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Product Description

Vipukirves Leveraxe Splitting Axe 36″ With leveraxe you can hit near the edge of the log. With the traditional axe you are almost always required to strike near the middle of the log. Hitting closer to the edge would be dangerous because it is too easy to miss the log or the axe will bounce wildly from a non-centred strike. In both situations the results can be dangerous. Unfortunately, as we all know, splitting a whole log when hit in the centre is the most challenging task. When you have been able to split it in two, the rest will go much more easily. With Leveraxe you won’t need to take the whole log head on by striking in the middle. Instead, you can easily and safely start splitting suitably sized logs from the sides by striking closer to edges. No more needing the futile first heavy strikes just to get the log split in two. Features: The Leveraxe is a wood splitting axe used to split firewood of nearly any type of wood and diameter. Leveraxe’s innovated design produces a levering action as it sinks into the wood. Less force is required to split the wood compared to traditional axes. The hook on the back of the axe is a brake. This feature stops the axe on top of the wood, not allowing it to go into the ground or the user’s leg. Leveraxe’s high quality steel head weighs 4.18 lbs. This light weight axe allows women and men of all abilities to split firewood with ease. Details: Total weight: 5.5 lbs Axe head weight: 4.18 lbs Length: 35.5 inches Axe Sheath: Top Grain Leather Handle: Wood, Birch Shipped In: Cardboard Box Made In: Finland, Europe Comes With: Axe and Instructions

Customer Reviews

This axe is genius ~ reviewed by Seth Bigelow

I’ve had this axe for about a month and have split a couple of cords of white ash with it. It is a delight to use — much lighter than a traditional splitting maul, doesn’t get stuck in the wood like an axe. There’s a certain amount of technique involved but it’s not hard to master, and it is oh so satisfying to reduce a big round to kindling within a couple of minutes. Sure, white ash is an easy splitting wood, and we’ll see how it goes when I get into some hard maple. But so far it lives up the hype as far as I’m concerned — the axe should be winning design awards for the genius who invented it

A Cherry tree cut down 14 hours prior was easily defeated by this tool ~ reviewed by Melissa Pastirak

I bought both models. This revision lighter model I backpack with now making fire management so much more efficient. Before I was stuck hatching large chunks of wood into burnable material. Now with a lightweight saw and this axe I can create planks of wood within a few minutes.

My parents have a wood stove making splitting ritual. A Cherry tree cut down 14 hours prior was easily defeated by this tool. The swing itself was very simple to master only after a few strikes. This makes a cut EVERY time with the right grain reading with minimal effort. I’ve attached photos of my first example cuts. Highly recommended and worth every dollar.

The first addition heavier model does the same job, but with a little more weight behind it. I prefer it for larger entries as it allows it requires less technique and more of a work-out. Outdoor fires are dramatically improved because efficient cuts can be used to plank the wood creating a better center controlled burn. I can now plank smaller cuts into my chiminea (pretty much the smallest you can buy) very efficiently.


Performs as advertised and is one of many tools to use to accomplish this task, but the cost is out of line ~ reviewed by Bob C

Does what it says it will do and is one of many tools you may choose to have depending on your situation.
My situation is that we had several huge trees taken down in our backyard – some were 4 feet in diameter – so once they were cut down to 3 foot sections, they were very heavy and hard to move. Buying or renting a splitter were options – but I would have had to get the thing in the back yard, and if renting it, would have had to work quickly to work through the huge volume of wood. Moving these large sections would have been back-breaking – so I opted to give this axe a try as it seemed that is was worth trying.
It does what it claimes to do – I was able to take the large sections, turn them face up and cleave away at their outside knocking off pieces as I went around with the axe until I got the piece down to a 2 ft diameter section so that I could then lift it into the "tire" holder and finish the job.
It works best with dry wood without knots (as does every splitter) – it is not hard to use and get the hang of, and I will note that the technique is actually a lot less "damaging" to your forearms/wrists as you essentiall let it go as it is falling and you quickly learn not to absorb all the impact through your arms – but the axe does its job. So, I spit about a cord with this the first weekend out – and used both it and my maul axe. There are times where the maul is the right tool and there were times where this was the right tool – I was glad I had both.
The nice thing is I can take my time with all this wood in the backyard. I don’t have to rush to get it done so I can return the rented splitter, and I don’t have to plan the day around starting up a splitter I own and rolling the heavy logs over to it … so I can get it done at my own pace
The downside – it is way too expensive – I get it that it is a unique design, but the price is outrageous – I only bought it because I thought it would be worth trying instead of renting a splitter for the weekend and getting very little done or buying one at 5-6 times the cost – but at the end of the day – this is a piece of steel on the end of a handle – it shouldn’t cost this much. So, happy with the tool in its performance, but feel like the price is highway robbery

If you split wood you need a Leveraxe… ~ reviewed by TS207

I’ve never written an Amazon review even though I’ve purchased some remarkable products (shame on me). However, after purchasing this product and literally tearing through nearly 2 cord of mixed wood (maple, birch, oak) over the weekend I am compelled to sing it’s praises.

