Lewis Lawn Aerator 4 – 4 ” Long 36 ” Reviews

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Product Description

Yard Butler, Spike Aerator, 4 Heavy Duty Spikes That Loosen Compacted Soil & Penetrate Thatch, Allowing Deep Watering For Greener, Healthier Lawns, 37″ Long Handle Provides Greater Leverage For Penetrating Compacted Soils.

Customer Reviews

quality has changed from previous years ~ reviewed by tjcooper

I have had the previous model of this aerator for 20 years. The old one had very stiff steel such that when you tilted the
unit over after full insertion you could break up the ground/thatch so that more air gets to the roots. With the new unit I just received, when you bend over, the steel tynes now bend over. I just used it for 15 minutes of aeration and the center two tynes were bend 15 degrees from the normal. Had to put it in a vice and bend them back. This means that within a year, the soft metal will most likely break and new tynes will have to be welded in place. This is a very BAD thing.

The old unit had ground tynes that formed needle sharp points. The new unit has stamped tynes that are not even round nor sharp. It is somewhat like a pyramid with a flat top and at the base of the pyramid the steel has been stamped so hard that the base is larger than the diameter of the tyne rods. This means you don’t get easy penetration (like having to use 50% more foot-power to make the same 4 hole penetration in dry lawn. The really bad thing is that with the base of the pyramid being larger than the rod, that when you pull the aerator out of the ground that it generally pulls up the dirt like you had used a shovel to do the job. It ruins the top grass.

BOTTOM LINE: to make this unit cheaper, they have used soft cheap steel which will work harden and break easily. The quality of the tips on the rods is so poor that it tears up the grass.
I would not recoommend this product that current way it is manufactured.

Well built and works well too ~ reviewed by Borisovich

This spike aerator is great for a small lawn. I would not recommend this if you have like an acre of land, but for a townhouse it’s just the right size. I found that it works easily with even slightly dry soil, and in addition to working as aerator, it can also help break large clumps of soil, or remove weed by twisting the tool on the surface of the soil.

Simple to use and great results ~ reviewed by Dr. Wally M. Viray

I just used this after thatching my lawn of all the dead roots and grass. After cleaning the soil, I watered the lawn. Only then did I use this aerator. Very simple to use. Just put your foot inside and step on the ground, and put your weight on it. I walked around my lawn with this. It was not back breaking work.

It did not compact your soil as others have mentioned. If you watered the soil, and the soil is wet, it will put holes through the soil then pull up some soil. It loosened up my top soil. I then proceded to plant the grass seeds. After 1 week, grass has started growing and evenly too. My lawn is starting to look good, nice and green.

I highly recommend this. Actually, the reason I bought this is because my neighbor has one, and he used it on his lawn. His lawn looks great, so I just followed his lead.

Spike broke off ~ reviewed by J. L. Holt

When I first got this tool, I was very happy with it. It looked like it was very well made. But after only the second time using it, one of the spikes broke off. I would not recommend this tool, especially for large lawns.

Why non-hollow kind works just as well ~ reviewed by Gadget Gizmo Freak

I was a bit skeptical about the design on the spikes since they were not hollow like the professionals use in their machines. I thought the solid spikes would compress the soil even more. But actually the way it works (and the way you shouls use this) is that when you pull out the spikes, the soil kind of sticks to it and causes that area to somewhat crack a little causing air gaps under the soil. Which is exactly what you want to do anyway. If the soil is hard then you can even poke, tilt and then remove to encourage this tilling action. Dont worry, this wont hurt the rootsof the grass. I used it on st augustine and had no problems. It is hard work though compared to the machines used by professionals.

Aerating is lots of work! ~ reviewed by MS

Works great, very durable, will take months to do my whole yard.
Very good exercise.

Good tool for borders and corners ~ reviewed by VULCANO155

I bought the solid spike aerator as a tools to punch wholes in critical places of my yard, the borders and corners where you can’t go with a power aerator. This tool is build in high quality and can help but it is going to be an extreme workout to aerate a whole yard of e.g. 2000 sft. In order to cover more space it supposed to have 6 spikes and a 2nd row with 5 spikes in alternating position.
This is a lawn workout tool for those who are riding a selfpropelled lawn mower all the time! You are going to loose weight and gain a good aeration of grass roots.

Yard Butler Aerator Works ~ reviewed by G. Payne

Good product, pleased with the purchase so far. Seems well-built, sturdy. Does what it is supposed to do. Because it just has 4 spikes, it will give you a workout if you do a large area. But good for small yards.

Easy to use on medium hard clay yard like mine in Texas. ~ reviewed by Bejay in Spring

There are so many reviews that claimed this yard tool will compact the soil, but I went ahead buying this for my yard. I calculated the if I use it with a little modification of stroke against the advice of the manufacturer, I will make a large hole in the ground almost equivalent to the exposed area of the other model with cylindrical holes. What I do is to jam this on the ground and then push the handle forward and backward before I pull it up to start another holes. The only portion of the holes that are compacted were the ends of strokes, the forward end and the backward end, while the two side of each hole have very little compaction. What I like is to collect the irrigation water into the ground, and not so much of aerating the soil in my yard. It worked so well for my front yard that is slopping toward the street like almost all homes in our neighborhood.

Good item and good service ~ reviewed by George Leeman

I agree with BL’s review of June 26, 2008. The Yard Butler Spike Aerator #M-7C is solidly made. It came quickly from the BIC Superstore via Amazon and was packed carefully. It is useful for spot aeration. We also have just a few crabgrass plants each year, and we use the product to loosen the soil and then pull out the plant by hand. Yard Butler Lawn Spike Aerator #M-7CBuy it at Amazon

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