This means your load of gravel will automatically dump in your garden. I double checked my installation. I must return it. Too bad because it seemed to me of good quality except for the dump latch.

Nice Yardcart/trailer ~ reviewed by Amazon Customer

So far so good. Easy to put together {a second person helps}. Hooked it to my John Deere, works great. Fill it up with dirt, it towed great. Dumping mechanism is so-so. But other than that, I am happy.

Awesome tool ~ reviewed by kudzu63

I would love (5 stars love) if it weren’t for a couple of small problems. First let me say that it is one hell of a cart/wheelbarrow. I haven’t been able to put anything in it that it won’t handle. With my old lawnmower, I could put so much in it that it wouldn’t pull it. I remedied that by getting a new mower. The ONLY problems that I’ve had aren’t really problems more like dislikes. When you have it in the wheelbarrow position, the handles are a bit high for comfortable carrying. I’m 6′ tall and it’s still a bit high for me. The other and worse problem is when it’s in the trailer position it has some slack in the tongue. When you load it and are going along and hit a bump it WILL dump on you without warning and you have to load it all over again. I solved this little problem by using a small welding clamp to hold it until I got to where I actually wanted to dump. Other than that I highly recommend this for anyone that wants a quality built addition to their lawn/garden tools.

Lifetime 65009 650-Pound Capacity Dumping Yard Cart/Trailer ~ reviewed by Candace S Brown

i bought this Lifetime 65009 650-Pound Capacity Dumping Yard Cart/Trailer in April of 2012 on my wife’s account. it was easy to assembly. i was gutting the basement and used the cart to move the debris from the walk out basement, around to the dumpster in front of the house. most of it was bagged and pretty heavy. i could get 4 contractor bags in at a time. not sure how much weight exactly but would estimate 200lbs +. the cart handled it with ease and pulled just fine with out being tippy, up the hill and over uneven ground. i am VERY happy with the heavy construction and the ease of use when using as a wheel barrow. would highly recommend the product.

This is a great barn/yard wheel barrow ~ reviewed by Rudi

Took about an hour to put together but the directions are clear and you only need a few tools. Easy project. This cart rolls easy, is hard to get off balance and you are able to get an amazing amount of material in it. I have been using it to clean out horse stalls and it is working great. No more sticking the nose of a wheel barrow in the dirt. Highly recommend this product. And it arrived on time and in great shape.Buy it at Amazon

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