This axe is the safest, most efficient, most effective splitting tool I’ve used in 35 years of processing wood. It took a bit to figure out the technique, but once I sorted that out the wood was just exploding on impact. Thankfully I also adopted the tire surround approach shown in the youtube videos so I didn’t have to chase the pieces all over the place.

While I’ve heard from others that they can achieve similar results with an axe, I am convinced that this tool is dramatically safer than either an axe or maul. The Leveraxe does not go through the material and is light enough that I was able to split for several hours at a time without significant exhaustion.

The only remorseful moment I had was when I realized that I only have 3 more cord to split and given how much fun it is to split with the Leveraxe that is just not enough wood. I think I’m going to need to fire up the chainsaw…

BAD AXE. Big $ ~ reviewed by patrick watson

Bad AXE. Phenomenal marketing. With two other experienced wood splitters we tested the Leveraxe against a six lb. splitting maul, wedges, and a eight lb. splitting maul. We were splitting oak and hickory. For the Leveraxe we constructed a splitting block with a 15″ tire and one with a 20″ tire. No contest, even after some practice with a lose grip the Leveraxe could not keep up with the splitting mauls. The Leveraxe had trouble with the hardwood so we tried some ash and some holly, much better performance but still no match for the mauls. Within thee hours the head on the Leveraxe was loose! Had to get handle wedges to tighten. The painted handle seems cheap for almost $350.00 worth of axe. I anticipate their will lot of Leveraxe bargains on Craig’s List and E Bay.

fine, that’s not how it was designed to work ~ reviewed by Jane Burrows

We split a few cords a year, mostly ponderosa pine. Previously used mauls and wedges. Initially tried using the leveraxe as you might a maul, splitting large pieces in half, then half again… it doesn’t work that way. OK, fine, that’s not how it was designed to work. Tried splitting pieces off the edge, aligned with the rings, or aligned with radial cracks. No joy. Went back and looked at videos and instructions, tried again. Doesn’t work nearly as well as a maul or a wedge and sledge hammer. Our wood is probably not dry enough, but guess what? Part of the point of splitting firewood is to get it to dry better. Back to the heavy tools, this piece of modern art doesn’t work for us.

Four Stars ~ reviewed by ipod user

I have used this splitting axe. It took a few tries the first time to split the wood as shown. But once I got the hang of it it worked just fine. Watch the utube ad it will help. I split about a half cord in an hour with out the tire they recommended but had to bend over and throw the split wood into a pile. It would have been easier following the suggestion of having a tire to hold the logs in. The cost is a little steep but the results are great. I would recommend this axe.

Liking leverax in Blue Mt. Lake ~ reviewed by jean williams

I received a leverax for Fathers Day, and have been giving it a good test split. The ax is very well made and thought out. It splits USA Northeast hardwood as described in the advertisements. There is a little getting use to having the ax rotate in your hand, but that the “mechanical” advantage of it as it pops splits of wood off the bolts. It’s light weight, which is an advantage to us “older, seasoned” splitters who started out with 8 pound mauls years ago, but performs even better than a maul in that not all the pieces have to be stood back up to split them again. The ax is also designed to stand on its own so you don’t have to bend and pick it up constantly.
It’s a little pricey due to the import taxes, but a lot cheaper than a hydraulic splitter, and a whole lot better for you mentally and physically.

Five Stars ~ reviewed by Jonathan T Lazarus

Works as good as in the video, very fast shipping. Thank you.

You could spend half the money on an excellent maul and with a bit of technique (see youtube) … ~ reviewed by AmyAndThom

I’ve tried one and wasn’t particularly impressed with them, and I just can’t get over the price – it’s just way overpriced for what it does. You could spend half the money on an excellent maul and with a bit of technique (see youtube) get the same results across a broader range of conditions. Craziness…Buy it at Amazon

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